⭕God Says that someone is in a desperate attempt to put things right.| God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now

acknowledge Jesus for addressing your

needs even before you realize you are

Beyond lies life

encounters and the love that comes with

accountability are filled with God’s

grace God the master in charge of your

heart right now wants you to rejoice in

his love and experience his presence

which is full of significance and

purpose when you realize the extent of

his pardon for your

transgressions you will realize that you

are the winner in the wars you are

engaged in that’s everything the Messiah

is promising enter

to get it and now heal the injuries

with empathy comes out act with

compassion and lead by experience Give

Love Without conditions because that is

where eternity is found found thank you

and thus the Divine script goes on since

you will show Love by your Deeds Jesus

desires for you to have all you require

he may not Grant all your wishes but he

will make sure your spirit has what it

needs you cannot find fulfillment and

condemnation of any living thing instead

you must find love get to know God

intimately and get ready for eternity

numerous gifts and relationships are in

store the comprehensiveness of your

relationships God frequently Expresses

in scripture his desire for us to treat

ourselves and others with kindness in

addition to wishing you patience he

assures you that he will see to your

necessities and as make as it spills

through through you to others he

encourages you to have everything that

you require please share this video to

help promote the message of faith and

endrance type amen if you agree face

your difficulties with courage growing

in your knowledge of God and getting

ready for eternity by the quality of

your relationships the Divine script

serves as a gentle reminder to be

compassionate and change age

to love without conditions and to

patiently and gratefully accept every

blessing that life presents to us

beinging at pleasure knowing that God’s

plan change and the things that bring

you the members of your household and

all of human beings together as an

everlasting team striving for the

advancement of God’s kingdom are known

to you Lord States I have decided to

bring everything beautiful given that

man emerged from inside a generation we

ought to acknowledge that we are

ambassadors of the goodness of God and

call out to him for peace God often

emphasizes the value of relationships in

the Bible demonstrating to us that

resilience May reappear and even grow

stronger you possess the ability to

regular ly feed your spirit with God’s

word may you strengthen these ties of

tranquility and Brotherly Love by

stopping to think as a guy on the coast

advised them to do as a new day begins

rejoice in the wonderful qualities of

your individuality although all of you

are on the exact same side I grant you

the capacity to overcome Envy which is

only one example of the variety of

advantages I give you you can respond

yes that’s right I read that especially

when it pertains to commands but what

matters is witnessing is word from the

earliest manuscripts to the present in

action although there are many obstacles

to overcome in life including strain

relationships Believers view such

circumstances as an indicator of of

Honor you can rejoice in your life’s

events acknowledging the existence of a

protective and understanding the Creator

dot to claim it type of the great

influence of God’s plans will eventually

become apparent to you since you are

here how did Moses respond to the divine

order I also encourage you to accept and

share the good news of Jesus unwavering

and unadulterated love in a world to

frequently rif with conflict God’s

strength and power are

demonstrated by his command to never

sleep and to stay awake all night which

affirms a lovely existence you can put

your trust in God who is always saved by

his working Grace he promises you that

you will soon achieve success in your

life even if you may not be happy with

the things that God has given you allow

your emotions to cause you to remain

peaceful I wish you abundance in all

areas of your lives especially the

things that complete you as you

participate in an instructional course

to serve the king let God’s grace bless

your heart God’s grace enables you to

look forward to the accomplishment of

his promises which will make every

moment of your life important and

fruitful reveal the world and build a

future that is in harmony with God’s

will his plan is necessary for you to

navigate life hardships because it makes

your heart comprehend that gifts come

with accountability you are tasked with

embracing life to the fullest and

calming the storms inside your soul

all are carrying out his mission to

share his word allow awareness to lead

you not because he is unable to handle

our difficulties but because of faith

that enables us to shine brilliantly

despite life’s obstacles it is clear in

both good and bad

situations that Jesus is your source of

strength you will be able to keep track

of all the good things in the present

moment while communicating them with the

rest of humanity before you realize it

though for additional thoughts on

locating the blessing of Harmony and

balance in a world full of violence War

and the craziness of social media

subscribe to this Channel and Quiet

Moments I God talk to you and give you

the chance to get to know God in a

profound way carry these benefits with

you into the world and when you drive

through life’s journey typ our men to

reaffirm your faith recall that you have

been given the Last Remnant of his

chosen people to uphold his rules and

clear the way to your ultimate welfare

and that you have become not anymore a

slave to sinning as his child be aware

that I have given you the duty to uphold

our relationship which is a topic that

the Bible frequently returns to you are

an embodiment of his unwavering

unadulterated love and co-creators of

Your World ensconced in the ultimate

Splendor of his creation that is you

surrounded by Prosperity he encourages

you to be his Illumination in the Maze

of Life an illumination to those around

you and everyone you encounter your

actions become messengers of love and

healing because you serve your higher

power remaining ever connected to the

Divine claim the advice required to

overcome life’s obstacles by typing

and following your heart it’s

important to keep in mind that pessimism

roads the good cells of the soul but

it’s your responsibility to develop and

and follow the route that has been laid

out for you even if it means traveling

at an appropriate rate Jesus is an

unconditional lover having created

humans in his likeness you are better

off acting to get yourself out of sticky

situations then acknowledging his signs

in vain prepare for an upturn in

circumstances and show understanding and

compassion for people who are suffering

what appears to be the end is about to

become a fresh Beginning Full of

thankfulness and praise because God’s

promises are directly at your entrance

as you strive for wealth and well-being

all maintaining a heart that is

submissive to God’s demands maintaining

care of the physical being that you have

been given as an act of worship cast

your lot with and receive these

blessings knowing that God has a clear

plan for your life compelling your heart

to do what is right and bestowing

blessings upon you recall that

confidence in God Supply rather than

goath weapons decided what would happen

may enter Serenity fortitude and an

acknowledgement of God’s boundless gifts

characterize your path in pursuit of

your ultimate good God re-energizes you

and accompanies you through every

obstacle press to accept this fate

and be mindful of his Spirit directing

you into a life of

satisfaction abundance and rewarding

relationships take care of your health

and spirit and Vanquish the mountains of

uncertainty remember that God is always

there to reassure you

even when you’re feeling down and worn

out acknowledging these realities as


obligations as well as blessings share

this message of gratitude with others to

inspire hope and positivity you had

difficulties and questions prior to

accepting Jesus as your savior you might

have worried for your own safety as well

as the protection of your companions but

God saw fit to reward your trust by

Leading you through the worst of

circumstances when you are at your

lowest point of searching is consolation

never forget to meditate and experience

the calm that is beyond comprehension

knowing that God hears the prayers you

say at all times can help you realize

the genuine nature of whoever you are

keep your success as modest and your

thanks for God’s Grace in mind as you

move through life enjoying the things

that you love to do and holding dear to

your family and a world full of

conflicts violence cyber beding and

other difficulties tune in to channels

at encourage and educate you concerning

the awesomeness of his grace examine

your previous actions and decisions that

were disrespectful to God and

acknowledge that you are now his

stewards charged with spreading the good

news of his compassion death and

Resurrection to others who are yet to

receive it Lord is sending a message to

you the moment telling you to always put

your best interests first and to

remember that when you give people will

receive have faith that the creator of

all things has a purpose for you

similarly to what he did for the

commercial fishermen he summoned to

submit to him who had no idea how their

lives would change put your trust in the

way he is leading you understanding that

his love is unwavering and his grace is

adequate each of us is given the ability

to maneuver through life’s complexity

and stands with an expectation of

satisfaction in the work of art of Life

each person uniqueness enriches this

trip which is characterized by

distinctions among all beings I vow that

life is at its core a song of

recognition which a Melody made up of

Love trials and victories I come before

you today not merely as a speaking but

also as a monument to that promise

everything you require to follow this

road is at your disposal one verse that

sums up God’s love can serve as a beacon

for you giving you meaning and a

steadfast faith and life’s journey the

goal of this Voyage is to see The Wider

picture and realize what really

important beyond the short-term

pressures rather than to get where

you’re going with faith and persistence

peace is not only an unattainable goal

but also a possible realiz ation

behaving honorably guiding others with

compassion and giving back to those less

fortunate are all part of the calling

that God has for you on this path giving

back to the community builds it up and

makes you deeply rooted resilient in the

face of hardship much like an oak tree

you are reminded today to unleash the

beauty that is present in every instant

of of life to assemble your team and

summon the confidence within to advance

the cause of God adversity like cancer

requires fortitude faith and strength

rather than a Mastery God’s word offers

guidance and assistance in discovering

your identity in him it also promises

immeasurable blessings to those who

respond to his message and sub MIT to

his divine plan never forget that you

are eternally blessed by him as you keep

listening to his petitions step forward

with trust knowing that Divine

Providence is hearing and answering your

prayers by typing for to confirm

your relationship with him and to

acknowledge the Lord’s presence in your

life the interdependence of all life is

underscored by the vital role hes played

by every element in the creation story

stretching from the tiniest insect to

the tallest mountain a necessary

component of our path is running into

roadblocks these obstacles serve as

chances to Kindle the flame of

unshakable faith and unadulterated love

in our hearts rather than just being

roadblocks you witness to the special

place you have in this great Cosmos is

your journey both specifically designed

and sacred have faith in this

process understanding that legitimate

Seekers of direction are always able to

discover it give thanks to the universe

for your journey and accept that every

step and every obstacle is a call to

develop learn more and become a better

lover not just yourself but also other

people people not only is true peace

possible but it is also attainable a

calm heart in the middle of life’s

storms a call to God submission to his

commands and a resolve to walk in his

ways Mark the beginning of it the body

that you inhabit is a magnificent and

intricate gift it shows how much you

value this gift by how you take care of

it feeding sleeping and caring it’s a

demonstration of devotion a way to

respect the Creator and it’s a duty that

extends Beyond Simple upkeep you are

obligated to bring about change the

world use your gifts responsibly and

provide value at Beyond financial gain

never forget that not only from other

people but also from yourself you

deserve respect and affection step in to

God God’s love and Release Yourself from

the attachments of fear a lack of

interest and resentment let patience

accompany you on your road ahead

immediately of deep tranquility and

exquisite beauty will coexist with

storms keep your course straight follow

God’s instructions and be receptive to

his wisdom you will receive immeasurable

blessings in the process and you will

enjoy the journey at every turn as well

as your final destination Divine Light

of peace and Assurance leads us through

the complex move around of life where

darkness of dread and doubt frequently

invade our path this blessing freely

given to those who value Jesus clears

the path and enables us to deal with

life’s challenges with humor and

fortitude God and his great wisdom has

already foreseen your needs and provided

for them before they even occur to you

keep this in mind as you travel along

this road Humanity’s Redemption was made

achievable by Jesus sacrifice which is a

monument to the infinite love of our

creator and gives us the opportunity to

rise above the bounds of death and

wickedness this large scale story

reminds us that important as they are

our worldly Pursuits are simply a

Prelude to a deeper more lasting goal

limitations that we Face such as speed

limits posted on the roadways exist to

securely direct us on our life’s path

and to ensure our own and our loved ones

safety we are inspired by this divine

derangement to surround ourselves with

positive and uplifting thoughts to be in

relationships that support and enhance

our lives and to welcome the abundance

of benefits that come from living in

accordance with God’s will these

blessings are essentially derived from

knowing the sacred book which

illuminates the root to Innovation and

creativity reveals the force of s when

and how to overcome it and provides

birth to resilience through difficult

circumstances love and certainty are the

words of God to you now he provides

Direction discernment and the fortitude

to endure amidst the Maze of obstacles

in life the precious gift of comma peace

that surpasses all comprehension

enhancing your life and allowing you to

to truly experience the divine presence

beautifully balances tea his trip

between labor and

recuperation between extending and

receiving knowing that creating a legacy

that demonstrates the breadth of your

relationship with God as just as

important as overcoming life’s present

challenges as you appreciate the

blessing of innovation and imaginative

thinking it inv involves making the most

of your abilities to uplift people

around you close knowledge gaps and

illuminate the global Community thus

open your heart and accept these

benefits allow God’s love to illuminate

your path to your greatest potential

enabling you to transcend the tides of

want and lead the life characterized by

Heavenly Ingenuity and wa flavoring love

and the discernment to balance

everything though brief this life offers

the chance to create a diverse array of

encounters that honor God and prepare

Humanity for an eternal life in his

presence the divine plan brilliantly

develops to guide us through the Maze of

obstacles and uncertainties that

frequently obscure our paths throughout

life’s journey when faed with hardship

the qualities of generosity faith and

trust serve as our compass and show us

the path ahead we are constantly urged

to serve others and put their needs

ahead of our own as we make our way

along these Meandering routes that is

the very definition of living a life

with meaning giving and receiving are

both important aspects of generosity

which is the key to Leading an abundant

and meaningful Life Giving and receiving

are enhanced in this circle of

compassion which promotes a sense of

belonging and human solidarity giving

back to the community helps us feel more

confident in another’s source and lets

us know that humans are not fighting

this war alone especially when times are

tough release from the shackles of

uncertainty dread and insecurity is the

blessing of Freedom one of life’s

greatest gifts by welcoming every aspect

of human existence with courage and

resilience it enables us to live in

accordance with Divine instruction as

our Journey’s leader God bestows

blessings upon us and exorts us to

disseminate his compassion and love

throughout the world by sharing ing

these gifts with others even so we are

warned not to become envious of these

gifts because it will sap our motivation

and divert us from our real goals rather

we are exhorted to put our faith in

God’s timing trust in his purpose and

give him control over our anxieties and

uncertainties we discover authentic

Liberty when we pursue a life of

confidence and Trust appreciating and

looking forward to each moment in this

surrender the abundance of God’s grace

an infinite and dependable supply of

love and strength bestows upon us the

ability to conquer any challenges it

serves as a reminder that we remain

never alone in our struggles this

blessing from God encourages us to

connect with one another learn from and

support one another and embrace the

diversity adds so much richness and

vibrancy to our path we ask people to

Journey with us to accept the blessings

that await them and to spread the word

about God’s love as we disseminate the

message of hope and trust it is a summon

to live in harmony with the will of God

to have faith in the plan that is being

revealed to us and to accept all that

God has given us with Open Hearts

aligned let us declare our belief Abend

on to our faith and March into the world

knowing that everything is possible with

God however God promises more to a

Believer so multiply that and allow

charity to comfor from you you can

mistreat it give it junk food bestow

upon it kindness permit a better life

for yourself and everyone else involved

ask and tell him what worries you put

your trust in God with others and you

will know that the universe’s God is the

winding Paths of life my beloved

Believers arrived at the shore early in

the morning they were there because they

were the Omega the beginning and the

culmination and the before yourself this

slavery creates a need for those who are

in need may you always keep in mind that

he provides you with extra to make sure

you can share and may wealth come your

way remember to drive within the posted

speed limit failure to do so is evidence

of the many benefits seek the blessing

during times of uncertainty and anxiety

you have been assigned with a

responsibility to bring Heaven’s Beauty

to this Earthly life accept my grace

when you encounter challenges along the

way a prosperous and loving man was

formed within a generation because of

your growth you are constantly going to

find councel pointing you in the right

direction despite your shortcomings

according to this scripture God has not

abandoned us as your understanding

develops Serenity becomes a sweet gift

that he bestows I grant you insight and

the knowledge of your real calling in

life recall that every day is a gift

regardless of the obstacles you may be

facing make the most of your day by

giving it meaning but watch out for

conduct that hurt your relationships

with close compan companions please show

us your thanks by leaving a like

commenting and subscribing to our

Channel dot the affection that you

conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen

thank you for being a part of this

journey share this video to your friends

and family in order to spread the

message of love to every corner of the

world your actions can have a big impact

on how much this crucial message is

shared amen

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