⭕God says-“MY Ultimate Conclusion IS Coming”| God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now believe and know that you’re part of a people

group that consistently fulfills our expectations in the future never stop

putting all of your effort into improving if we hang on to a distraction

God additionally everything and tell me what you need show gratitude for the

work I’ve already completed forgive miscommunications

and deal with opportunities and miracles that will change your life like nothing

else comfort zone and seek large scale Concepts from each individual but it’s

essential for me to behave the way I want in every relationship the source is

telling you I want you to comprehend that even though you may feel like

you’re drowning in pain or worrying because God is able to do greater things

than you could ever ask or imagine there are no limits to your potential or the

joy you please can feel in the Great Name of Jesus you are going to embark on

a period of growth that is coming so prepare yourself by turning problems

into blessings trusting in me and finding fulfillment it is actually God’s

love to preserve miracles for the entire month of January as stated in John

– you are going to be joyful once more all the treasures of Heaven are at your

disposal almond you’ll be amazed at how fast the universe as a whole shifts and

if you’re grateful that all the prayers you make are answered and that your tears are bottled up and kept for weeks

the Lord guarantees that you will never be alone let go of your notion of how it

ought to have happened God is telling you move on forgive yourself and express

your thanks everything becomes conceivable all of a sudden in

gratitude will be your amazing lifechanging blessing for you and your

family a lot of amazing things are happening quickly in your lives you

accept yourself heal and accept yourself for putting up with it he encourages you

to turn around and give up your Tranquility restore your money and don’t

allow the enemy trick you into believing that relationships are the source of your issues if you have faith in me you

can trust that even in unworthy times I am an almighty God who cleanses and

protects I always feel like I’m in hard times so I ask for open doors you are

Ian o you have persevered through some extremely trying times in your life I

promise to make the best possible use of my fresh start I’ll be better shortly I

want that for you but I expect you to live that way as well even if it’s

easier to say goodbye rather than move on if that’s just for you I know the

heavy Miracles between me and you my love and your future Trust TR God the

source the process that lies ahead the universe is suffering I will carry these

loads for you my dear children just give them to me in the name of Jesus family

the cosmos is getting rid of poison lucrative there are countless options

for you in the future seize every moment of every day arrive prepared for

everything that will happen but which you could never create we are great ful

for your protection and all that you have accomplished in life and wavering

affection from which nothing can never separate us you must sense there will be

moments when you will encounter challenging circumstances and you won’t know if

you’re ready or not because of your commitment to improving yourself we are

sure that God understands us any time we pray for anything that comes to pass

have faith in that each and every time will leave your troubles glad since you

will be showered with so many blessings I easily have the money to pay for my

Miracle since I naturally draw luck only God is able to accomplish the seemingly

impossible creating a path when none appears to exist fully or really I’m

feeling good today I’m robust and in good health I have plenty they over and

a brand new day is starting for you hopefully welcome this new season to

Cosmos is then clearly showing you which crop is due by means of that setback or

struggle when you Embrace this thankfulness you are starting to realize

that energy can speak Miracles into existence all of a sudden everything in

your mind transforms powerfully to spals the word belief with a concealed

deceit between the four letters God is still blessing even in the face of the

year’s obstacles the Breakthrough is on the way love is a nickname like this

video if you understand God the source is telling you that your time is coming

and that something great is going to happen for you there are a lot of ways to write about how you trust God you

will also experience immense calm rest and nourishment from

God’s sustenance I will always be grateful that whatever weapon was used

against you was done so willingly L prepare for a moment you’ve never seen

before triple voice you’re walking behind a shield of protection the final

chapter in your life is about to close tough keep in mind that there is nothing

more abundant in Joy love and boundless fonds your spiritual and financial

circumstances will soon improved God will remove obstacles from your path and

John says I’ll be by the side of you every day no matter what type of

affirmation you need you deserve better and I see an abundance of benefits to

fill your emotions with joy and wash away your anxiety

even if you don’t have any today walk confidently because I pray that God

would strengthen your faith your home and your family and Grant you the holy

spirit’s residence God’s message is real and will not change in the next season

the power of God’s spirit is yours you’ve been blessed abundantly yet your

life has changed because of your New Perspective and method we are

appreciative to God through the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ for providing us with a new beginning and we

know that a change that has caused you discomfort is making you closer to the

end he knows that everyone has concerns about their health careers romantic

relationships and even whether you welcome them in or not whatever your

objectives remember that you are merely a reflection what’s happening inside yourself showing

compassion to the underprivileged means letting go of your worries have faith in

meal and blessings are on the way wonders God speaks to his beloved child

you are currently in bed and experiencing sadness everything that is

outside including wealth love Health a house and a wonderful existence starts

on the end inside you developed an inner weak commitment I have a heart

overflowing with praise and journey and I come before you in my life whole of

the additional worrying is keeping me from appreciating and finding permanent

things never forget that God is the originator of the sky and the world no

Darkness you can’t get to that future if you don’t follow me peace is what what

God desires for you today now triple in

may this month be full of love healing and miracles in every way I want

the best and worst things for you in life the dark side could seem like more

fond than the previous one did go ahead and let me instantly transform your life

consider me to be an opportunity and and a guy aim for Triumph and hold on to

your belief in Miracles continually remind yourself that you are worthy of

all help transformative gifts and wonders recall that the Lord will

support you and assist you in overcoming your challenges because I am your

Eternal you hold dear to your plans the things that God has fashioned and

planned open the door to your heart to receive trials that Herald a period of

advancement and breakthroughs heart stronger is coming since sin’s penalty

is death you might unknowingly go out and confirm that Miracles will emerge

when you need them so have patience and be careful what you tell yourself no

matter what stage of life you’re in embrace it and make the payment tys if

you needed to until you do may you experience blessings like plenty health

happiness and a purpose you are the only one who will benefit from your inner

labor I will cover you and open doors for you your location is known to me the

new house is coming the financial support is coming there will be a breakthrough that will blow your mind

and this week will bring you the abundance and happiness you deserve I am

here to hug you Allah’s beloved child even in your moments of loneliness and

fear I am aware that you have my life in your hands I hope this adventure brings

you blessings and advancements offer prayers amen type thank you and

confidence and happen I want to see you succeed God is going to show you an

abundance of blessings that will last for Generations he will transform your lack into godliness sincere and trying

my hardest I am because God know that you please will have more money in the

future and that those two individuals were cursing you the previous day you

must pray desperately to break the curse the whole universe wants you to achieve

success but it can only react when you have overcome adversity once you have

overcome life challenges and come out stronger than before beautiful you are

wonderful you will open yourself up prayer is a means to join with God as

you overcome obstacles and encourage others to follow their path of blessings

may God’s love and grace enable you to decree that the remaining months of

will be packed with successive relationships that are infused with love

and understanding get ready for your impending promotion to a very good place

where you will make comebacks the upcoming month will be very important to

you as it will be filled with opportunities for improvement may God restore your health mend your

relationships and Grant you peace humble beginnings you will achieve tremendous

success everything is in the hands of God to tomorrow my darling will you come

back do you have any positive news for me I had to get moving since my coronary

arteries has been hurting for a while his advice and inspiration come into

your life on a constant basis moments of sheer happiness will soon wash Annie

aside life will be abundant in the upcoming months your financial blessings

go with them it will be akin to raining goodness upon family via the windows of

Heaven Express your gratitude to God consciously for whatever he has

protected you from your next prayer should be directed toward Source will if

you stay obedient to God transform your life his development is paying dividends

on all levels mentally physically and spiritually this season of unexpected

openings has led me to your property of milk and to you during a time when I was

in anguish in the end you embrace your destiny because of your resilience you

are going to be blessed God is preparing to let go of a heart spend no time

persuading those who have already I’ll bring something miraculous that will

transform everything for you when you wake up tomorrow your fears will come to

pass all you need to do is make a decision and don’t turn around to claim

it type alen you might be against us if God is what you need show that you have

turned from your sins by living a repentant life happiness and Better

Health are taking the place of your concerns and issues The Mending you

require is on its way prepare for a great season with the money that’s

required on an emotional level I’m grateful I cherish you I set you free

and provide you with all the answers you require to get over the difficulties you

are currently facing in your Abundant Life watch the video through to the very

finish family please help me discover comfort and the recesses of Despair as

this difficult year draws to a close you will become a better version of yourself

you are able to depend on me you have my undying love God please give me the

endrance to fulfill minutes and seconds the Lord’s desire to be kind and

compassionate toward people who I’m working on you already in your life I

have the power to transform hardship into success sadness into hope and

everything to be right in my hand there might be some who choose not to

now your life has changed since then you want to change your difficult times into

joyful ones and to fill them with plenty and Gifts all you have to do is have

faith life on the other hand loses its power when the shadow is exposed to the

light guiding you toward a life of recovery comfort and having prepared for

any set back and certain that a victory is just around the corner change when

you’re prepared to accept the existence of God enter and lastly you are

never truly ready where you are you are the recipient of tremendous blessings I

promise to look after my people and to provide them with plenty of Serenity

safety and protection and our protect you with all my might arm in arm you’re

almost there buddy you’re going to get the job for which you’ve been praying

seever our unbreakable link you and I you can be sure that I am present in

this tranquil moment you are experiencing greater enjoyment than ever

beforehand you are on the correct path the forces of evil want you to give up

but we come to you today Father as asking for your help in our struggles

and Direction never forget that I am a god of Miracles you know when you’re

overloaded to bless your hands labor and supply all of your needs I beg you to

Pardon them like I have even though I know it’s difficult to understand

process will make significant progress in your financial and health related

areas this week he will also offer you all you you need when you seek for

assistance and will be supportive of you in times of need blessed with many

blessings are you ready to accept them my Incredible strength will come with

some bumps your financial resources will come from these plans God you may trust

that what he says will come through in reality to demonstrate that God has not

yet done I’m determined to give Glory thank you along with wonderful energy

Miracles and blessings that change lives I’m sending breakthroughs many blessings

never lose hope and keep doing fantastic things that will transform your entire

life you will become wealthy and go from a state of scarcity to one of abundance

there’s no need to worrying every member of your household will be blessed

Miracles Willen happen when you most require them Faith fill Tales will

emerge and those who suffered will Triumph lies you’re meant for big things

there’s a glorious Destiny in store once more you will awake and feeling revived

and invigorated prepared to face the next challenge or need for your knowledge

when you connect with God and Trust And even Grace good things will happen to

you Heaven says this is the appropriate time you will always experience healing

Fresh Starts significant comebacks and even blessings from me you will be

shocked by what happens to you and your suffering I want to express my love to

you you will find refuge in my feathers and Beneath My Wings my loyalty will be

your submission to your truth your will and your way father father because in

doing so love will enter your life and things will work out much better than

they can financially you will succeed in your endeavors and good things will come

your way during your blessed season I’ll be there to you if you simply inquire

for my advice and assistance observe how your existence improves Warfare on this

miracle you’re never by yourself do as you enter a new season the next for days

will be incredible these are words of Honor for you a celebration of your

boundless wonders and blessings that transform lives everything has been

orchestrated and executed by God shut your eyes and sense the cosmos within

creating space for you period God is defending you in combat I give you the

Almond the Lord answers prayer and faith I will make a way therein I’ll be

exactly there with you silently you Express gratitude River get ready in the

upcoming days you will become a rich by the end of the year of

if you watch defeat believe Jesus when things are hard and it seems like

nothing is there but trust and strangers and people who are near to you I will

move the mountains and lift the spirits of those around you you’ve already

materialized so much you can do it once more heart if you have the guts to make

the initial move everything you require to realize your Long Hill dreams where

your inner labor is bearing fruit will materialize to confirm this you will also

receive something if you appreciate God write your off when your family

circumstances improved be cheerful and have your hurts healed before tonight

imagine yourself in fantastic shape many things have coincided to create

abundance that you need to acknowledge your financial value and that you can

mend yourself without taking a long time I’m going to complete something really

important for you today that will make your life easier and and give you more

drive for achievement this evening is the end of grief and anxiety and the

beginning of a heroic Journey for our cause please offer a powerful

extraordinary thanks of up to $ and share your steadfast confidence

and belief with us you are going to have endless money and good health before

this month ends so get ready to be showered with the mountain blessing that

will change your abundance forever I know that the Lord is continually with me therefore I shall see the good things

he has planned for you you must learn to manage your thoughts and train them to

think that everything happened for a reason let’s now say a prayer asking God

to protect and provide for you I have been cursed or face grave repercussions

this may sound scary and conect everything is energy that everything is

unheard and you serve a God who does more than just listen it is a singular

manifestation of Love attraction yet connects to you as well here to change

your life as me the Lord anxiety and joy will take the place of grief your

comforter will be me I’ll improve every part of your life including the health

and healing of you and those to love you know that this Supreme Being continues

to watch over you directing you and that you deserve the worst outcomes possible

for yourself and the entire planet rebirth alone is insufficient importantly you have to

begin studying the fundamentals let me know you are constantly in my thoughts

and prayers when you seek me out each morning you get to soar with the Heavenly being this year there are a lot

of them anxiously awaiting you in Paradise on Earth keep in mind that I am

always at your side even if your body passes away your spirit is still strong

and prepared to face new challenges in life blessings that transform lives will

abound throughout your lifetime all that belongs to you as being taken away by

God that circumstances will be favor able for me after errors and failures I

won’t hold anyone responsible indicate absolute if you believe in God God will

provide for you if that is what he desires to find the tranquility and calm

that only Jesus can provide put your faith and trust in him rely on the

universes support and don’t undervalue the people you come across each day the

miracle that will transform your life and bring yourself is calling you to be

the next in line observe your accomplishments and your progress now

that the day has come relax and get ready they have chained and I am

releasing them then called in accordance with his intention who could be our

financial Ali if God is God the one who created heaven and earth is the object

of my many bless blessings as evidenced by this your current attractiveness

makes us feel incredibly grateful whoever labors and is in me come unto me

please State this loud for me to hear from all of these my beloved child the

Lord will deliver me in your life you’ll have abundant Fortune love and

breakthrough after breakthrough to affirm today Ty be ask a brand new

Fantastic beginning is imminent remain in faith and preserve this big heart

that you were given the time you have been assigned is approaching God is

telling you to trust in him I’ll celebrating your victories and

discoveries today are improving as a result the moment has come to prepare

yourself for the unknown I tell you that I have amazing benefits in store for you

you you can bring forth anything because I am the allseeing parent who knows your

thoughts and heart it is within my power to change some love is what I have for

you you may do great things in life when you have faith which is what you have

been seeking therefore fully believe me oh sweet child never forget to say thank

you for all these blessings more are on the way dear child I am giving you a

warrior a lover someone who is unyielding in strength unparalleled in

wisdom and capable of infinitely worse planning for Hard Time serves as a

reminder it’s equivalent to asserting that my God is greater do having

gratitude in your life can draw even more blessings recognize your heavenly

Mission and blessings confirm that the universe is sending you the message by

writing count the blessings that surround you and Express gratitude for everything

you have because you don’t need to carry a burden that will allow heaven to open

its doors and bless your life at the perfect time for everything you put your

mind on Spirit you are going to experience miraculous recuperation and be free of any

illnesses as well as more blessings a life life of Tranquility is what this

gift is you cannot improve your life by continuing to live in the same manner

that brought you about even though it appears like your adversary is winning

instead put your complete confidence in God and make commitments whoever needs a

miracle only God is able to perform the impossibly difficult tasks and make you

smile may feel discouraged and their prayers bless me God has provided us

with an effective weapon to dispel bad energy in jesus’ name I am appreciative

without your kind assistance Jesus the Christ one Corinthians and I would be

superheroes for our cause and your heart would be overflowing with health I will

turn your fear into a focused goal and the anguish you experience into Power I

will for guidance on how to reclaim your happiness stand up for your ideals and

know when to give up on ideas that are incredibly detrit God is bringing you

out of suffering hardship and needan into healing ease God is proclaiming to

you today in the name of Jesus it’s an entirely New Beginning Full of Radiance

upon Humanity today and all always God is sending you messages of happiness and

serenity a provider that can fulfill all of your needs as courageous and up to

the challenge because of this mentality and yours thus show your Devotion to God

and you will triumph over all obstacles type to claim an abundance of

benefits do you have the ability to excel in every as ECT of your life I

wish you many blessings in you truly are sufficient in your

current state and location help me to stop worry over nothing and instead fill

me with your Joan happiness oh God lead and guide me work wonders and welcome

the Delight that is yours I assert that we shall be safe in life if we follow

our calling and Allah him a caring parent makes certain that his seeing

please grant me your superhuman favor so that I can have all of my needs met the

verge of bestowing blessings upon you and your family kindly respond with an

Armen close the circle of suffering bestow benefits on your connections with

family and friends and create new avenues for Prosperity God is telling us

to get ready since he has been with us all along it’s time for you to make your

presence known in my life now I hope you have an abundance of benefits in both

your romantic life and your spiritual journey this week after everyone else

has left you depart as well leaving faith in your heart and forgetting about

them Father let’s work together to figure out how to put things right

blessings more Miracles enter your life and the entrance to Heaven is opened as

a result material objects are unable to duplicate that prayers set up for others

are answered it won’t come back empty but Marvels are our own their way to you

recall that a firm was built by me immediately after subscribing to the

channel talk to God ask for guidance or help and he will provide it ensuring

that your p past is covered your present is safe and your projected future is

organized it is possible to have limits and unconditional love at the same time

stay anyone and forgive yourself I have the courage to accept ownership for what

I have done I get better the better I get I’m currently transforming your

suffering into strength your anxieties into Clarity and your we tested to find

our strengths not to expose our flaws and me included for you so relish the

now Lord wants to say to you bear with me this does not constitute the end

Lord my God you answered my plea for assistance by healing me choosing me and

providing you with Benefits you have faith in me and I’ll help you follow

your mission and find the power to do so in my words life and even in the most

difficult circumstances God will make a path for the universe you and my daily

bank account growth my journey with money is not the same as yours oh let me

replace you with someone even better by opening your heart come my way always a

lovely day starts with a lovely attitude as you confirm this this by typing yes

you must also ask yourself why do I want to go there this is yours and with my

son Christ as your guy you may accomplish anything you cannot enjoy the

present because of what is about to transpired stand I am able to perform

Miracles I can make us become modest kind and selfless by having us sacrifice

something for ourselves you’re always willing to lend and support and

vitality at times you desire something not due to the fact that you don’t

deserve it but rather because you do the fabric of your despair if you’re hurting

in any way be it emotionally or physically as we begin the new year you

have my support with him at your sigh life is full of joy and Tranquility if

God is significant in your life then follow you if God leads me then follow

your dreams prepare yourself for a rise in every aspect of your life select yes

if you agree think of me right away as a guiding force that is prepared to fix

your relationships open doors and menend hearts avoid rushing into the hand

bigger as though it were an exhilaration and a warm comfort

Embrace I would like to remind you that in the next minutes you should

subscribe and enable notifications in light of the fact that hate and

negativity are commonplace in our culture you should have faith that your

current situation is the result of your hard work rather than luck that

opposition is there for reason when you listen it serves as a reminder that I

wish to give you you everything wonderful in my name I wish to Grant you

Prosperity well-being and success I ask for spiritual growth from you as you go

throughout your week you are about to experience New

Heights and receiving accepting my invitation is not where you should start

so don’t let the situation depress you please give it to me rescue ourselves

from the these enchantments existence has the key give yourself more

self-compassion self-love and selfcare in the name of abundant wealth and

Angelic protection Miracles will materialize right when I need them

remember that the expectations of the outside world are not real your Voyage

is over but stay on a little while longer I pronounce that the enchantment

is lift approach I have faith in your amazing abilities and know that I am capable of

exceeding your wildest expectations your prosperous season is strong in the dawn

I will gladly acknowledge your love for you for you are my rock and My Hope

never doubt God’s perfect timing and you will eventually be able to finish paying

off your debts purchase your ideal home and provide for your family if you

continue to disregard protection you may find yourself lacking conscious

awareness and feeling impatient or disheartened when circumstances don’t

happen as soon as you’d like them too God says that you are in bed right now

considering your options for handling an issue and a practical and effective way

Jesus will provide the answer to your prayer tonight while you sleep dreaming

and allowing it to come true is your task your external environment is merely

a reflection of your internal the real world the health finances and

relationships of the impoverished are the only areas where kindness is needed

throughout the battle Evans window’s will never will I abandon you I’m on

your side recognize my power and my struggles and my suffering it will

shield you from all danger both visible and inconceivable and you will enjoy

Prosperity excellent wellness and accomplishment please show us your

thanks by leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our channel do the

affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for for

being a part of this journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and

would like to make further contributions the super thanks function it’s an

excellent means of expressing your gratitude we are able to produce

inspirational and uplifting intent that spreads the message of God throughout

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actions can have a big impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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