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God is speaking to you right now you may be confident that I will never give up

on your future despite my assumptions that people are attractive and

comprehensive I am a god of better modify my attitude approach and thinking

so after being transformed by you for a long time it will quickly fade away oh

Lord in fact I do not hold my tongue you are loved and protected by Angels

according to the holy spirit amen the road ahead and your own Evolution at the

exact moment that it should God is actively at work in your privileged and

safeguarded life please do not be scared or dismayed I have declared your

fearlessness to every heart God will suffice to bless the fruits if you have

exactly what you need certainly not silver in color C to blessings and type

together let us pray heavenly father I seek blessings and success are eagerly

expecting your sign which is an act of Hope third we are cancelling the darts

now and you will not just Rise Again anything will work out no matter what

curses are thrown at you you have come out from from that assistance in bringing about their faith in the things

that lie ahead of you Desto upon you unlimited will shortly arrange a special

celebration prayers into society this week you unparallel success money and

will be his purposes for you are greater than your tears let them be your life

will grow more colorful if you continue to pray and keep your eyes fixed on him

even when you want to give up greater possibilities to have faith in his

timetable rise with every new dawn for better days are still to come your

divine presence will shield you from danger as God gets you ready for even

bigger things this indicates that God is the central figure in your life

skillfully tying the Loose Ends of Fate together and pointing you in the the

direction of a future you may not yet completely understand when faced with

hardship or when others attempt to stop you from succeeding the Apostle Paul

tells us to trust in what is happening and that assistance is on its way

recognize the existence of God in this surroundings and embrace your purpose in

life type never let others actions to depress

you or let brief failures demoralize you continue on your current course ignore

the lies of your adversary and accept the root that will bring you to the

Pinnacle of Glory you will always have the memory of being promised a life full

of love healing abundance breakthroughs and blessings until the final moment of

time God has the last word even if your intellect fights against lies and

uncertainties his presence is keeping vigil over your life making sure that

love blessings and plenty never leave you alone affirm your journey and trust

with an amen as God calls you to Greatness enter that the Lord Jesus is

Creator to declare your resolve to live a life under the Lord’s watchful eye one

that is abundantly joyful on vble healing and full of love the atmosphere

has been changed by your warmth and genuiness and as long as you keep

looking to God for direction he will guide you into the fullness of Truth Angel Number is a sign that you are

headed for greatness that will surpass your wildest

expectations and that your life is full of benefits you are meant for a life

filled with love healing and plenty so never forget that amen lamb no

instrument created to harm you will be successful you put your trust in me to

look after all of your needs have faith that a tremendous amount of goodness is

about to enter your life they regret not paying you the consideration that you

were do wrath is mine vengeance is mine as it is written decare the Lord this

person was misled when they thought they understood you all God the Father God

the son and God the Holy Spirit are at your disposal the moment of truth you

have been hoping for is almost here the Declaration the Lord my God is my

sunshine and my salvation guarantees that you won’t have to experience

loneliness because I am with you I am now prepared to shower you with benefits

your guardian angels are there to support and shield you during difficult

times because they see the best in you he shall cover your head with his

feathers and underneath his wings you shall discover Refuge says Psalms

think that you have been going through a long season of difficulties but your moment of Glory is

going to come I understand that it’s difficult to go on despite the

Brokenness but God is giving us instant satisfaction and casting his glory over

the past if you have faith in him you will witness his influence in every

aspect of your life God has selected you specifically to receive an abundance of

blessings anticipate plenty and affection as he has deep affection for

you Matthew’s gospel says come to me all you who tall and are heavily

brimming and I am going to provide you rest I want everybody who reads this to

know that something truly remarkable is about to happen walk by faith rather

than by sight and have faith that God is using your personal struggles to lead to

triumphs in public join me in praying that God God will never fail to protect

you and that he will make up for all the years the adversary has stolen from you

thank you let’s ask for Mercy Heavenly Father Grant your slaves understanding

and a release from uncertainty Lord we say that we trust in the promises you

make and that nothing bad will happen to us we embrace your plan trusting in the

strength of your affection and our safety you’ve been having difficulties for a while you’re full of

love happiness and understanding he wanted you to understand how much he

values you come nearer to me because everything is shown to you now your

breakthrough is on the way and the restful sleep of those who live here and

the Precious Blood of the Messiah surrounds you supporting you up and

making sure you keep going your life is going to take an amazing turn thank you

to request a favor type for your future I have a wonderful

plan it just gets better so keep going forward the gifts of God are coming

closer than ever press to confirm what you think the

benefits of God are approaching Financial and healing breakthroughs are

on the horizon God is in control so turn to him for assistance this morning Lord

is declaring I am going to remove everything that stands in your way you

have endured a great deal so do not be afraid you are in for great success the

bad times are over on the professional front everything that is being set

towards us to to obstruct our goals and advancement is in control the truth of

God will serve as a stronghold and shield for the upright we ask for the

spirit of God to fill this house in the Glorious name of the Lord Jesus Christ

and guarantee restful sleep for everyone who lives here Lord remind you I am

constantly with you every day never fear it will all become better better around

you after he’s finished your tribulations will attest to your

fortitude we are grateful for your blessings and humbly beg for your pardon

right now God is preparing a path for you God sometimes closes one door to let

open a larger one it’s almost time for your breakthrough I am grateful Lord I’m

here to help so you’re not alone it’s almost here what you’ve prayed so hard

for Imagine bringing $ million into manifestation you are about to enter a

new realm of prosperity well-being and abundance because all obstacles have

been removed erroneous assessments May impede your advancement yet keep in mind

that it’s not by accident that you are met to shine like a lighthouse

throughout the darkest moments God has a wonderful scheme planned for your life

one that will lead you to victory and Clarity he assures you that while you

travel this path with him nothing bad will happen to you may you regain the

years you lost and proceed with Clarity rather than

misunderstanding God is already preparing the road for your triumphant outcomes even if you have suffered

strong opposition as a result of your hardships he is prepared to mend

relationships put your heart back together and guide you far from the

circumstances that continue to hold you backward Heaven intends to wonderfully

Grant your heart’s desires for yourselves and your loved ones and as

angels have been set to guard you your current situation should not depress you

instead put your faith in his Direction and offer yourself willingly to service

expectations realized blessings bestowed and extraordinary results await you in

the future accept this as a chance to give thanks and to be the best version

of yourself in all that you do recognize that God is on your side providing

protection from harm and guiding you to experience a tenfold Improvement in your

spiritual emotional and bodily well-being this month God has promised

to bestow upon you health peace insight and Clarity the best thing that has ever

happened to you no human never can derail his Divine Design therefore now

as your chance to shine we have heard about your secret struggles and the

suffering you have EXP experienced have faith in the strategies of God for a

breakthrough even though the road may appear difficult and the path unknown he

is a stronghold and a rock prepared to guide you to a Haven that is secure

where no Misfortune will afflict you you have less time than you think to make a

big turnaround but the time is now strongholds are located and restrictions

will vanish and the benefits and victories that are coming your way will

Astound your enemies you’re going to experience a shift soon and the

appropriate individuals will soon come into your life God is calling you to

have confidence and wants everyone to know that subsequently has seen your

hardships if you put your trust in him he will lead you to achieve beyond all

expectations you are entering a time of great discovery and abundance things that were

impeding your advancement in the past are falling apart with lots of blessings

and wonders this month should rank among your best remind yourself that God’s

angels are with you in the fight making sure that obstacles will be conquered

you will arrive at amazing places on the road trip from the place where you began

man love abounds in this River of Life and God promises he will never abandon

you a season of surprises and wealth will be heralded by

doors opening offer your prayers for Liberation and for God to bless you and

your family many will be moved by your faithfulness in the face of adversity

and their past criticisms and misperceptions will be trans formed into

appreciation there will soon be signs of God’s love and protection including

Supernatural events and healing and a return to health your determination and

honesty will leave even your daughter’s stun and wondering whether or not they

could have miscalculated a brighter tomorrow for you your loved ones and

your family is Promised by the blessings that are on the way let your prayer for

today be one of Thanksgiving and victory say that your life will be filled with

health prosperity and happiness that will outweigh any past tragedies those

who observed your struggles will also witness your success and recognize your

tenacity letting go of your challenges as the weekend draws near will help you

achieve positive change which will show itself in unexpected ways God is guiding

you through difficulties and toward a better future by arranging things in the

background have faith that he will protect and Lead You farther into a life

filled with joy and fulfillment he will show you how to let go so pay attention

to under since it represents alignment in the cosmos child bring all your worries to

God as my true God I am here to transform your grief into joy and to be

your stronghold and Haven while you have endured hardships in the past you are

now posed for greatness and an abundance of unending rewards everything will work

out for you help and protection are always nearby you are going to burst

into worship forever in the name of Jes Jesus Christ a new era will begin for

you if you pay attention and to accept the necessary advice your reappearance

will surpass previous adversity a wash in felicitations show us the path provide

blessings and block troubles at one to one life begins aresh to claim this

guarantee harm typ a amazing things are got to happen be optimistic benefits

are on the way God has blessed this home and made your narrative one of Victory

he wants you to know that everything that is related to you is under his

careful observation and that he loves you you’ve given something up and now

you’re moving from a state of overwhelm one of hope you are safe and me my sweet

children with me the paths of Victory are being revealed by the Lord your God when the

time comes say yes and seize the chances that lie ahead of you you will receive

everything you need so don’t let closed doors stop you have hope and a future

because God has plans for you blessings restored relationships and financial

triumphs are all expected for tomorrow the road to receiving blessings has been

prepared with faith because the price has already been paid allow God to

reconstruct and reroot your life healing and restoration are imminent now is the

moment for you to recover entwined with the aspiration and Ambitions of those in

your vicinity type the Lord assist me claim your good fortune

understanding that you are divinely motivated to be great you will meet people who although initially unknown to

you end up playing a big role in your life proving that everything you go

through molds you please into the individual that Lord designed for you to

be Heavenly Father your residence is a wellth thought out Haven of protection

just for you we are given prote over our life tonight existence of background

forces directing you in the direction of someone you can trust keep your

composure your Shield of defense and your constant assistance in your favor

it’s time for you to understand how your confidence was caused this brightness

was once seen in Jesus if you agree improve type away from harmful roads I

adore for you Jesus I Proclaim that you have limited shielding God’s embrace all

that has happened you can now work against what is intended for you your prayers are going to be answered you’re

about to embark on a brand new Miracle he’ll open doors for you fear and

uncertainty keep in mind that I’m leaving and allow God to be God in your

hearts you are going to experience Miracles along your journey and I will

heal and restore you the correct people will be brought in by him in verse it

is said that God is with your family with a particular emphasis on your voice

from the Lord which has the power to melt the Earth and is sufficient because

truthfulness and integrity are pillars of faith it is believe that God will

answer your prayers with great joy and bringing you success during the

following months God’s way repeats itself after us I’m well now I have

faith that sleep will pour into these walls out of favor however your

excitement for them surpasses your awareness as you go closer to me knowing

that something stunning is going to happen that cannot be denied get up and

walk forward so that I can assist you it’s also so wonderful that you have

hope for the multiplier if you value Harmony please spread the word you’ll

have a smoother and more rejuvenated route ahead of you because of my god-given ability to keep moving forward

and shield you from harm may you be blessed with Serenity and well-being

I’ll striving to achieve your goals and bask in the goodness you exude in the

future I wish to bestow upon you a long and fulfilling love life greetings from

a brilliant Christ filled morning we declare that you may have happiness if

you put your loved ones first even if your spiritual life can be overwhelming

you could be feeling a little more faith now it’s time for you to embrace the

spirit of death surrounding you and your chances now today God stresses that name

when we are in difficulties we call out to you asking for a sign and we receive

it greatly to accept it type not much has been said to me but I

know that Miracles are aware that this request is being answered the Lord’s

promises are upon the the opportunity of spending time

with them let the earth and the sky eyes exist Earth could accept a level that is

appropriate for you remain true to your feelings achievement type

if you are more than just the events in your life you definitely not a

doormat we pray our Lord make me more successful as we come to know you better

today we give everything over to God my Lord you’ve been waiting for this sign

you your entire life your health will improve your wealth will soar and all of

your demands will be satisfy luck and generosity are going to

flow your day of salvation may come on what appears to be a day of Destruction

tonight surround your home with wonders and anticipate more blessings and

wonders to come the future seems bright and significant changes are on the

horizon for your life receiving as welcome here there’s no need to be

afraid or worried since salvation is on the way in jesus’ name the power of the

holy spirit will provide healing and serenity God is benefiting you in being

around of your adversaries this month bringing about something truly amazing I

talk about the shielding power of God give him the Reigns those who have God’s

spirit within them and seek him out constantly or blessed God hears your

prayers especially if your pillows are covered in tears I want you to say the

words I commit to you the Messiah now recognize that I am a channel for his

will open to receiving and giving you are about to experience a major shift in

your life so get prepared to experience something big God’s certainty covers you

so you won’t see the punishment of the wicked I have a wonderful plan for your

life so have faith in me you will overcome all the difficulties you have

encountered and the power of God will reassure you that a big event is

approaching thank you and can use my strength to do anything let others

experience and witness your goodness we invite them life I Proclaim that you

will follow your heart’s aspiration and find success you are weak by yourself

but when you work with me you can overcome any obstacle remember that

despite your weariness and discouragement your true generosity and

tenderness have the power to contain love for me I know know you frequently

see the number my little kid God’s commitment does

not fate even when we are at our wits end he is with us in every thought

Heaven declares this is the time for Heaven to put his foot in May all that

once made you cry now fill you with happiness you will walk on leopards and

Serpentine creatures as you begin a season of tremend mendous benefits but

no impediment will cause you to stumble keep your trust intact when things seem

uncertain dream of a fresh start because you are going to meet the right

individuals remember that everything will eventually fall into place as you

get closer to your objectives be prepared everyone who hasn’t felt the

depths of God’s love God says that where you are right now is setting you up for

the future give him all of your trust have faith in me and understand that I

am here for you at all times blessing and providing for you you can never

undervalue the influence of Faith Better Days full of breakthroughs and more

Delight are ahead of you because you have been filled with God’s strength

good things will not be lacking for those who diligently seek the Lord

if you firmly believe type the Messiah even at the worst of times there are a

ton of blessings that you will soon experience there will be misconceptions

and criticism but always keep in mind that you are never by yourself put our

man in the text to confirm this you are about to enter a lifechanging phase so

don’t even consider giving up God’s plan for your life life is incredible look

forward to unanticipated Blessings Joy recovery and financial success today

join this Channel and welcome the comforting and hopeful words God notices

the tears you shed and is willing to help your brain will spin with

anticipation at how swiftly everything will happen developing in me an

innocence of heart oh God is our prayer for The Virtuous you are incredibly

fortunate so expect wonders The Sovereign God has become ready to show

himself I have nothing against you with you I will not permit the development of

any weapon designed to harm you he’s taking the wrong people out of your life

and making sure that Triumph is coming we have heard your prayers success and

the future you’ve always wanted are replacing your days of sadness and grief

May Triumph envelop our homes and family remain faithful even when you feel weak

the Heavenly hosts of the Lord are keeping an eye on you and line with

Psalm to I Proclaim that the days

left in this year will be full of blessings and the truth even with the

obstacles and people who have turned against against me I still have confidence recall that you are protected

by the shed Blood Of The Virtuous one remain away from dwelling on setbacks

pay attention to the fresh blessings that I haven’t prepared for you we

entrust your protection to his strength oh Lord the city of the Creator is

gladdened By the Waters of a river as mentioned in Psalm may you spend all

of your day in the Lord’s house where you will be able to witness the Splendor

of the Lord never forget that despite what some misconceptions might say you

are worthy powerful and healed do the universe is working in your favor so you

will be showered with blessings never lose faith in God’s plan for you which

is God want for you to be our beat and encourage today this journey is entwined

with your deeds and and our beliefs God has a purpose for saving you and you are

magnificently crafted although the road you’ve been on has been difficult never

forget that you have the opportunity to witness the graciousness of the almighty

in the Kingdom of the living give your case to God and he will make things

right and bring healing to all the places you’ve been wounded your final success will come from having

a pure heart and being emotionally resilient not from where you started

I’ll clear the path for you type to request this advancement don’t forget

that not every person is against you even if it looks like your opponent has

the upper hand you are being lifted up by God out of shattered and undeserving

places while you continuing to seek a closer relationship with God Express

gratitude for what you now have remember that Triumph is yours to inherit even in

your darkest days I am here to shelter and protect you so be grateful for all

that has come your way because I am your creator I will save you in the

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