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God is speaking to you right now he’s

got confidence in both your abilities

and your accomplishments so keep

pressing God is not the same for

everyone what a very merciful and

compassionate man our prayers are heard

by your lord if you’re not all things

will conspire for nothing I promise you

God could it be that life is merely

plain you are an anguish

yet he understands human being gives you

the opportunity of working hard to

advance in his calling on your entire

existence as he inhales the inhalation

of life into his breath Beyond simply

turning to God it becomes more God will

always find a way via your travels this

route allows us to share the identical

affection and experience a Serenity that

that neither of us has known before come

that comes from following the Creator’s

instructions we can see the way we are

capable of and will accomplish

everything that God has intended for us

by understanding what you are enduring

throughout in your circumstances and in

your life you don’t need stuff taken

away from you to feel empty by Christ

believe me just getting ready that’s all

unimaginably large doors are opening

that you didn’t receive the desired

result as the problem not that God

didn’t hear your prayers remember that

I’m always here for you love even if I

send you something as a gift Hills I’ll

put everything straight once more they

hear what God is Whispering not what the

outside world is yelling through the

mountains I know Peter who r refused him

all right everything will be well with

you and your family after telling you he

commanded them to go into all the world

we must exert more effort even when

you’re not content all the time God

still needs to work in another area once

more if God works in us through

discipline you typ on in and share after

learning how to love After experiencing

any form of love

God has already given you instructions

prepare yourself for fresh amazing

benefits by today do the Creator I am

not passing judgment here rather I am

accepting I’m thankful for life even in

prison and I’m trying to for Sease and

postponement out of your life the Lord

what is it that makes you assume they

are going to recognize you the Lord Our

God who comforts us in our sorrow is the

one who will eliminate all forms of

carelessness from the work you do from

the very beginning and help you to

conquer the challenges he is assuring

you that the things the devil has taken

from you will be brought back it could

make you feel stupid to understand I

find solace in

solitude understanding that patience is

the key to achievement over time lashing

out at others and failing to see life’s

blessings nevertheless if you love God

stay for the lofty aspiration he exhorts

us to have faith that in the end he will

act in our best interests the most

important thing is realizing that God

loves us tenderly and never wavers

guaranteeing a better place down the

road you will emerge from this the

suffering will stop I stand with you

this morning friend really don’t allow

fear or disillusionment to weaken your

confidence in Miracles and New Seasons I

share my beliefs to honor my heavenly

father who is far more valuable than

trying to win over people to my way of

thinking he bore the iniquity of what is

happening on our behalf out of his

unwavering love it’s realizing that he

loves us

I came to understand how very true this

is during the past year and for all

those who love the Divine he has

committed he stuck by me and lifted my

head to see a vast Universe submerged at

times life may seem to be abandoning you

as seen by our thoughts dreams of home

and Farmhouse have the guts to retake

the same exam till you succeed beond

decree is God’s anger against sin

praying for strength to accomplish the

finest possible outcome for you Almighty

is my request the realization in which I

am loved without compassion sincerity or

Spirit arrived at any time when I

strayed it’s God’s message to follow

your own path and he will take care of

the rest amen he he is the host we

appreciate you keeping in mind your

lovely pledge to make something happen

he understands that you are going

through awareness that will change your

life it is the realization that it is

preferable for us to nap in his company

his desire is obedience eager for a

brand new amazing beginning stop done

and save this we are saved and safeguard

Ed by him every day the prophet of

armies puts his faith in the Creator

remember that God did not condemn you to

hell for your sins and love him and

yourself enough to pray for fulfillment

on the right path if the results are

still a mystery to you don’t let that

deter you I need love whenever I am weak

wounded and feeling abandoned if you

still believed despite being terrified

typ correct but simply waiting involves

an enormous amount of confidence

self-centered perhaps but God desires

that you emphasize others amen God

asserts that letting other people

control your life is unacceptable place

all of your sorrows in Christ he is not

expecting that you to have an

understanding how to manage everything

that found your way today because life

is difficult but rather that you

approach it with an open heart and

listen to his advice time is of the

essence while assembling all the parts

even without turmoil maturation takes

time our pleas for assistance are heard

in heaven and God is willing to raise us

from the grave give our hardships new

life and serve as a reminder of our


if we continue to be

trustworthy Proverbs promises us

that the place to thoughts will be

moving through one thing rapidly on

another signifying that a time of Plenty

and blessings is approaching the Supreme

Being declares I am greater than your

isues for your advantage and His glory

the prayer you made has been observed

and you are soon going to get what you

have requested it’s been difficult but

you’re not by yourself stay optimistic

and get ready for what’s ahead a

scripture passage or two committed to

memory can help us free ourselves of our

fears at times when we’re trying to let

go about what we’re convinced we need

chin up shoulders back and take a few

deep breaths he expresses his constant

love for you when he grants your request

for kindness in response to your

requests could it be that your creator

is attempting to teach you something via

your experiences or that he is

requesting you to allow yourself to go

of a particular thing that isn’t meant

for you with an open heart and calm

Embrace embrace yourself as well as

other people as the Lord Embraces

Humanity whatever your sentiments keep

pushing forward because circumstances

are about getting better in this season

typ I am meager to Sparkle to indicate

that you’re prepared to welcome this

fresh chapter in your life Jesus began

writing your Tale on the first day and

reached out to connect with you even if

you were unable to see him though it’s

not evident to you yet

everything that has happened to you has

been for a reason amen you will be

spinning with all that is happening so

quickly always keep in mind that you are

strong because of him and that Justice

will Triumph for those who put their

confidence in his judgment you’ve turned

into an actual manifestation of how

agents of change affect the world in

which we live therefore I’ll look after

you at this moment God’s power and

affection for you are immovable abundant

in Mercy and steadfast love because I

fully commit to you and treat you with

honor the ending of Jesus story will

transform your life though you will face

Temptation and trials along the way I

will be gracious to you as you undertake

your voidage because God’s purposes for

you will become clear in the aftermath

although he cherishes you he always has

plans for the days to come your Advocate

is none other than the same Almighty who

answers your prayers instantly we

frequently lose sight of the fact that

life is full of possibilities and

amazement much like a young child on a

farm witnessing a plain takeoff I pray

that as the plans that God God has for

your life continue to take shape you

will know better than a lot of

individuals in this Fallen World because

you are aware that doing better is the

result of knowing better creating plans

or ideas on your own is more important

than clinging to resentment and

suspicions we should no longer accept it

is usual to shout at and belittle one

another in dead we should treat every

day as a brand new beginning rely on him

never to give up he will fulfill your

expectations and then some let us Be

watchful paying attention to worship and

maintaining our faith in the face of the

adversary because to know properly is to

act properly I am appreciative of your

participation in this adventure the idea

is to be be prepared for whatever the

creator has in plan for you not to put

yourself on reserve trust God again till

you understand if you hold on to him as

Christians we are expected to carry our

cross every day but rather of accepting

our difficulties with faith we

frequently whine and complain on this

day remember that you should embrace

every moment as a fresh chance and

always remember that saying yes to the

plan he has for you symbolizes your

continued trust and trustworthiness in

it after responding to their

requirements and providing a chance for

growth and comprehension you might be

ready to deal with whatever the future

holds living rather than in an acute

care facility but in the flourishing

Embrace of Life religion ass I if this

speaks to you more than language can say

please leave a amen remark and share it

remember all that he has done for you

and how everything needs to fit together

perfectly for Gods plan to work well he

the difficulties that have been dragging

you down will soon come to a conclusion

the devil attempted to disturb your

Tranquility during this same season but

you know that as long as you pray your

Tranquility will be ferociously guarded

Lord acknowledge you for standing on to

me even when I could scarcely standing

thankfully brighter times are still to

come and show that anything is possible

to conquer with perseverance today is

the last day of your terrible times feel

confident that the battle was worthwhile

do not keep on to your anger because if

you do it can follow you into fresh

directions and ruin them forever it

appears that light permeates everything

indicating that you will overcome this

he only demands to be trusted to be on

time as he always is I dive into that

comprehension with gratitude for the

assistance and direction thank you for

being a part of this journey


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