⭕God is waiting to connect with you right now…???? | God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now the more deeply everything will benefit us

the more I hear the quietly speaking of your heart’s desires for therein rests

the message of my love during this process will start to notice their

opportunities a clearer route is made possible by thankfulness if you Embrace

This Heart claiming the wonderful things with the type one sends an authoritative signal to the

universe God is speaking to you to dat

, never question the benefits of the Universe I will dependably guide you

toward your destiny of greatness gratitude will keep you anchored both

physically and spiritually as I have demonstrated when I have chosen a family

for you do you have your eyes open you live up to your name by doing as I say

it is vital to hear the coal of an ancient unshakable determination to turn

to God even if you’ve veed please accept my prayers you are still wanted loved

and forgiven by God even in the depths of your despair he hears your petitions

though things could have gone differently your way today tomorrow might be better if you believe in

yourself and live a life of thankfulness and acceptance type

your Good Vibes will draw good things into your life expressing

thankfulness for time unites us with the cosmos fostering Assurance God commands

you to pursue your goals establish meaningful and dependable connections

and relish a life full prosperity health happiness and family better things are

coming a major development is imminent take the time to

comprehend that money may be used as a tool for happiness and personal

development God has a purpose for putting that aspiration in your heart

you have grown resilient in the face of adversity if you are a god-loving

subscriber to our Channel get ready for your impending blooming and brightness

forever hold fast to my love my beloved kid it is crucial to live a life of

faith today based on a basic yet profound fact please select yes if you

are move to forward this video to nine other people say the savior is Lord of

the universe to help us in our work and put your trust in God I want you to put

put all your worries in God’s capable hands since you are my beloved children

give him all your worries and observe how he is working out his plan for you

frequently the individuals we have harmed hold the answer even though we

might not completely understand why God nonetheless pardons us a different story

one of recovery Prosperity well-being and plenty will soon soon be told by you

recall that there’s always a reason for delays and detours new chances arise

from worry enabling you to pursue your dreams in spite of obstacles you are now

stronger and more abundant than before able to meet not just your own needs but

also the needs of others at all times thank you for sending a strong signal to

the Cosmos on behalf of individuals you have assisted this change much awaited

will prove that you’re headed in the right direction all forms of energy have

the ability to attract and materialize into abundance imagine that you are in a

place where people are saying good things about you and where all the

challenges you face have been overcome always remember that I am here for you

my kids allow everything to come to pass in the perfect timing and Harmony relish

the good fortune that is coming your way and make decisions that go beyond the

opinions of others a meaningful and full existence is the result of your pure

heart drawing good things into your life permit God’s grace to work its

transformational effect like a gentle breeze never give up hope he is always

at your sigh providing Heavenly assistance so that you might fulfill

your aspiration express your gratitude to those who mattered to you and have

faith that better things are on the horizon the cosmos is trying to tell you

that you have a big surprise in store recognize the wealth in your life and

adopt an attitude of thankfulness in his own words I am the existence the

righteousness and the pathway if something is meant for you have faith

that nothing will stand in the way of your advancement if not realize that God

will bear your sorrow and anxiety you will be able to hear my soft advice in

the silence pointing you in the direction of your goal good things come

your way because of your clean heart look to God he teaches you and important

lessons on every Adventure when needed experience healing and miracles your

life is improving because of God who is showering you with blessings I hold a

magnificent map in my hands full with adventures and possibilities for you to

follow you’ll receive every day favors and Marvels so Rejoice now join me in

prayer father was a pro you are my shield with your affection I guard both

my body and psyche Proverbs tell us that when unlimited love is present healing

occurs across every aspect of your life he will fortify you and assist you in

overcoming each obstacle that comes your way even when you want to give up you

have this God on your side the time is almost here for your financial

breakthrough even though you’re not sure how blessings are on the way it is he

who bestows to you the capacity for success I will turn your challenges into

opportunities if you remain strong and unwavering in the face of adversity come

join us in prayer Lord I respectfully request for your assistance in my

situation your every deed Bears witness to the divine purpose that lives inside

you light up the world you require the thing that I have given you there is

stuff for you to do you have been granted many blessings in life as a

result of your faithfulness have faith that good things will come your way

everything will improve the more you welcome change God’s words to you are an

extremely important topic that goes along with this change do we actively seek his guidance or are

we only Spectators on the road through life keep your spirit from giving up

keep your mind from persuading you that you are not deserving of his favor

accept the root that he has for you today and diligently carry out his

instructions it’s important to pay attention and open up emotions can

impair our Judgment at time s but keep in mind that the rewards increase with

difficulty of the journey he will provide for all of your needs because he

is a kind Shepherd you will always be surrounded by his goodness and affection

you were made for a purpose you were not made to be an observer I pray that as

you embark on this new chapter in your life you would sincerely seek God’s

direction to cause Cosmos is pushing you to anticipate and be enthusiastic about

what lies ahead remember that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

therefore resist the urge steer clear of bad relationships addictions and outside

influences your guardian angels will lead and shield you you’re going to have

an incredible journey ahead in ways you never expect it God will provide you joy

prosperity and healing keep following the instructions of the Lord your God

say not less as for both myself and my house we will be dedicated to the Lord

Our God and maintain your hope this heavenly favor will soon be unlocked

through blessings remember this as my proclamation to you as you get closer to

realizing your Destiny sink your life with the will of God to support your

journey every component needs to work together I have an endless amount of

love for you and you are immensely adored take advantage of this great joy

and set out on an adventurous Adventure count everyone you come into contact

with today as a blessing I hope you have lots of unexpected happiness today I

your steadfast comrade empowering and Advising you at every turn accept your

mission and take bow action turning the band my darling child may you fully

accept that what he has promised is more important than what you see recall that

magic is being created highlighting you are being reminded by the Divine to take

your time take great care and selecting what enters your room the prayer for

someone looking for happiness is Lord purify my heart and free me I wish you

happiness and contentment in your life recall the words of God and Jeremiah

– for I know the plans I have for you which imply hope and prosperity morality

and empathy are critical and both professional and interpers

interactions thought by emphasizing the value of Supernatural support Romans

exorts us to not handle life’s challenges on our own by going through

hardships you will discover your actual potential and come out stronger closer

to God beyond our wildest expectations blessings flow from our relationship may

you now be bathed in the light of the Lord who will lead you in the right direction

remaining true to oneself takes precedence over trying to win others over as the Angels tell you the

statement God I am your benevolent provider expresses confidence in God’s

Supply life sometimes involves waiting but at these moments we need to remain

steadfast in our faith and put our trust in God’s perfect timetable you will

progress in the most important areas and Achieve success in your love and

spiritual lives in the upcoming months remembering the past should not

interfere with your current or future if you believe that God has a Flawless plan

for your prosperity and that his timing is perfect type

moving forward and Faith entails confidently facing every

obstacle understanding that it presents a chance for development never forget

that escaping and pleasant circumstances is a step toward your well-being imagine

Rich fantasies where money comes to you without any effort one potent statement

of preparedness to accept God’s blessings is today I am open to

receiving we are reminded in Proverbs to that the Lord’s blessings bring

Prosperity without tears keep in mind that God is at work in the background

for your good during Quiet Moments Faithfully rely on God’s unwavering love

as he is constantly striving to accomplish his Divine Purpose for your success God I trust you is a prayer for

the patient recognize that according to Matthew

you will get whatever you ask for in prayer and with faith occasionally

before your prayers are answered God has to act in the life or circumstances of

someone else have faith in God’s perfect timing to bring about both healing and

substantial Financial Miracles when needed allow the amazing and miraculous

changes that God’s love can bring to your life may he alter any situation so

that you might feel his transforming love when riches appears in your life

put your faith in God because he keeps his word amen God occasionally permits

adversity to impart wisdom on you make a difference in people’s lives by using

your wealth and give him your whole submission along with mending the tense

relationship between you and your loved ones he is setting you up for new

prospects watch with patience as God’s plan for your life comes to pass if

you’re convinced type to several of you I know do I am

grateful for your belief following your dreams and satisfying your desire for

that special someone are the topics of today’s sermon he is sensitive to your

prayers and believes that I have already initiated a Heavenly plan for your life

replete with blessings and unanticipated employment prospects by being humble you

may gauge your achievements and keep in mind the source of your blessings let

thankfulness guide you to a place where fear will not be necessary as you set

out on this abundant trip tomorrow will be better your life is filled with new

relationships if the present you’ve been given is recognized type

during this season God will not withhold any blessing from you in order

to demonstrate how spirituality can change your life in unexpected ways

Joseph was elevated from a position of incarceration to a position of authority

remember that with faith and optimism anything is possible living a life

beyond your expectations is possible when you trust the path that has been set out for you

then Christ declares I’m going to be your head Shepherd if challenges appear

overwhelming never lose faith in the potential of your aspiration God says

you are about to go through a significant transition and start a new

chapter in your life if you believe you have the right to Inner Serenity in the

face of uncertainty please comment reaffirming our faith in God let us work

for our objectives and plan for the future his support and love will become

evident when we let go of our grip on our suffering don’t forget that even

though you weren’t aware of it God gave you the ability to endure even though

there are obstacles in your way your dreams are real and meaningful God is

sending angels to support you and give you new possibilities since he is aware

of every requirement you have for growth why should I worry when he is aware of

every hair on my head he has you covered to confirm your faith that God is

bringing back what was lost and empowering you to face any challenge

with kindness and compassion like this message opportunities observe what

passes and what remains he tells you to keep moving forward he sees your

strength and the deliberate weaving together of your existence in the name

of Jesus you input one to claim it type I am conquered to assert that great

things are ahead mentally go through your everyday progress it is true that God says he has

heard your petitions hold on pay attention to his advice and navigate the

choppy waves of life though your promotion may not be visible right now

there are options in your future that could change your life and help you move

past the painful memories I’ve watched and suffer long enough your financial

difficulties are disappearing into the past right now you are creating space

for wise choices that will change your life he is working in your life and

curing your diseases the thing you’ve been hoping for is about to arrive

continue to be thankful and show them your love remind me that you are in

complete control of things when I am not sure what the plan is is light can

penetrate through even the deepest recesses of your psyche he is putting

life into every part of your future and present all holding your hand at every

turn he sends his angels to lead you don’t allow shortterm difficulties

depress you they are just temporary think that you have already obtained

whatever it is that you have prayed for your happiness will radiate to everyone

around you friend you can rely on him since he has a remarkable plan for your

life great things are in store for you from him his Devotion to you never

wavers he wants to provide your life with opportunities for transformation

that are ready to burst forth as well as Serenity and comfort enter yes now to

confirm today’s benefits The crucial element is divine timing even at the

process isn’t always easy God’s plan is always best enjoy his presence in your

life much like you would if you came across a buried gem in a field accept

perseverance trust and resolve there is progress being made steer clear of drama

and negativity I have a positive influence on those around you and Shine

Your Light for others you may always count on me my dear recall the

discussions we had earlier knowing your heart and having a goal for your life or

what really count no matter how broken the world may be you are the greatest

gem array of sunshine and hope to keep informed about accepting God’s plan

which holds great things for you subscribe to our Channel and turn on

notifications like life is greater than the two requirements alone I am here for

you at all times giving you my undying support give it generously to others and

accept them the word of the Bible says for the creator has not provided us a

spirit of nervousness but of power and of love a hand of an intelligent mind

job however if you give all to me I’ll shower you with the future years Embrace

what’s around you is influenced by your thinking things are coming into your

life how you wait patiently aligning with the Divine brings forth Miracles

transform your doubts into understanding and your struggles become

testimonials I hope that this day marks the beginning of a new chapter in your

life one marked by spiritual Financial potential and physical growth rescue

from sin and hopelessness is provided by the Earth your surroundings your

limitations your prior failures should not define you this is a period of great

strength and opportunity I have a lot planned for you but there might be

someone else who isn’t ready yet for everything not anything has an intrinsic

value that is either good or bad how perception determines this I have

nothing but the best growth planned for you with no expectations of anything in

return say it with conviction and say it today accept that everything you’ve

experienced is preparing you for the future God has a prosperous and hopeful

plan for you you have encountered difficulties and setbacks along the way

that have molded you into the individual that you are today accept these

experiences express your gratitude and say thank you you will get your wish

that you have always wanted you were evolving into the person you had always

desired along this path you are entering a new phase of life that will be marked

by plenty financially spiritually and physically forget about your situation

your constraints and your past mistakes this is a time of great

strength and development you have something amazing in store for yourself

but it might involve people who aren’t quite ready the value of life is derived

from our interpretation of it it is neither intrinsically good nor bad

declare today that you expect the best in every circumstance dance tend that

you believe it all that you’re going through setting you up for the outcome

that you requested there is hope for the future in God’s plan for you

difficulties and roadblocks are just markers on the path to becoming the

person you were always meant to be you’ll discover that you’re headed

straight toward obtaining everything that is intended for you if you accept

as assistance along with the path you will see Miracles when you have faith in

my Divine timing and provision despite the occasional reaction that seeps into

your thinking and challenges your faith enter the Bountiful goodfill abundance

that lies ahead of you recall that while some individuals may disagree with your

path there are vital Professionals in the world like Physicians and and

attorneys you are shielded by the power of Jesus atonement I the god of your

life speak specifically to you dear child when faced with uncertainty or

fear leap to the blessings that are presented and have faith that the Divine

guidance will cover you with love and care that is unwavering I intend to give

you and your family and friends the gifts of prosperity PL

and good health so not everyone is meant to accompany you on your journey please

know that I am always here for you from my heart to yours Prosperity will take

the place of financial hardships bringing positive effects and Good Karma

you will find both healing and fulfillment as well as the ability to

open closed doors and achieve your goals do thank you you if you are a follower

of Jesus and want to encourage others to walk in his light like this video

Embrace his love cling to him and know that he won’t ever leave you please give

me the strength I need because without you I feel frail and helpless Embrace

profound changes and fresh chances to smile and love freely and without

building barriers around it rekindle your dreams and ask for forgiveness for

previous transgressions putting all your faith and my steadfast determination to Grant

your most Ardent wishes your strength comes from me saying I love you and

embracing the path as it unfolds are not something to be afraid of remember that

he is by your side at all times through all the ups and downs in spite of your

uncertainties and fears about the future it is my goal to lessen your burdens

remember that tomorrow is a new day so hold fast to your faith elevate your

aspiration and Trust in my heavenly scheme as it is filled with meaning and

opportunity for each person he understands the reason behind your suffering and the difficulties you face

and he works in your favor pointing you in the direction of life knowing that

you have excellent things in store for me I place my confidence and hope in you

on your behalf blessings never forget that money is more than simply stuff

it’s a tool for making the world a better place face it with thankfulness

and observe as gifts rain down on your life making all of your dreams come true and

filling you with joy in the midst of life’s chaos I will provide you Clarity

and peace assuring that you are backed by the steadfast presence of God you are

intimately connected to his heart while you are at his sigh I pray that God

gives you a really Serene and pleasant experience that you will never forget

things are coming your way opportunities and people alike improving your life it

continues we should think about how a farmer patiently waits for the precious

products of the Soul as Physicians and soldiers never forget that God alone has

the power to Grant you eternal life but only if you put him first in your life

God is happy to bestow upon you blessings joy and plenty a Divine

advancement is on its way enter this this shall additionally pass to serve as

a reminder that there is hope even during difficult circumstances trust in

God to accomplish the seemingly impossible he is going to work a miracle

in your life giving you not just Solace and joy but also a means of giving back

to the community you’ll encounter challenges along the way some minor and

un important at first but all contributing to a bigger goal please

show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our

channel do the affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen

thank you for being a part of this journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would like to

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