⭕God Says: I Will Rescue You From Satan If You…?❌|God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now my thoughts and prayers are needed for the

pain you are experiencing God tells us that we are capable of much amen this week is going

to be the spark that I sparked in you I declare you will find the confidence you

need if you shine through them at the appropriate moment be by your side God

please type of course if you’re ready the almighty is ahead of you I walk

alongside of you when the time is appropriate and I stand by your sigh

with your broken moments and with every tear you shed God says you will seek me

out with all of your heart’s desires there will be Clarity and Improvement in

all aspects nothing happens before it’s time so don’t rush things your purpose

will be guided and blessed by God God is there to bring healing and provide a

path for you on a spiritual physical and emotional level he is like the morning

sunshine that softens your skin as long as you enjoy my company I’ll give you

security and Independence reward you with the recognition you Merit the

heavens will part for you God will everything will become clear if you mean

aain your trust be joyful despite the difficulties you are going through right

now these are the last of your gloomy evenings approaching you have got on

your side don’t take everything humans say at its entirety remind them of their

amazing potential and accomplishments this is the message that

the Creator desires you to communicate today ask anything and pray your purpose

will will be guided and blessed by me I want you to be able to depend more on me

and not be moved by conceit or arrogance through loss and discomfort through the

Priceless lessons in your heart of hearts trust what I have said as you

embark on this new chapter in your life don’t lose hope things will improve I

will never depart your sigh be their reminder when some some one tells you

otherwise like a ladybug creeping up your finger let it happen I’ve been

there for you in every circumstance all it takes for the prayers you offer to

ascend to the sky is a new door may peace and joy and Su dot it is

concerning your relatives concern I’ve always been aware of you your

Temptations and your heart rather give your root to me do not allow your words

to obstruct the grace that has the power to fulfill your aspiration my hand is

holding you while you scream out to me in the middle of this suffering give up

negativity and uncertainty I am here for you I get the

circumstances and I have firsthand knowledge of the things that are going through your head at the moment give me

the Miracles I need to get through this even though it seems like a far off land

of Happiness contentment and serenity remember that your journey is distinct

from everyone else’s remember that I am here to help you now just as I have

always been when you are contemplating giving up being a good overseer of our

wonderful world is the finest gift you can give you are going to be given up

pass to a fresh adventur in life today recall that you’re not a self-centered

Spirit make a positive declaration and affirmation about your life because of

the blood of Jesus what you are going through right now cannot be the same as

any other moment I am grateful to Jesus our lord for guarding your friendships

careers and interests from any evil force that may come knocking on your

door it will continue continue to protect you showing you the best possible version of yourself how to

weaken one like your child’s laughter your forgiveness brightens everything

around you things are beginning to feel better even though you’ve experienced a

lot of difficult days and nights the career you’ve been dreaming of and your

breakthrough are almost here Miracles will come to those who seek them let go

of the responsibility that is not meant for you see the supernatural happenings in this

video If you’re looking for miracles you are the son of my heart my cherish

daughter declares the Lord my blessings which are on their way to console and

express my love are not far off I am aware of your affections and all of my

blessings are close at hand their purpose is to deliver you an abundance

of wealth in future Generations if you’re of this mindset type

it’s difficult to deal with everything that your wide dyed heart

speaks to you but if you stay on the path that is necessary for the

well-being of your soul you can conquer everything that tries to stop you my

grace your contentment and your well-being will grow in your mind time

am my love you are in my thoughts I am spirit I am focusing my efforts on

finding Solutions and eliminating illnesses from your surroundings because

you have forgotten them all you your family and I are making Improvement

crucial elements include belief faith and attitude soon seeds will grow into a

creative Champion’s heart and despite your erratic feelings and uncertainties

you will abundantly succeed come to me and for my honor don’t worry about

anything everything will fall into place as planned I have arranged for you to go

on a journey filled with good news joy and fulfillment God bless I’ve got you

covered have faith in me I promise not to disappoint the Lord is arranging your

life unique path distinct from Good Fortune that will outweigh any Crut I

your child believe that your time of waiting has come to be greater and more

powerful than anything you could have imagined pointing you toward a life

briming with that you have been determined to be an Illuminating Light in the recesses of Darkness that

surrounds you discouragement blood and flesh make up your vessel allow me to

assist you in discovering that the physical presence that you sense is

greater than whatever the world has to offer I am confidently declaring today

that I am willing to experience peace and joy even in the center of all

aspects as their innermost flourish may be type to claim it stronger more

trustworthy and better numerous amounts of good things coming your way

accompanying life’s trials in everyday life so you will continue your journey

through challenging circumstances my word you will truly be delighted every oppose me you are never going to

discover Freedom or family Devotion to me my little one now trust me my child

and you will continue to be rewarded have a sincere trust in God for he has

important things to tell you he wants you to know that you are capable of

overcoming any obstacle and coming out on top some ideas that undermine your

faith can light the Cozy night together breaking the mold God promises to give

us Health tomorrow morning and you will receive the Divine spark of God this is

the appropriate time for you to put your faith and confidence in me inviting

blessings and your lovely aspiration for your skills or gifts to lift your weary

Soul Miracles will happen on time because you are my incarnation of

unconditional love keep planting your faith and don’t give up to confirm type

yes hope it’s not because of your mistakes that somebody will look down

instead of above of I’m happy to see that you have opportunities and answers

to your problems because you are about to experience something amazing being

aware that things aren’t going as planned doesn’t mean that something

profound and said but felt has faded from you this is not a sign of failure a

miracle is emphasized in today’s video message of the day you feel strong

that there is a war going on in the higher regions against your dread and worry one that is cleansing your spirit

and giving you hope that help is on the way despite all of life’s curveballs I

am the way the reality and at speaking Savor happy times and allow laughing to

be your common language it will guide you away from the shadowy corners that

life’s issues have cast you into and into roads of connection the opportunity

for love both for God and for other people to embrace blessings Redemption

and restoration is the favor I set before you now though it may be

difficult to understand today I can assure you that your heart and lips will

be bursting with excitement I will give myself away generously in order to give

you hope so that you can go back and help the people you love remind yourself

that you have overcome anxiety and depression and that the tide is steadily

turning in your favor don’t overwork yourself allow security and serenity to

lead you to an unchanging truth you will only find true contentment through me so

proceed with confidence and let your heart burst with happiness I would like

to offer you a blessing as a message from the universe to hold on to the

positive things in your life right now shine my tender affection and light as

you embrace your genuine Destiny the frustration you are experiencing right

now won’t have the final say if you have confidence in God you won’t be abandoned

where you are so don’t worry reconnecting with the Divine spark in

inside is what God is encouraging you to do if we put our trust in God health and

renewal will be our blessing this is an invitation to acknowledge your gifts and

the unwavering love you have received from God are putting confidence in the

Divine as you continue to develop your faith Miracles will appear encouraging

you to keep going and never give up say yes to this blessing and hold onto your

optimism for the chances and solutions that are coming your way there has to be

something fantastic yet to be said coming up never forget that part of the

trip is overcoming obstacles in the way you had planned a war in the higher

realms for your recovery and serenity is being waged and a miracle is taking

place you may be sure that your tears and prayers are being heard right now my

little child your strength will gradually return as long as you continue

to live a life of love and obedience now is the moment to develop to find

Serenity again and to be inow with superhuman power I approve and love you

without condition give yourself a gentle reminder of your moral compass through

the sketches and dreams that Adorn your home recognize that you can depend on me

and be obedient to what I say it will be difficult for you to contain all the

blessings I am bringing just as matache said in your hardships you are never

alone look past the current difficulties and extend your vision you’ll succeed

ceed if you follow my instructions despite the doubts of others I am here

to support you in achieving your goals and looking forward to Happy Times be

assured that you will get guidance from my holy spirit with extraordinary wisdom

allow your heart to remain open and don’t stop yourself from dreaming of

possibilities dreams have the ability to bless if they are spoken and Wild Flower

in tets and reverberate it in silence I am calling you to realize my goals for

your life and to acknowledge the beauty of our Earth Mount Everest may be overcome with faith as modest as a

mustard seed you have my eternal companion I promise you that you are on

my mind my little kid even now he’s prepared to take it in I’ve seen your

tears and cries if your alignment is with the beauty of the earth and in

accordance with God’s will see him at work and gradually the strength of my

blood in you increases refrain from allowing dread to overcome you thank you

for being my strength when I was weak embracing the beauty of this direction

my family and I want for prosperity in our finances remaining steadfast as this

is the moment to shine do not become arrogant due to the numerous insights

instead maintain your humility should you put your trust in me the pain of

loss and grief will subside setting you up for unimaginable gifts it’s not about

failure or hopelessness with this gift I’m giving you your future change

healing and rebirth are the main topics father who knows and loves you please

don’t stop communicating to me in addition to teaching you how to speak

words of life and light I want to change your life and give you the courage to

stand strong against those who would weaken your faith I give thanks to the

Lord for the Abundant Life I have prepared for you fashioned in your

innocent youth and for all the great blessings I have arranged Christ has a

plan for your life so never forget that your objectives and desires are not

unmet my intentions for you are not deterred by the lies that people have

spread about you I designed you to be resilient since you have persevered

through hardships I’ll reward you abundantly surpassing all of your

present difficulties and errors acknowledge the presence of God in all

circumstances including what may appear to be failures you are associated with

me and are meant for much more than you can imagine at this moment you are not

made for failure your triumphs are right in front of you they are not distant

having created known and loved you put your trust in me to heal your Health

gripping through life’s obstacles with strength and Grace you resemble the spearhead though it’s normal to feel

overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the world remember to tell yourself

again I put my complete confidence in you whenever you feel defeated allow the

power of your healing to envelope me always keep in mind that you are the

King’s son my cherished kid as an offspring of the Divine you are of Royal

Heritage and call to share his light to those you hardly know shattered

connections will be repaired and highways made plain accept the

invitation move forward confidently safely and

fearlessly understanding that every obstacle presents a chance for development and good fortune goodness

your life will be over flowing with Grace as I embrace your Contrition that dread not because I am there with you is

God’s comforting message to us throughout trying times in response to

your most sincere pleas I am here to support you you have experienced a great

deal of betrayal yet despite this you remain Reser yet and are reminded to pay

attention to your environment I am responsible for your life it doesn’t

matter where you came from or where you are now there is nothing to be afraid of

just be alert and resist giving up to counter the voices who try to discourage

you from pursuing a better future all you have to do is trust in me I swear to

strengthen your faith always bear in mind my affection for you along with

your loved ones may hope abound in you via the power of the Holy Spirit I’m

giving you an encouragement today refrain from giving up on the goals I’ve

given you even in the face of broken goals you have my gratitude for having

cleared the path for you therefore avoid being around such negativity all good

things come to those who wait a little while longer I will return your call you

need to find the strength within you to keep go and I want to hold everything in

your hands it is my pleasure to offer you the support you require my dear you

will be too strong to be defeated by fear or failure remain Resolute in your

opposition and disregard as previous Force they serve as an active reminder

of the wisdom Acquired and the fortitude developed I offer my life’s healing

power and I am conscious of both your accomplishments and flaws honor your

missteps as shaky First Steps toward development take the opportunity

presented by your problems to uncover your innermost self and shine your

special light on the world give up the thoughts preventing you from seeing the

Wonders you are destined to see my blessing awaits you enemies already

defeated for I am the way taken what I have taught you you will drive the

ghosts of the past out of your life if you are strong and powerful remain

unshakable no matter what or who and embrace life to the fullest your

Narrative of accomplishment will serve as a monument to the authority of love

and miracles have found you I have called your soul to purify and imbue you

with Divine Purpose By suddenly painting your dreams into the underlying

structure of the cosmos you are about to awaken to your own healing ability Grace

yourself I am here to help remembering that you were originally meant to be a

loser I release you from this pain and sorrow in the name of Jesus my dearest

one you have my undying love in difficult circumstances allow the

universe is laughing to comfort you you are going to experience something

amazing so please accept my love and grace there’s a new day breaking

bringing hope and a fresh outl to your face don’t forget that you are immensely

valued and never alone I bless you all love knowing that you have faced

hardships and that their wicked forces is out to get you heal my life life in

all its aspects I surrender to you fearing nothing for I will never let you

go every morning my mind appears to be a feel to me and you will think something

wonderful is going to happen within a few minutes I am delighted of your potential and you are my greatest and

most precious gift my darling child I’ll see to it that you have everything you

require to get over suffering give me access to your heart soul and body the

blessing that was intended for you is presently on its way to you there will

soon be a notable improvement with trust and the appropriate attitude take

ownership of these offers I am going to bestow upon you a blessing I know how

you struggle and I’m here to help you avoid feeling afraid release your hold

on your loads and lift them with ease by letting go of their desire to be in

control I am in command anything that stands in your way may be overcome by

your faith and attitude the fresh light of dawn provides hope as the night wears

on I’m here to give you hope so you won’t have to live in Terror leave me to

deal with your issues I am by yourself side the entire time pointing you in the

direction of the most Charming goals words are the path to genuine happiness

they are like a harmonious arrangement of consoling strands in these trying

times assist me in remembering the family concerns that are dear to your

heart this is it the long awaited blessing so get ready pack light and put

on your running shoes accept it and give at you all I come to you in sorrow

trusting you with my transgressions Temptations and potential

because I don’t know what else to do I sense that things are about to shift

turn over your circumstances so you won’t have to face them on your own you will travel across

valleys over mountains and through marshes with greater notable Assurance

reaching your goal with financial benefit take ownership of it in these

trying times I ask for consolation you’ll get back what you lost even

though there were times you felt you couldn’t accomplish your objectives dear

God I approach you and beg you to cut all connections to Temptation and

wickedness so that I am free from inner conflict it is evident from your comfort

and recovery that you are not supposed to travel this route alone hold my hand

allow me to guide you and resist the misgivings of others instead of being a

weakness this is your superpower God is speaking to you right now showing you

the miracle that is within of you life finds the equilibrium when you seek him

God is with you type absolute to confirm this I observed how you cast aside

pessimistic thoughts and instead choose to think positively I declare that it

will bring about my complete restoration never forget dear kids that there is no

greater job that God has started that you will ever be able to complete having

the guts to put your faith in myself is not only advantageous but necessary for

you to succeed in all that you do remember who I am always I have loved

you without condition and have always been ready to listen and offer guidance

so I have been preparing you to be at this moment you need not be afraid the

Lord your God will see you through raise your hands give no space to grief or

hopelessness it is about moving forth fearlessly and confidently knowing that

I never disappoint those who choose to embrace me when uncertain people take

different roots and eventually feeling resentful of other people’s success

might demoralize you but I want my Splendor to be seen on their faces may

your problems lessen and my spirit find lightness you are only traveling through

difficult times and choppy Rivers nothing is becoming when you remain with

me and keep in mind that I will always be there for you your heart will grow

stronger I hold the keys to your future so rest certain that I am aware of your

sorrows and disappointments I ask the Lord to keep me safe from unwarranted

worries and passing thoughts when suffering takes over this person will

realize in for that every hardship they have faced has helped them become a

better version of themselves you’ve let go of your resistance to possibility and

the unrealized potential that lies ahead on the heavens open your emotions will

be open for the unconditional love that has kept you going through everything

recall that I never disappoint those who put their trust in me so stay away from

situations that needlessly put you due to the test God speaks I give you

courage to face your challenges and keep you safe from harm we are aware of the

pain you are going through remember my love if you feel defeated when things

don’t go according to your plan I’m always here to help you comprehend your

responsibilities and the big difference you can make therefore express your

gratitude and the love that keep you go when you succeed the voice of God speaks

to you from within assuring you that you will never be lost and that you can

achieve the things you have always wanted the best is still to come so keep

going enter I am prepared to stand and emerge to express your Readiness to face

the future with Assurance God I sincerely adore you and am appreciative

of your ending assistance I will protect you with all that I have the truth as a

shield and my word is a sword as I take you on New Adventures where you can

enjoy my company I’ll tell you a particular thing this is just the

beginning not the end you wake up every morning inspired by fresh thoughts and

full of energy when life appears not to make sense particularly whenever you

feel like like you can’t go on don’t lock yourself in a dark room recall that

this month is magnificent and full of opportunity as you have been told if

that is how you feel there is no more potent instruction than the one I impart

to you strive for development since we find fulfillment not only in receiving

but also in contributing should it be a wo from your father a subst stantial

amount of money will make its way to you Lord please bless the tools used to care

for me provide me the craze to overcome any obstacle and Grant me success in all

that I do grin and give me the strength to face my doubts headon so that

together we may return the territory the enemy has stolen you will find true love

and you need never worry since you are never left alone I offer you my hopes

and this hurt guiding them to achieve the goals you have set for me may I

travel responsibly accepting both good things and bad things and coming across

unanticipated Miracles may you change my tears into smiles and my sadness into

jaw give me unwavering faith and strength and Grant wisdom to my family

may your powerful arm which is constantly with us Vanquish our foes I

humbly submit that there is no healing to difficult for you and I beg your

protection from those who would rob me of my happiness show me the way to achieving my goals and accepting the

lessons that lie Beyond obstacles I shall embrace the light and draw from

the Eternal Waters that provide life refusing to live in the shadows lead me

through hardship opening doors for me to enter a world of Faith determination as

well as and dedication it’s normal to feel overwhelmed in times of grief or

hopelessness but keep in mind that I am here to break free from your bonds and

permanently demolish anything that is preventing you from moving forward I

want you to Blossom again with love and acceptance making the seemingly

impossible possible I am here through all the laughing and crying for in God’s

Universe sadness has no power have faith in the expected and Assurance regarding

the Unseen your pain isn’t in vain it’s preparing you for a time when

achievement will be within your reach I will lead you on a triumphant trip

through life it’s important to be kind to other people and respectful of

oneself you are filled with my Holy Spirit who provides Direction and

Clarity you are never by yourself for you draw things that are in line with

your Soul’s genuine purpose bring all of your worries to me in prayer a universe

of opportunities is waiting to be discovered recall that my greatest hopes

are for your development and happiness my kid it is intended for you to

overcome obstacles in all facets of life and discover your position in the

expansive scheme that I have outlined for you I’ve given you the fortitude to

confidently face hardships you were meant to be successful in this life as

well as the next although what I’m about to tell you might seem difficult

have faith that you are following my moral path rejection was not your fate

therefore hold on to yourself with my grace I am patiently awaiting for you to

venture out and accept the abundance of benefits I have planned for you my

pledge to heal and soothe you together with my Assurance of love are with you

right now you are honing the qualities that will mold you into the individual

who you were destined to be so I’m asking you to be patient hold on and

have faith in my timing while I work for you my spirit will lead your thoughts to

Tranquility the best is still to come according to God place your trust in me

keep your distance from negativity and be open to the trip that lies ahead my

love and protection will be there for you constantly when uncertainty Creeps

in don’t forget to be calm and keep praying I am listening and prepared to

respond you are headed for greatness which is a reflection of my grace and

love your narrative is far from over it’s only getting started so continue

praying keep believing in and keep going joy in the depths and the leap of faith

inside indicate a close relationship with God and a request for the guidance

of the Holy Spirit to accompany and enhance your path accept this vast

expansion in all areas of your life stating it with love and openness since

you are always receiving love and blessings at this critical juncture the

Divine counsel is working to strengthen your your soul by clearing the anxieties that obstruct your Soul’s

natural expression and impair your vision it is recommended for you to

shine brightly to share the special light you possess and to embrace the

beauty that life brings when bravery and Faith Take the Lead you are constantly

reminded that something lovely is approaching which is evidence of the

fortitude and determination that ooze from you allow your faith to serve as a

compass to help you avoid areas of doubt and darkness the cosmos is working in

unison to free you from the weight of your troubles praising your faith and

confirming your efforts you are reassured by a spiritual message today

that Miracles are happening in your life and that you should face the changes and

difficulties head on with faith recall that having thankfulness makes

everything possible and enables you to function as a lighthouse of Hope and

change for others your perseverance is evident despite the difficulties and it will help you

deliver the compelling testimonials you will give tomorrow the goodness of God

reassures you that you are headed in the right direction and inspires you to let

go of the things impeding your development by performing a small Act of

Faith such typing as a manifestation of Letting Go and

having faith in the divine plan the Divine continues to remind you of your

value and significance in this world and you are being given the courage and

inight to overcome any challenge if this reaches your inbox take note you are

being set up for Success recovery and achieving your life’s goals God’s love

is all around you and the people you love and you can be confident that as

Peter promises you will be strengthened and healed after going

through hardships you have been shaped for a future full of unfathomable

Heights and answered prayers by the agony and anxieties you have endured set

your burdens aside accept the knowledge you have gained and let go of all the

possibilities that lie ahead of you today you are the only person who can

limit you you are destined for greatness so have trust that all you need will

come from a Divine Design for the rest of your life when you get sick and tired

of being in pain heaven will put you in an appropriate spot you are a part of my

design I promise and so is your family the fifth chapter verse reads and

whenever you have gone through a little while the God of all Grace who has

appointed you to his eternal Kingdom in Christ will himself restore confirm

reinforce and establish you the suffering you’ve gone through according

to God as part of his purpose even though you might have worried too much

there will be a ton of positive news prayers answered and wonderful

elevations of Grace to lessen my suffering your only limit is you says

wise experience you may overcome barriers and realize your full potential

with God despite the fact that what you need appears Out Of Reach so be it lay

naked your heart mind and emotions your resilience and Faith are all that you

need to demonstrate to others Lord Jesus Keep Your Grace so great that it is not

eclipsed by the annoyances of this world in keeping with your promise I pray that

my children and their descendants will be blessed Beyond measure and fulfill

their Destiny Beyond these difficulties like great triumphs which I have faith

you will achieve I’ll let you witness them for yourself I wish to be covered

in your wonderful golden Grace and fed by your benefits today even when

Serenity may seem far away even if it looks like a complicated strategy

remember that we can Revitalize our brain and Spirits with your assistance our

lives are meant to be fulfilled with you that much is certain it reverberates

through our homes and emotions are you a believer in God your faith will soon

blossom into something lovely so hold on to it and let go of your certainty

hopelessness and restless nights with you I have overcome every OB stickle

because you have taken on the sins of others and my curse I am reminded of how

valuable I have become to you during difficult times when I am lacking in

some materials or when I am facing tough obstacles that’s what you’ve promised

that you can and will make things better feel comfort in knowing that the creator

of all things is with us and will provide a way even even when it doesn’t

seem obvious difficulties will vanish and your enemy intentions will quickly

prove Hollow I want you to feel free so welcome the blessings that are on the

way and expect them you destined for great things even if you are going

through a challenging moment imagine yourself as a do drop posed to drop this

is not an aimless action honoring my promise I will give you the serenity you

require encircling my loved ones and friends and bearing a solid Ander

courage God forbids us from Forgetting him nor our own strength from lacking it

Deuteronomy to to you really need this alone time it’s not only helpful

consider the many factors that have led you to this location as well as your

surroundings one exhibits perseverance towards the enemy when they love God and

others don’t be duped by them keep going on in life despite the obstacles in your

way by remaining steadfast first and foremost share with me all of your ideas

I promise that we will succeed amen encourage your youngster to appreciate

studying as a means of gaining an awareness of the world to explore

arithmetic and to ask questions let my love fill your life when you accept it

when in doubt seek my advice before acting then move forward with the

Assurance because my good fortune far outweigh any financial gain I am here to

treat your illnesses in the name of Jesus therefore keep that in mind in the

unlikely event that you start to question let the knowledge that you you are forgiven saturate you and observe as

the portals of Heaven open your thoughts and advancement by urging you to alter

your perspective and let go of the weights that are weighing you down I

hope to be your directing light I will always be there to assist you at every turn on your path you have the ability

to affect not only your future but also your general well being because you are

my cherished child surrounded by unending affection you will find the

purest happiness and the purest manifestation of my love when you laugh

along with those you love and when you are truly connected to me continue to

endure within me I am granting you my Serenity and lavishing you with

affection I am here to help at all times rather trying to change on your own try

to change everything through meditation express your needs to God and give him

thanks for everything that he has accomplished let your aspiration and

dreams not be thwarted by fear or fatigue allow the love and Goodwill I

have to be your beacons this evening fatigue will fade because I’m going to

wash away your hidden tears each morning as you wake up make this affirmation and

give all your troubles to my steadfast and competent hands I urge you to

venture forth wrap on doors and walk with great strides for the celestial

hosts are watching with great anticipation prepared to Aid those who

come to follow me I want the best for you to cure your illnesses and to shower

you with wonders and miracles I’m giving you my absolute best Love Today

appreciate the amazing things I will do in your life grow closer to me and

resist letting loneliness or bad circumstances break your spirit run

after your goals dance in the shower of my prosperity and never give up sight of

the fact that I care about all facets of your life pain and all your anxieties

included overcoming every obstacle will be made easier by the strength of your

arms and legs good things are on the way so don’t allow physically unpleasant

illness stop you you have me sense the beginning of the cosmos and I am never

going to leave you so extend your hands in faith your purpose is to serve as a

lighthouse of Hope and courage when you’re feeling down cling to my words of strength and

remember that even in the worst of circumstances good things will come to

pass please express your faith in me if you are willing to accept my blessings

and you think that faith can overcome all obstacles please don’t be scared how

bring Prosperity into every aspect of your life including money remind

yourself that I want to hear you out and be there for you through every step of

your journey all the way to the Finish put your trust in me and express

thankfulness for your benefits I pray that you will receive God’s blessings

which will make you strong and successful keep in mind that you already

possess everything you need to be a blessing to others and to lead an

abundant life you will endure some suffering before he returns in glory to

Earth in Christ I hope that this new month brings with it Fresh Starts

aspiration and desires realized it’s only him who sets Me Freedom please

allow me to hear you again hent to bless your journey with Heavenly honey avoid

giving into rumors and defamation be disciplined and keep your trust in me

maintained in order to achieve your goals we will work together peace by

piece willing to make fresh starts when overwhelming circumstances arise pray

get back up on your feet and believe that Financial Independence is imminent

recall the guarantees you gave me throughout the night I am working hard

for you spreading our special light throughout the world recognize that

healing involves the Deep purifying restoration of the spirit in addition to

physical measures you were so innocent back then and now we have to work

together Hearts opened to purge hatred from your heart and clutter from the

past from your head your spirit seems to be overtaken by stormy mountains but God

will soothe them give yourself over to Faith pay less attention to worry and

put all the fa Faith you have in me Lord please we are grateful for today’s gifts

and the constant reminder that we are made in your likeness brilliant beings

worthy of your favor my strong blood coach your heart readying you to

discover unexpected wonders because you deserve everything you’ve been pleading

for in order for us to live righteously after becoming dead to sin he took on

the sins of Humanity in the form of his body on the cross I implore you to

persevere you are extremely near to making progress receiving favor and

blessings and receiving all you have ever wanted don’t undervalue the

blessings and talents I offer make sure no one undermines you recognize that all

the problems and assaults on your physical or mental well-being are within

my power it’s now or never for you to take control of your future and succeed

I’m sending you blessings one day little one I hope you will see that you have

the qualities of a coordinate slicing through life’s obstacles with Grace and

courage to show that you believe in this trip and in the universe’s help type

always be conscious of my my Everlasting presence guiding and

shielding you from The Perils hidden in the shadows have faith that I will keep

my word and bring about the greater good your breakthrough is literally around

the corner and when you do do as I say you are not just Mortals passing Shadows

traveling in the correct direction take your time achieving Serenity wealth and

direction in life I’ll make a way if you have faith in yourself I hope tomorrow

is filled with many blessings for you God please answer my petitions the doors

to my heavenly kingdom are open now the angels are telling you it’s time to rain

with good news I am in a scenario that no one will believe but I have the

support of people around me you’ve aggressively pursued your goals for your

family and yourself nurturing them with joy freedom and encouragement a

completely different day full of blessings is cooking A Feast for you and

your enemies to witness when they are in need people moan that you give freely

you will become a physical representation of the strength that runs through my veins despite the

difficulties I breathe life into your situation I have plans for you that

include the guarantee of a better future the Lord declares I have affection for

you I am your courage and your protection about to arrive for you is my

affection with my Holy Spirit encircling you God bless you do not be alarmed or

discouraged by his struggles or shortcomings you’ll succeed in your endeavors and God will hear your prayer

no matter what he will never forget you see the good changes put all your

anxieties aside the huge emptiness in front of you won’t phase you to be my

will it has to be your will as you go to sleep tonight I’m looking forward to

talking with you recognize that I am your only option when you are in pain

recognize that I am the almighty in my pain I receive healing answers that

reassure you that everything in your life is okay rather it serves as a

reminder to never give up never give up and never give up you can achieve all of

your objectives including improving your own understanding through trust God will

continue to pour forth tble the blessings on you and connect you with powerful people in times of complete

isolation You Are Not Alone the vacant chair signifies The Emptiness as your

all powerful God I will soon be in your midst Claim by typing amen God says that

everything you have gone through has prepared you you now walk in fullness

and have complete healing You’ve Won because of what I promised never

question the source that gives you Authority don’t be afraid to assert your

home ownership of what is truly what you want I will always be by alongside you

and everything will be okay securing a thriving present I am the god of

unending love ready to help you when you are having difficulties even though you might

stumble my wish is that you move forward courageously at this moment in my life

right now at you’re setting out on a brand new thrill Adventure or keeping

your health first priority come playing to your faith and if you agree say

thanks turn away from the past and all of its misdeeds In This Very location

you are a beloved child this is the time of year that you have to heal and change

your affection and Assurance are greatly appreciated to heal every single one of

my wounds says the Lord please pardon all my transgressions tonight and

tomorrow please give me sleep and never let me down I have listened to your

petitions as your God Beyond Comprehension remming with Marvels and

miracles is what I have planned for you you’re being prepared for a love-filled

future by the challenges you and your now dot my benefits will soon stream

into your lives so I offer you an abundance of life to enjoy I wish for

you all to be richly blessed to have richer spirits and to have hopeful

hearts that will brighten the sky with happiness no matter where you go even

through Barren places where others mourn I will be with you at all times Lord I

Thank you for the quiet that you bring in your healing you must put an end to to the weights weighing you down nothing

in this world is that significant or grandiose to take you into another

dimension without Direction the following observations are made let me

see the root that will lead you to Greatness expand my eyes in order to see

it a Life unencumbered by these bonds is achievable according to God though

everything around you seems to be in dis aray you have amazing strength within

you and with my help you’ll discover inner Cal you can be sure that I will be

by your side no matter what obstacles you face in life sending hordes of

angels to support you throughout happy and difficult occasions recall that I am

offering you a feast of favors while I Stand By Your Side continue to believe

that more miracles are on the way even if it feels like everything in your

world has fallen apart you have the ability to overcome all the challenges

that life presents and nothing is too difficult for me to manage your joyful

spirit wavered and eventually faded insert if you understand this please select

to yes if you affirm your Authority and the name of Lord I wrap myself up not

like a piece of crumpled paper you didn’t enter this Earth to live a life

of pitch Blackness I’m here to guide you through the Vivid world around you by

crafting tals that depict exotic settings blessings will pour down on you

like a bucket of rain and you will have a special spot in heaven where you are

love beyond measure the happiness that lies ahead is measurable by the promise

of Salvation today’s affirmation is to believe in God make your way bright with

love and light for others each day is an opportunity to give back to God may you

experience joy and serenity from the god of Hope who will also help you to

overcome your flaws Let Your Grace keep me alive once again and you will have

plenty and overabundance I will protect you against misfortunes that will seriously disrupt

your life I pray that you find peace today and that my suffering on the cross

becomes more intense in response to your worries I accept you in my reality freed

from the filth that has tarnished you for far too long move into the light the

dark is not where you should live you can let go of your worries God promises

never forget to type who obtain His blessings even in the

face of overwhelming obstacles moments of peace and togetherness with those you

care about will take the place of symbols representing your collapse let

me assure you that I will support your dreams of Happiness excitement and

success on every Journey you take together together furthermore you were not defined by your conflicts or given

designations of the defeated by them God is saying to you today that there is

always room for growth and success in each moment of your life know that I

have you wrapped around my arms during the storms even when you’re feeling

depressed or going through a difficult moment keep in mind that listening to me

and letting my spirit guide you will strengthen your faith your continued

life is proof of your fortitude and resiliency driven by

authenticity and an open heart to Heavenly directions I need your help

with my burdens and anguish thoughts and emotions hearing my guiding voice he

won’t start now because he has never let you down before I here to tell you you

something wonderful that will make your soul skip a beat don’t forget that I adore you as I travel through life

equipped with the understanding and the assets needed to reach my goals give me

the ability to make wise choices and hear these encouraging words I give you

my undying love and the courage to greet every day with a sincere smile they will

welcome you with Open Hearts seeing the honor as well as potential

you possess I want everything greater for your life don’t make the same

mistakes that you are familiar with remember that my tenderness is unwavering and unending for each and

every one of you as it holds unanticipated gifts advancement and

financial rewards ask me to have a significant impact on your life by

fervently praying recall that I exalt your name in the entirety of who I am

even in the face of minor or major wounds that create scars accept my

ability to fulfill the promises I’ve made and find happiness and Faith No

Matter What all of a sudden it’s happening but get ready for a miracle

you are going to experience achievements in your life today from God even when

your journey holy Messengers are their lowest the people around you are cheered

up by your smile nothing in this world is as valuable as you I want to reminded

you of your value and future as this week draws to an end recognize that my

warmth is your beacon your strength for the tasks at hand and your comfort for

your spirit let the light of confidence and bravery shine within you and the

cosmos will clear your path I am the rewarder of the faithful remember that

my kid follow my advice obey my lessons and let my spirit lead you to Serenity

enjoy the laughs that you shared and the comfort that comes from knowing that

everything you left behind will be given back to you at the end of this

significant Excursion even the one way you’ve been quietly nourishing inside

the closed doors of your innermost being is coming true for you prepare to

receive Happiness joy and serenity by being open to me as you approach me in

humility and faith knowing the great influence they have on others I pray

that you find comfort in prayer feel God’s Embraces as a Perpetual source of

Hope and Sur yourself with his presence if you’re lost or on a painful Journey

today don’t worry existance is an adventure with no end in sight and the

cosmos is always in love with true love it’s almost here the answer to your

prayers for healing and a breakthrough is almost here I have an infinite supply

of kindness and unwavering love feel secure in the knowledge that I am

available to bless you richly and work wonders in your life at the perfect time

even when the chains of emotional anguish seem to be weighing you down or

opportunity appears to be few the murmur in your heart which reflect your

innermost hopes and dreams are Priceless tell the world that you have faith in

the plans that have been laid out for you that you are affected by these words

and that you have a spiritual connection never forget that nothing can ever take

away from my love for you you are valued and your faults are forgiven you are to

be inspired by this divine inspiration to dream large and pursue your goals

without fear of resentment or second guessing yourself I pray for patience

and trust but I’m ready to give you un AAG inable blessings it will be beyond

measure richer and restore to what you have lost it is normal to feel

uncertainty or pain but comprehend that I am here to support you and to let go

of all your worries and anxieties you have the responsibility to shine

brightly with kindness and love because you are my beloved child and you are

called to be an embodiment of light for thousands of people when you bow in

prayer love is all around you and is your savior I never doubt your victory

since you are a living example of my love I ask that you give me control over

your thoughts emotions spirit filled and heart you should feel free to sore

because I will always be at your side arranging for the right individuals to

enter your life and arranging for the proper roads to take why do success know

that I am lifting you out of any dissatisfaction and pointing you in the

direction of Joyful adventurous Visions this Monday morning keep your faith

strong because you have what it takes to succeed in big things say yes to the

path I established for you as it holds the possibility of conquering challenge

es of all kinds from deaths to illnesses and discovering Serenity among life’s

challenges keep in mind that God never deserts his beloved I love you I see the

potential in you and I keep giving you courage and Tranquility I still call you

and I implore you to find your inner spark of divine Destiny you already

possess a wealth of blessings and I can’t wait to reveal to you the depth of

my affection and Assurance know that my dedication to blessing you is unwavering

even if things seem to be going off course this month rest in my affection

while you’re feeling uneasy please leave a amen comment if you agree

demonstrating your faith and my capacity to improve your financial security and

spiritual Direction negative thoughts must be rejected since there is a

significant change happening and your fight is almost over I recognize the

challenges you face but I also see your potential for tremendous development and

Recovery you will greet every day prepared to welcome life’s blessings if

you follow the lead of the Holy Spirit remain strong in your faith and never

forget how much I adore you you can use the following affirmation as a guide I

treasure you as my Lord and I depend upon your continuous leadership and

assistance please show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting and

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