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God is speaking to you right now he will

give you happiness in addition to a few

more things because he is delighted

although it may seem like you’re losing

this is inaccurate despite all of my

vows to you I’m always guiding you it

will all have been worthwhile to have

you along for the Ry and you’ll be over

Joy you will benefit from newly revealed

cards and accurate paths even even

though you don’t realize it yet you will

no longer suffer everybody in your life

will be all right and you will get more

connected to your loved ones and your

dreams it’s acceptable to feel exhausted

when things appear quite Bleak even when

others may have high

expectations as you gain strength your

adversaries will become perplexed I will

abundantly bless your table you are

precious and beloved by God in my

opinion you’ve already conquered so much

nobody can stop you when others

anticipate awful things I’ll give you

the strength to overcome even the most


circumstances I’m willing to protect you

so don’t be afraid of losing when

difficulties arise or supplies run low

nobody should be afraid with a sense of

true love and peace face life remind

yourself that this is a temporary moment

in your life stay on this path where you

are genuinely loved and never forget

where you started praise me God loves

you in a compassionate and patient way

give up trying to be Flawless and stop

being afraid give me your entire

attention and have complete faith in me

say these phrases and have faith in your

heart if you failed in the past and

offering up and lost stuff this year be

mindful of your daily activities and


responsibilities remember that spreading

the word of God is your mission you’ll

remain strong led by my hand While

others may become disoriented and

disoriented instead of complaining put

confidence and hope in me in your dreams

your life will significantly change if

you continue to believe in the advice I

provide I have been molding your life

with love Creation With Care even though

life might be difficult at times I’m

here to support you and provide you

comfort when needed never forget that

I’m here for you while you’re hurting

your life is going to alter dramatically

if you follow the recommendations that I

give make it your intention to share the

good news of Salvation with everyone you

are now more resilient as well as

powerful as a result of these

experiences there is a sea change this

year don’t stop praying while there are

War discussions with my assistance write

down each of the names of your loved

ones and keep on encourage your family

is see the potential for growth and

resilience during adversity by sharing

the goodness of God and faithfulness go

on with your everyday duties you should

know how much I adore you and how much I

wish to hear you declare your ability to

feel confident in my assistance and

wisdom I’m giving you a strong hug and

consolation from my Holy Spirit as I

always said to you and as I’ll repeat it

once more find hope when things are

difficult you’ve traveled far sufficient

to give up at this point refrain from

letting negative ideas prevent you from

being happy you should take advantage of

the chances I present to you under my

care I’ll make sure you develop and

develop there are hard periods in life

you must take time to pray and rest you

should spend quiet time in prayer to God

recall that the Creator respects you and

is going to rescue you from hopelessness

giving you the bravery to confidently

face every day avoid deing with negative

individuals and spend your time with

people that encourage and value you

never pay attention to voices or

negative thoughts that make you feel

inadequate I want want to perform

miracles in you and I welcome everyone

who have let me into their hearts don’t

allow any pessimistic thoughts to take

root instead cover your soul with hope

imagine that calm and light are filling

your subconscious and heart if you’re

depressed get up every morning full of

Hope to choose the correct route pay

attention to my advice never forget that

you have a decision to make between

being Furious regarding what you do not

understand and being in all the benefits

that are still to come I’m holding you

firmly and enveloping you in my watchful

care you may count on my unwavering

affection no matter what obstacles you

encounter type in and or dare to

express how Jesus has been gracious to

you every challenge is a CH chance for

you to deepen your faith and my answers

are frequently more effective than what

you have asked for God has control over

your future you’ll have the opportunity

to share my affection with others when

they notice your radiant face and your

calm contented demeanor people do not

possess enough information to judge you

so stop worrying about what people

believe you come come to me again and

again and I promise you that you will

overcome with the strength God provide

you the obstacles of Life won’t be able

to stop you from moving forward yes I’ll

fulfill my promise to you three things

to do today are to listen to Hope and to

Express gratitude you are destined for

greatness and to bring prosperity and

change to the people you care about your

timing is divine expressing gratitude as

great power your prayers seem lovely to

me I’m expressing my concern for you

through indicators remain composed don’t

shed tears over

miscommunications and don’t stress over

the path ahead you will feel at ease and

loved as you travel toward Triumph with

him you may have believed everything

thing was lost but don’t worry I have

enormous plans for you prepare yourself

for happiness for those who have loved

and sacrificed for you why who are

prepared to sacrifice everything for

your family’s safety you don’t need to

be afraid of death since I have defeated

it therefore hold on to your faith and

live life to the fullest have faith in

me to live lead the way at every turn I

have been keeping an eye on you guiding

you and placing supportive people in

your life I was there for you no matter

what even if you might have lost hope

due to setbacks or individuals

disappointing you every obstacle you

face and every stage of the journey is

designed to strengthen you you are a New

Hope given by the Eternal BAS on what I

have said disregard those who attempt to

undermine you you didn’t get here by

yourself therefore keep in mind those

who have assisted you many people

contributed and as a result of their

help you will have enough to support

others in addition to yourself open

yourself to receiving God’s love if all

the people who claim to love you

disappoint you never forget that I will

always always love you I pledge

Prosperity a happy family and the

fortitude to face every obstacle as a

unit to help you overcome Melancholy and

depression my love is here because I

chose you and because I love you I’m

optimistic about your future how much

I’ve changed you into a Child of Light

is something I want you to know you can

now perceive the world differently and

gain a deeper understanding of my love

for you I’m wishing you love and

blessings it gives you courage to

conquer all of your obstacles while

maintaining that you are in my love’s

light let me adore you and put your

complete trust in me I promise to always

be there for you and I genuinely mean it

since I am the one complimenting and

encouraging you

nobody is able to slander you or make

you feel humiliated let your life be a

reflection of wisdom and take a time to

realize the extent to which I’ve helped

you make it shine and Inspire others by

becoming a source of inspiration and

hope remain close to me and you will be

strong and nourished just like a plant

gets strength from being near water dot

just p was when is shoes Mount closed

your eyes and pay attention to what God

has to say you still have my ability to

work miracles I promise to continue

being of assistance by using my power to

heal and bring forgiveness and peace I

would like to preserve you remain Brave

and never forget that every difficult

moment an obstacle carries a lesson to

be learned to do not be afraid just as

stars shine brightly in the dark because

I love you and will always be there for

you for everything I am your father

experiences that test your faith and

reassure you that your fears and issues

will pass or valuable are you loving and

believing in me if you ever need

assistance please don’t hesitate to

contact me you become nearer to me each

time you ask for assistance recognition

which or pray with conviction I’ll show

you how to improve things hope Never

Dies even when you feel lost or confused

more than you may ever know I’m here for

you at all times supporting and loving

you all freedom is what you are called

to my god-given strength Will Comfort

you that you have done enough tonight

and you will sleep soundly the leavs

that portray you as inferior should be

rejected your life now has value because

of me owing to my love and power you can

overcome your apprehensions and face

whatsoever ages in your path with

courage every circumstance can be

handled by you I love you I watch over

you and I will be with you at each turn

on your road do not neglect that avoid

being sidetracked by the State of

Affairs of the outside world hold my

hand and remain attentive I’m in your

heart and beside you whenever things get

tough you’ll be all right my blessings

are near for the time being only between

us don’t share your thoughts with anyone

else as they might not be understood you

might not believe in miracles but they

do happen telling me I love me makes my

heart Happy your words whole tremendous

meaning dot my admiration for you knows


bounds sometimes you may feel

overpowered but have faith in me I have

Limitless power that Darkness cannot

Quench and that idea has allowed doors

to open that were before blocked

individuals who previously didn’t value

will be began to understand it I knew

you would be here before you were even

born I am aware of all you desire and

envision never forget that I am the

source of all these beautiful things

stop believing that you accomplished

things on your own by yourself it is my

sacred word that holds the key to

Blessings hold it near to your heart as

you gain knowledge about it with faith

the last word goes to me and I’ll heal

you God will help you maintain your

happiness in his presence if you trust

him with your plans you will be more

prepared to accept his benefits and your

faith will become deeper through the

goodness of God find your steadfastness

in the dark your song in the good times

and your solace in the bad I’ll support

you in being independent of other people

we’ll create new ideas together that

will take you toward a future in which

my love and light are even more evident

consider every day a step toward that

future I’ll be here to encourage and

assist you even if it doesn’t always


uncomplicated I hope you achieve all of

your goals and enjoy a prosperous life

filled with Endless Love keep in mind

you’re not doing this alone keep moving

forward and pursuing your dreams without

fear God knows what you need but he also

wants you to know exactly what you want

continue to seek for my assistance and

pray trust in my ability to lead and

Safeguard everyone put your faith in God

the Lord and your closest friend and

observe the fearo stay modest and

concentrate on the positive pray for

your loved ones and friends and use wise

thoughts to achieve your aims should

this Divine communication resonate with

you recognize it as an indication of

your growth and learning alongside him

akin to a tree planted near streams of

water obtaining sustenance and

perseverance given that he’s your entire

existence Jesus is prepared to bring

about major changes in it accept your

faults and face the reality about who

you are and let him lead the way instead

of depressing you this encounter is

meant to invite you to see obstacles in

a new light and to commence the process

of realigning your will with his as of

right now you’ll have a fresh

perspective on everything

and won’t let anyone bring you down or

understand poorly of you because they’ll

have to face off against Christ Heaven

is aware of your uncertainties and your

cries for bravery strength Serenity and

safety for the word of the Lord is

inscribed in your heart so it is

imperative that you remain near him feel

his unrelenting affection for you if you

choose to believe believe if you do do

it with all your strength you will begin

to see more of his generosity each day

and experience a sense of security in

knowing that you are constantly under

his protective care within his arms

nothing can hurt you because you are his

beloved child God was with you in your

prayers providing protection and

equipping you to get through challenges

by training you to maintain your

composure and stability in the face of

hardship he seeks to free you from the

bounds of hopelessness you transcend

conquer ship as a result of his might if

you want to stay out of the dark listen

carefully to what he is saying and heed

his advice I appreciate that God has

sent you this message his promises are

ingrained in your heart and he has given

you you courage and gladness today put

your anxieties aside and accept these

gifts to deepen your spiritual life have

faith in him because he is constantly

there loving and throughout the process

you at every moment accept my words with

confidence which is divided and I will

use dreams and Visions to show you

amazing things come sit with me for a

moment if you you have become lost in

misunderstanding and depression you have

greatness in store for you trust bravery

and stick with me the vows I made to you

are still fresh in my mind when the time

comes I’ll see to it that your prayers

receive a response you’ve been

anticipating my presence and my voice

with great

anticipation I am here to reassure you

that the future will be be better full

of special gifts joy and health despite

others who try to sabotage your plans

maintain your faith with pry you are

familiar with the voice that speaks and

the aspiration I have bestowed upon you

aspiration brimming with lofty goals and

intentions for not only yourself but

also every member of your family

including those who are unborn I am

aware A Ware of how stressed and

burdened you are I’m asking that you

give me all of your worries because of

this please put me first in your

thoughts and emotions never worry about

what people think of you or whether they

let you down you are strong because of

me and I encourage you to have a stress

related and sadness free lifestyle now

is the moment to Triumph and obtain the

blessings I I have stated to be

receiving a happy and successful future

this does not imply that you will feel

pressured to speak negatively or falsely

rather I am providing you with fresh

opportunities pardoning your previous

inaccuracies and stiring you in the

right direction of success I cherish

genuine sincerity and

spirituality more than super IAL

manifestations your destiny a road

brimming with affection happiness and

Tranquility is my blessing tell your

loved ones and Friends these words if

they need inspiration for confronting

the days to come with trust and

confidence kindly like and share this

video to demonstrate your faith if you

agree with this message everything is

set up so you might enjoy my blessings

and be freed from the weight of the past

and troubling Recollections your release

is almost here I wish you the best of

luck as you pursue new adventures and

lofty goals you can look ahead to the

years to come with confidence because

you know that your faith in me will see

you through challenging situations there

will be ups and downs but you’ll find

Solace and Serene natural settings I

will soothe your spirit while offering

you the fortitude to get over your

previous setbacks my greatest gifts to

you are hope Serenity and CH which is

why I come here every morning I’ll take

away your Sorrow by hearing about your

challenges letting Grace shine through

your heart and turning your life into a

lighthouse for others write

amen and share care if you believe that

the Lord has promised to deliver you

from obstacles and bring Fortune into

your possession recall that

imperfections are a part of my design

for you and you will eventually locate

my blessings easily in the face of the

incomprehensible I offer you empathy and

patience as I guide you through Destiny

understand that there is continually

fresh opportunity

for my kindness and assistance even in

your darkest hours when pain and Gloom

surround you my admiration for you never

wavers and leads you to tranquility and

calm there are changes coming meet them

headon Fearless knowing that even in the

face of adversaries you’ll be at ease

and surrounded by Tranquility I can

demonstrate my love and safeguarding

quality ities to you when you spend time

in the company of me concentrate on me

and the final destination I have in

store for you my love is unfailing and

provide strength in the face of

difficulty with my help people are

powerful than you think in Dimensions

that others may not even notice if this

message resonates with you please

forward it to someone who could use some


be assured that you will be lifted to a

realm of abundance and

tranquility and that those who oppose

you will face retribution negativity

cannot touch anyone have faith in my

position to turn things around for you

and have belief in the Plenty that

enables you to assist individuals when

you walk with me you will be immune to

criticism condemnation and defeat as

your protector I’ll guide you to calm

Waters allay anxieties and make sure

your blessings continue safe these

blessings though they may appear in

plain shapes are significant however so

accept them with delight and humility

now is the moment to live out your

life’s Mission and spread my love

throughout all of humanity trust with

all your heart that I will always stand

up for you and promise to protect you

and your dreams with my tenderness and

devotion continue centered around my

instructions as each day serves as

evidence of my love and concern I want

you to be happy and confident about your

bath every morning when you wake up

allow my love to fill you during times

of loneliness even though you may seem

like just another person to them others

are able to detect the Holy Spirit

throughout you recall that I have great

affection for you and that nothing can

change the objectives that I have for

you as a result I am deeply involved in

your personal affairs your dedication

and your drive to do better will prove

that you are meant for happiness and

contentment I am your guardian in making

sure that you are safe comparable to an

Illumination in the dead of night that

leads others home knowing that I am

continuously here for you is what gives

you true strength not dodging obstacles

choose your partners carefully and

maintain a pure heart mind and spirit

your reward for following my road

Faithfully is this innocence I went

through a lot but I thought you was

going to come along because I believed

in your potential now is the moment to

have complete faith in oneself despite

the seemingly difficult path ahead

remain persistent while facing

challenges and resist the urge to quit I

have great ideas for you and I am

positive that we will succeed

perseverance of vital quality has been

created by your struggles preserve the

gems that are your love Hope and Faith

take care not losing sight of exactly

what is really important making a

difference in the world by constantly

trying to get better have no fear of

anyone and put all of your love and

confidence in me give me all of your

love and witness how my direction

transforms your everyday life thank you

for being a part of this journey your

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