⭕God wants to warn you that in the next “10 minutes… ,”you will suffer something awful.

God is speaking to you right now

remember that you are never placed in a

situation by yourself on the path

through life where chances and problems

often combine God offers Pathways to

reroot and reshape your journey as

needed promising riches beyond measure

in his boundless wisdom and love every

hardship you experience every broken

relationship every every shade cast by

adversity all these things are part of a

divine plan to uplift and in liven your

innermost being as you move through

these moments allow the enemy’s Darkness

to serve as an expression of the

illumination that has already won your

life even when a moment seems like a

barrier It’s actually an initial step to

increased resilience wisdom and spirit

Spiritual Development accepting these

experiences with an open mind and heart

will hasten your path to happiness and

the accomplishment of your greatest

goals an abundance attracting heart is

filled with appreciation you unite

yourself with the fundamental essence of

creation when you show gratitude for the

rewards that have yet to materialize

this invites an abundance of good will

from God into your life your path

becomes illuminated and intentional as

you look forward to what lies ahead

during times of quiet reflection repeat

the prayer found in scripture to

please provide me with an United heart

that I might be afraid your name a

deeper sense of God’s presence and

walking in accordance with his will are

made possible by by this call for

Chastity and undivided devotion

recognize that the creator has designed

you specifically to accomplish amazing

things you can rest in the knowledge

that God is carefully planning every

aspect of your life out of great love

and submit in the silence that follows

your life and the lives of people around

you are touched not only when your

troubles are offered up but also when

they become avenues for

transformation and Recovery be

encouraged by the Holy Spirit who is

your enduring friend and guide during

your times of loneliness and yearning

for human contact please forward this

message to anyone who might benefit from

its message together let’s share Jesus

love and the light of optimism your

journey through the unknown is Guided by

the soft Whispers of the Holy Spirit who

gives you courage consolation and

Clarity along the way since the divine

presence is all around you and inside

you you are never truly alone this is

because the one who created you and his

beloved creation share an unbreakable

relationship my magnificence will be

seen by all the Limitless source is tied

to your thoughts aspiration and Visions

alternatively you may experience a

deeper spiritual or personal aspect to

your beliefs there are genuinely a

gazelian reasons to experience his

Flawless Serenity and make every bad

circumstance become a good one you are

loved by him with those you require

favor from I am the bestowing favor onto

you today if we let him he will lead us

through this experience because he has a

plan for every one of us give me peace

as I relinquish the management of my

life to you in the name of the Lord amen

praying every day to show your

appreciation for all the spiritual

bodily and mental blessings in your life

you’ve utilized an appropriate amount of

time here I still Adore You In Spite of

your mistakes I’ll make you right and

treat you you ought to avoid being

afraid of ambiguity since it helps you

solve other problems because you will

always know that the end result is what

matters most it’s clear that you’re more

happier these days and something amazing

is on your doorstep keep persevering you

are so valuable that I set thy youngest

child to die in your place I have gone

through the uncertainty and uneasiness

God States I have been working behind

the scenes referencing to Philippians

for I promise that once that day

comes nothing will be the same in this

planet may you weather the storms with

courage and strength lending your

assistance to those in distress recall

that the master command of your heart at

this moment is always directing your

behavior and exhibiting empathy for

other living things this is seen even in

the straightforward parable of the

fisherman who fished all night long and

caught nothing their Nets overflowing as

they obeyed Jesus God has endowed you

with the capacity to create Beauty and

constructive change in the world

enabling everyone to have a personal

contact with him he will continue to

sustain your Divinity and these

blessings making sure that your life has

meaning and purpose it is not by

accident that you are here rather you

are the child of a Kind purpose now keep

in mind that obeying others could enrage

folks who don’t comprehend your way of

doing things however your obedience also

makes you more familiar with individuals

in your immediate vicinity who are aware

of his grace remember that when you

Embrace this Grace it brings you to the

people and places that most need your

kindness and love. my beloved children

keep in mind that your body serves as a

temple throughout life’s challenges by

taking care of it feeding yourself

wholesome meals and preserving its power

you can honor God you will accomplish

your ultimate goal and become the

subject of a Hymn of

appreciation as a result of your

tenacity enter our men to declare your

dedication to following his plan to

rejoice in your Eternal existence with

him and to receive the gift of clarity

in the midst of uncertainty recall that

God is the foundation of all good things

so we should be thankful for all these

blessings as well as countless more the

fact that it ultimately results in death

emphasizes the important reality that

you only have one body to utilize while

you are here on Earth if you agree with

the message of valuing and maintaining

the special vessel that has been

bestowed upon you please share this

video you can observe the significant

influence of your decisions when you

contrast people who maintain good health

with those who lead unhealthy lives and

are overweight May the love you give and

receive the depth of your experiences

and your bank account be brimming with

blessings not just from Financial wealth

keep in mind that he is walking with you

through all life hardships rest easy

knowing that when you put your trust in

him wisdom and illumination will lead

the way and cultivate a humble attitude

never forget that everything you are an

have is but an embodiment of the

graciousness of God you are invited to

experience the presence of Jesus in

every area of your life by means of this

loving and purpose-driven strategy the

knowledge that death is merely a passage

rather than the Final Destination will

serve as your beacon of spiritual

equilibrium maintaining equilibrium is

crucial when moving from the material to

the spiritual domain and between those

who give and those who receive the

miracle occurred revealing to them that

it was he when they heeded his command

to pause and cast their net on the

opposite side even though they had

caught nothing all night this narrative

instructs us to put our faith in His

abundant grace life is enhanced by the

individuality of every person as well as

the Supreme affection and cacy on that

circulate throughout our existence it is

not only determined by financial

prosperity because they are being

directed by his hand expect excellent

news and fresh chances is today you

start to behave and think more like

Christ as his love pours out of the

inside of you like a river he leads your

heart to follow his instructions

creating a stronger bond between you and

your loved ones as well as an increased

capacity for love toward the larger

Community remember that surviving even

the most difficult conditions May

ultimately contr attribute to personal

development and deeper faith during this

chaotic and uncertain moment in our

world honor the events in your life

imitate Christ more and more and put

your faith in him to direct your actions

give thanks to Jesus for his kind

guidance toward your greatest potential

to receive Grace under pressures

blessing type which are identical I

hope you come to understand that you

will get strength from one of those

situations let me Begin by first giving

you the Insight that Divine intention is

entwined with your journey recall my

darling kids that this is a plan with

significance and opportunity you will

put your faith to the test and welcome

Divine metamorphosis into your lives

when you make decisions that serve your

highest good the fact that you are here

is evidence of The almighty’s

Magnificent plan what you’ve achieved

for me God declares is not overlooked

make your passions your motivation for

Action giving God the glory during your

prayer times and keeping an attitude of

unshakable faith and charity give thanks

to everyone you know for the upcoming

months will prepare you to find the most

valuable possession of all God’s

boundless compassion and knowledge since

I am the greatest organizer and have a

plan of Hope and the future for you I

implore you to trust in his vast vision

and open your mind to his guiding you

were provided with a fresh heart and a

blank canvas to to start over once your

old nature was Stripped Away prepare

yourself for an achievement that will

result in an unimaginable turnaround

from this unpleasant condition never

even consider giving up you have been

given the fortitude and tenacity of the

Great Oak and you will develop from

every experience and find nourishment in

the steadfastness of the Lord this paath

is Holy and and I am your Everlasting

guide making sure that every move you

make is Meaningful and pointing you in

the direction of a future in which your

faith bears fruit and produces outcomes

that are beneficial allow your heart to

overflow with charitable causes just as

it did at the beginning whenever he

established us not only is it provided

to you but you also hold on to it with a

humble and submissive attitude and

that’s the end goal God by his

graciousness reminding us that we are

not something apart from him but rather

a crucial component of his purpose

through Christ enter to reaffirm

your resolve to maintain composure under

pressure and to recognize that you are

not supposed to remain an eternal baby

Perman L that rather are invited to grow

by genuinely getting to know God more

fully and applying that insight to your

life in the way that God intended you

will discover the way to actual and

light inment via empathy seeing that God

has kindly provided for all your needs

then is it not reasonable to anticipate

positive news do not allow life’s obst

Les such as

intimidation struggle with money or

losing your job to get you down instead

look at these as chances to uncover your

own calling and potential during times

of uncertainty and anxiety may your

heart filled with the blessings of

dedication be ever present attentive to

your prayers and woven throughout your

existence with with the Divine Purpose

and love even though you’re having a lot

of difficulty you should feel at ease

because you know that Grace is part of

his plan you are cordially invited to

receive his benefits and his grace is

boundless you can’t really expect to

progress spiritually if your attention

is only on oneself therefore be strong

and robust and may you be unencumbered

by self-centeredness if you believe the

message of this video is inspiring and

you want to live as a servant of

righteousness rather than a slave to sin

then share it with others Envy or

jealousy of another person’s benefits

only ends and soul destruction to ensure

that you are able to spend ever lasting

with God spread the word that he has

always kept a Remnant for himself keep

in mind that your body is the holy

spirit’s Temple treat it with kindness

and consideration rather than as

something unimportant T his knowledge

changes you from a life of

self-centeredness to one that is

enthusiastic about God’s purpose and

activity on the coast they spotted a man

who spoke to them about how important it

is to accept the divers it in all living

things because doing so may help your

lives find balance you’re going to get

the motivation to make a life change

from one of those situations I give you

my blessing of goodwi your physical

vessels are the holy spirit’s temples

allow tranquility and vitality to enter

your hearts throughout your life’s path

remember that transformation is

essential EX accept forgiveness and let

go of prejudices for additional

information on how God utilizes you to

carry out his mission on Earth and bring

Faith to the dark subscribe to this

channel God says he will provide for

your needs but he also demands that you

love him this deed bestows resilience

and power upon the community while

fortifying it you will be a source of

Hope for everyone if you draw on the

reservoir of strength within that is

inside you recall that God has appointed

you to serve as Global ambassadors of

his generosity and affection with

appreciation and the gift of acceptance

embrace your adventure let love pour out

of your hearts in the form of compassion

like a river god fills your heart

instructing you and directing your steps

so when you are anxious or fearful give

God your first thoughts acknowledge the

Majesty of distinctions among all beings

rejoice in unity and inclusion and have

faith in the Divine Design because of

God you are strong and resilient as you

go put your faith in the Heavenly scheme

that is being revealed to you and ask

him for Direction together we can bring

about a world characterized by love

Harmony and Peace by practicing kindness

toward ourselves as well as others give

freely and know that I’m here for you no

matter what call upon the blessings of

compassion and Tranquility when things

seem hopeless and dismal pray and find

comfort in the understanding that I am

always there to hear you a more lovely

existence is brought about by realizing

that that which belongs to God is the

best whoever believes in God is always

rescued are the daily wonders noticed by

those thoughts of kindness and Grace I

bless you with good health so you can

get past any challenges you face to

resume your sacr San Life Adventure type

no place for jealousy in the lives

of others God is Paving the route for

you so embrace the tale of divine

intervention let him more closely

resemble you in the way you live and

feel by relying on your inner Direction

and asking for help from mentioned

previously rely on Heavenly direction

throughout this turbet and challenging

period In this passage Jesus says that

God granted you his Spirit Desto upon

you the capacity for wisdom and

knowledge and helping to Define your

reality when you are uncertain recall

that God’s grace is the source of your

strength the guard was afraid that if

the convicts fled it would prove to be

his last if the knowledge that what you

own is something that comes from me then

where are you able to find peace

testimonies to my grace are your

triumphs against adversity since you are

all on a journey of

transformation this week will be full of

breakthroughs for you all life’s

challenges are there to strengthen and

resu at you not to break you these are

the pillars of your faith my darling

children not just words keep in mind

that you were on the minds of those who

spoke the very initial words of

Revelation how much do you really want

to live a life that honors God and obeys

his commands for other videos please

subscribe to this channel enter Amen in

case you understand remind yourself that

your knowledge and strength stem from a

deeper comprehension of God’s grace if

you are having trouble seeing the way

forward a house of trust love and grace

will be built by you so be open to the

lessons that come your way over the next

months these principles are meant to

help you discover what makes you tick

May those around you be overflowing with

love and receive the necessary rest may

you be blessed with an unshakable love

it is possible for you to overcome the

most difficult obstacles and to bring

your wildest dreams to life you are

strong enough to achieve your goals

communicate with him tell him what’s on

the Forefront of your mind and in your

heart and keep in mind each blessing

that I have given you recognize that

amidst life’s ever shifting waves I am

your pillar amen forever and ever get

this Blessing by typing

keep in mind that you’re

is to transmit unconditional love and to

be an inspiration for change some of you

have the opportunity to get abundantly

because I am readily meeting your needs

so don’t even consider giving up that is

proof of the strength of confidence and

relentlessness please show us your

thanks by leaving a like commenting and

subscribing to our channel do the

affection that you conveys in the name

of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey share this video

to your friends and family in order to

spread the message of love to every

corner of the world your actions can

have a big impact on how much this

crucial message is shared amen

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