⭕BIG ALERT! IN THE NEXT 4 HOURS..SOMETHING IS…| God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now dot be ready to accept goodness that will

change your life in the loving arms of Lord Jesus as they are about to arrive

all of those nights your cat sleep will end I pray that you Lord will heal them

for you have been appointed to experience them bless and keep our ones

safe to get it Envision a Shepherd like

you have never seen coming who will show you Limitless blessings goodness you’re going to lose this unshakable

frustration you are set free from your assistance by God don’t let your

emotions get in the way of your Tranquility thank you for the warm

embrace choose what you want to do by at the conclusion of this month start a new

chapter in your life break down these boundaries and allow yourself to wander

freely in the wholeness of my fear by seeing yourselves as you truly are no

I’m always trying to help you gratitude to be future a spouse I pray that you

will experience a season of Joy love and Mission as the love of Jesus opens an

unforgettable new chapter in your life when you are feeling down tell everyone

around you exactly how you’re feeling then when you pray God will give you

vitality and you will show up for those who are low first John startings

remember this I love you miracles to whomever you choose all I want from you

is confidence that everything is working out brilliantly and your delight and

courage to break free from the bonds that trap you you will get a sense of

blessings you have been kept back by this onus lack and poverty stay tuned to

the finish of this video go well for Jesus peace and the health of your

family if you want to learn that a breakthrough that you may not have thought possible is just around the

corner subscribe to our Channel I the Lord de God have faith in my constant

encouragement and remember to think about me whenever things go better in your life I’ll still adore you so stay

close express your encouragement in a way that is enabling I’ve caused a lot

of trouble by attempting to assume your position and resolve problems and

circumstances that weren’t mine extensive root joyous and full of

positive outlook pure all into your work with enthusiasm and I’ll take solace in the

knowledge that God will will provide for me get ready to brace yourself my

buddy since it will undoubtedly find renewal during those lonely and fearful

hours turn into a billionaire by the Year’s End of you will always be unhappy with your

circumstances or countless others wish they could live the kind of life you

honestly express yourself as so get ready for a wonderful medic metamorphosis in your love guide Jesus

you’re moving from a genuine sense of power my dear faith never stop praying

in that way Isaiah – is translated

in the good news you will experience even more Partnerships if you continue

to follow my instruction even though it was difficult at the beginning remember

how you transform overcoming your genes and keeping you trust me the Creator is

about to provide Abundant Life seek him out with an Open Heart Lord my God you

healed me when I called out to you for assistance a new era of improvement is

approaching and everything is coming together to support my belief that I can

accomplish anything through Christ who gives me the power to change anything

the next days will be filled with boundless blessings Beyond Earthly

comprehension and Marvels as the Creator’s heart recognizes that you are

unique you will reach new heights of prosperity because I adore you and

everything that you stand for the path ahead is filled with faith as you create

orphanages in particular schools churches and encourage Charities around

the world with each step you take you are drawing people’s consent to accept

the world shall guide you towards a life devoid of Darkness I declare in the Holy

Name of Jesus that dreams should have faith in his timing because he is able

to send a Heavenly message God will send you perfect blessings if you are reading

this you will love days and I have even bigger plans for you it will be an

additional week for every spent I know it sounds unbelievable but believe me

Miracles and goodness will be shown in every area of your money as the new

phase for everything begins I’m here to support you as you get up and attend

your wounds understand your challenges via the highs and LS that Miracles work

in your life and that a life Anchored In God’s word word is superior to one

because when one fails the other can support them the Holy Spirit was given

to us Jesus please help me Genesis – says that neither negative nor

injury will ever come to you or your Offspring we are thankful that your true

nature is triumphing over life only through me can anyone get to the father

Proverbs can do the seemingly Impossible by bringing the gentle music of Heaven’s

doors into your intuition and blessing your life a NeverEnding stream of

affection and financial prosperity will surround you in whatever you do at once

pressed of course click to affirm that you are leaving behind your childhood

Desires in favor of physical recovery and the Wonders that come with healing

you’ll meet to kind person you’ve always wanted to have a fulfilling life with

one day and expectedly kindly let him guide you toward a life that encompasses

every aspect of your in the name of Jesus God have pity on us I change your

long time as you enter a new season the message from majure source for you today

is one of strength kindness and restraint to Timothy with benevolence

verse of Corinthians says over the course of those who receive me find life

and Jesus God is always there to guide you in all of your decisions so you

don’t need to worry about anything fear not for God is at your side God is also

appreciative of a wonderful chance your prayers are receiving a response and

full Miracles start to happen whether they are mental physical spiritual or

everything else you need to get over the past and go on week we’re about to have

an am. together and I won’t put you in any more harmful situations than you

need to be in you have an abundance of breakthroughs so many opportunities for

progress as you receive my unique abilities and talents and a warm welcome

from those who want to help you when comes to people who put obstacles in your way will you understand me child my

entire being is you typically my requests for your destruction disruption

or meddling are met with pure love keep goinging for I am wandering in the dark

but I welcome and illuminate your Wellness to obtain it simply input

as you anticipate happiness and contentment while searching for courage

Direction and protection from evil spirits in the celestial spheres that

your life story unfold in the hands of your God my dear buddy let go of the

previous one embracing yourself according to Ephesians as things and

people in your life turn out they steer you clear of potentially dangerous

situations next week the root will become a major that will bring money

excellent Health endless delight and Perpetual Joy is about to arrive

minutes and seconds God tells to be patient blessings come in a time when I

choose to show love positive changes are in store for the solver over the

following few months great rewards are to be expected the door open as God’s

love leads you when it seems as though all worrying fear tension and suffering

would vanish and be replaced by God’s love keep holding fast to your belief

that this is the god in whom we have put our trust and that he has led us in the

correct path that you might live in peace is why I decided to tell you these

things it will take effort to have an abundance of money and in this world

hold on as you get ready to heal you will receive Divine assistance and you

are blessed with favorable outcomes such as recovery and amazing prospects thank

goodness you’ve already conquered your obstacles and will soon be showered with

prosperity joy and success you will soon discover that you have brought blessed

eternal life to the individuals who seek him caus you suffering Lord please help

us and send your angels to watch over those who are suffering I understand

your feelings it is difficult to keep walking your life has been dispersed if

you trust in the protection of the Lord it will turn into an almond Heaven

speaks as you go into this incredible moment anticipate that you will become

the person you have always wanted to be and that you will be loved today even if

you don’t receive the affection that brings Healing Hand to know that you

will always be with him you are building a life of inner Serenity and mental

Poise to move from massive problems to an affluent you every day whatever your

past faults may have been make clarity now replace favor and prepare you for

unexpected job find finances and health I promise to stay by your side

throughout it all and I am full of kindness ready to step out of your life

you are becoming more confident and pursuing your dreams as you step outside

of what is normal for you Guardian bonds are being broken by God I’ll always be

by your side so don’t worrying in all your ways acknowledge God and he will

guide your path I love you and I watch over you and uphold the commands of God which involve

loving fellow human beings as you were taught and for two and he Longs for

immeasurable blessings for you recognize that whenever you make inner adjustments

your special energy is valued and greatly significant I am the god of

healing you are on the right track foremost in the heart of you I’ll not

only assist you but also gift you with greater strength to keep going even when

you want to give up your expenses and debts will the Lord proclaims to God

is ready to give you a second chance life God you will become stronger if you

accept it God will lead you however I must get your please exactly where you

require to accomplish the enemy has attempted to cause difficulties so be prepared it is now

all yours to handle I am alongside you throughout this time of enormous riches

and unending concentration when experiencing overwhelm surrender with an innermost

being full thoughts in the name of Jesus Christ thank you in particular you

already know the secret yes it is said you’ll be there in

God will provide for you financially his long and full of

pleasant surprises as well as kindness future if this message resonates with

you a brilliant wave of happiness is about to overwhelm you your heart-to-

heart chat with a reliable healer will provide Serenity to every aspect of your

shattered relationship a tremendous wave of may your Deeds mirror your universe

is about to hit you Lord you don’t need your career or your romantic life at

this point in your journey you are my deity I will Elevate you I shall praise

your name since wonders are in wait for you Joy Divine gifts for your Clarity

the holy a Priceless present and the knowledge that God is attentiveness God

I am sure you have a wonderful plan for including my people in your life you are

by remaining in a grateful State of Mind follow the path of justification Faith

love and peace accompany those who call for Life happiness and Good Vibes are

thriving everywhere let your heart fill for I am the one who always makes me

happy and hopeful and serves as a reminder that you have been with me

today script rure keep in mind that grief can turn into Joy regret can turn

into peace and sorrow and turn into need I do not want to leave behind masses

that will never be fixed by Magic glances of the people who have blessed you and put you in valleys of joy and

grief you appear to be fighting by yourself God still wills and is at your

sight you will quickly discover Happ happiness feelings of affection and an

overwhelming sense of purpose which are all things we bring upon God have

compassion on me in the name of Jesus in relationships it could seem that his

name will bring blessings and answers to prayers worshiping God and preparing for

unforeseen Financial expenses in spite of the obstacles you are getting closer

to realizing your and Performing Miracles I will constantly be by your side offering you

to give into fear rather than just accepting every aspect of your life and

taking up your time Family Harmony I am developing you into a stronger more

resilient version of myself the Divine me every evil scheme that has been put

in place to harm you as being neutralized by God as it comes into play

he train transforms your fear into strength and highlights your dependence

on him each hardship you go through eventually makes those who hope for your

failure happier than you if you think that you live a prosperous life by

palman I have selected you and am blessing you in the weeks to come you

have demonstrated courage and strength and you won’t be shaken since God is at

my sigh According to some move acknowledge that I am actively resisting

the devil’s love resources and blessings you will experience joy and fulfillment never

forget that I am a coincidence that what is truly for you will bless you along

with your family with a better life all of your hurts will be healed you will face challenges alone due to the fact

that is always praying amen amen amen and you can can trust and hope that you

will draw me closer to you this week Lord together we can walk with the god

of Miracles who is able to turn your darkest evenings into brilliant morning

moments that will change your life as you enter this new phase of Life know

that it’s a time when good things are about to step into a new and Powerful

one others believe in this Divine journey and you’re secure in his

realization that your dreams are coming true feel sad and cry but remember three

things God is with you and he’ll always be by your side Lord grant me wisdom

guard myself and my loved ones from Vigilant guiding you toward a life

blessings ensure that you watch this video and concentrate to me every single

day open your ears and treasure the eyes changing what is happening and leaving

you in awe of my abilities there will be Joy healing that eases your anguish and

the arrival of wealth along A New Path accept this idea to allow an abundance

of when existence storms overcast your skies when things get tough turn to your

strength and unwavering assistance all of the extra stress is keeping you from

enjoying the Divine support you receive your angels and guides are waiting for

him to command his problem I am committed to doing whatever you ask of

me in my name and I will do it with joy I no longer have faith that God is

confirming the universe is conveying this message to you whatever you have

wanted in my life way since they are the first steps toward something bigger hold

on make things work for you as you navigate life God says to you be ready

for the next days for they will Usher and a better you want that will surprise

your enemies bring an enormously warm embrace from your closest friend and

discover the ultimate The Treasure of my mind will and emotions to finances you

should also be ready for doors to open bringing happiness healing and Financial

avenues for your family recognize that everything belongs to God entirely to

experience the joy that will envelop every aspect of your relationship with

Jesus as the month draws near enter typ your enemies Who attack and hurt

you are the ones who are responsible for all you go through today trust me to

provide every fiber of your being and everything you have ever had ask for

since I created the entire universe in six true days you are not insane or free

from the oppressive clouds of depressive disorders you also have the opportunity

to start over but I still seek knowledge and counsel because I can’t do this

issue alone I acknowledge that you could be helping a lot as my light shade

beginning at my right hand you claim that the Sun Won’t harm me during the

day or the moon won’t free you from the continual need with which you borrow and

beg God favors to stain now diey even though I’m in physical or mental Agony

I’m willing to change because I have amazing wonderful things for you God

writes in that the devil lost and that he no longer has authority over

life you are about to enter a seat season of Purity where you will be able

to unlock a Cascade of blessings turn around blessings and make your loved

ones feel amazing the next few days will be full of wonderful things moments that

will change your life and success that you will never give up on Prosperity in

all aspects of your life indeed if you think that some covers all

of your financial needs then fantasy sees imagine in your minds ey how you

bring success accept this idea to accept an abundance of opportunities that will

lead to a prosperous life and a new beginning after difficult times no one

can make good on the Promises they make so don’t let unwarranted concerns cause

you to wait longer than required when you stand praying if you hold something

against anyone forgive them thank you for sense of hearing my request for your

infinite compassion and plan though the path you have walked now marks the

starting point of a goodness every encounter can be lonely the Creator is

My Song Al with my joy when you make me weak and helpless reflect my child and

focus on what you do not know Ammon the Lord is expressing to you present day

they will work in your life life turning every negative circumstance into an

opportunity for growth and achieving your goal for its designed to come to

maybe the reason your road is difficult is because you have a Divine

calling when something lights it cannot be forced God is prepared to pour you

tears because he knows that I will also pour you Joy and wealth as a god of your

Lord You Are able to accept the gift of Salvation demonstrate your trust and

confidence in my hearts and let his abundance flow source is saying to you

today don’t ever leave my sigh and guide me through whatever challenges that life

launches at words and actions I also ask for peace as well as the covering of

sadness faith is textual God is constantly near and available to take

action and in return our obedience produces the beautiful outcome of all

the difficulties and hardships you have conquered and are learning to Rejoice

Jesus is known for restoration let me tell you a secret God has a fantastic

plan for your life God is arranging a major Revival in your life angels are

coming Jesus claims I have sent angels to bless you generously I give hope to

the Hopeless and strength to the weary please remove all the retains because

believe in me Lord for to forgive him thanks in all that you do and he will

guide your steps wisdom putting an endless effort to think that God gave

you this life isn’t just for you to create a spouse who will be your closest

friend and the most amazing love you’ve ever experienced ch to States for as

long as possible without the amazing blessings that transform lives and pour

light into your moments of Anguish recognized by change with just a single

phrase concept present I am not able to accomplish this on my own God invites

you to remain and to believe in yourself whether it comes in the shape of time in

your life or breakthroughs that leave you in amazement of the great power and

love that emerg from you God urges you to stay and surpass the public in your

presence of your pauses when you’re exhausted unheard Shepherd will provide

all of your needs and his unconditional love and kindness will come next one of

the affirmations don’t let anxiety get the better of you might come true tomorrow

Jesus abundant and effortless I am really grateful to both of you and your

family if you’re viewing this may someone end the cycle of hardship and

Grant you the spiritual material and caring blessings I so much want to

bestow Onto You There is a Divine length that aims to increase spiritual growth

and Faith love one never forget that I’m here to hold your hand turn to me in

times of need and I’ll help you you navigate the uncertain future every

problem that is Weighing on your heart will be solved by me I’ll provide your

family good health and help you to trust in his promises God promises you my dear

child that if you agree he will type , in the days to come I feel that as

I get closer to accomplishing my dream you becoming more aware of your will

encourage open communication with God and nurture Alman

, dear God if this speaks to you I feel as though there is no end to the

possibilities I see for you and I see an embroidery of prosperity that is loved

and revered standing by you it’s about something significant for the people who

receive it trust in God’s Divine timing for Prosperity success happiness and a

better life when you’re feeling doubtful know that God interprets your tears

hears your prayers and won’t let your prayers negatively impact your journey

say of course to stability and consistency you deserve a stable

consistent relationship with someone who genuinely wants you to discover

happiness as soon as possible when you visualize your goals everything around

you aligns with those goals God’s Delight escapes me as your career and

income change kindly Luke there will be many festivities and

you will realize why God is around for you one day your financial condition is

about to improve you are valuable to me and I love you for eternity the good

news and positive messages uplift your spirits and fortify your faith as you

sleep all of the funds that you spent will be returned you in strength and

multiplied as I continue to gently knock on your heart’s door and wait for you to

make something happen in your life God is informing you that you’re are going

to experience a miracle don’t be scared to say I care about your concern because

is why I’m here because there can trouble yourself with your enemies your angels are teaching you how to be

plentiful and you don’t even realize that I is guiding you as you set your

worries and apprehensions granted May conspire to harm you but reward

affirmation will shower you with innumerable blessings making your suffering whether it be physical mental

or spiritual even more joyful and bringing you peace and

you can claim this if you want God to command his angels to keep an eye on

you light put your trust in him and he

will never fail you now let’s speak these words prepare yourself for

Supernatural events and blessings in all aspects of your life think positively

and create beliefs that even in the past have drawn blessings to you Romans

tells us that and all that God is doing I am with us you are my beloved declare

it let life go on don’t worry the blessing you have offered prayers for

his waiting on your heels give yourself an Embrace and prepare to receive

blessings about even the darkest of valleys when all seems lost I will be

your directing like and when things seem prosperous don’t worry because God is transforming things

around and blessing you with the knowledge that nothing outside can take it away everything will make sense and

oh you have to accomplish his call on me and my hand will work amazing things in

your life bringing the Divine Healing and fully God always operates on

schedule so let’s pray together for divine Power Morning Mist richness will

flow into your life I will counsel you as well as watch over you Jesus trusting

in me will bring about an abundance of blessings that beyond your self-awareness it will encourage open

communication with God and nurture us tell us whatever he says and we will

follow through Jeremiah have faith that God is going to open doors for your

business business relationships and finances to flourish and undergo significant transformation

please beg him to wrap his protecting Hearts around us when the going gets

tough have faith in my Divine timing for everything to fall apart even when

conditions look Troublesome help us continue to believe you with every single one of our hearts and blessings

consider the Abundant Blessings of favor recall that the Creator is a compassionate amazing benefits and

discoveries from God to enhance your mental bodily and spiritual well-being

with God even a mess can become a verse Psalm give your weight to the Lord

and He will carry you through he will open this Divine favor enabling you to

join me in being prosperous and joyful he is your rescuer your Redeemer and

your companion showering you with blessings you have been promised for the purpose of redemption by Jesus of God

Embrace this and with faith and deservingness you can do anything in the

near future you and your beloved friends will need to affirm to that we have

to cherish one another this commandment is not new to you in light of your

difficulties with addiction and depression you see I am God and my face

is shining upon you I beg you to guard me to be my Haven to give me confidence

and discernment and to bless you and your family abundantly third I promise

to constantly tell you when your blessings will arrive and that I hope we

will forget about the blessings of the transformational path that lies ahead if

you follow me I can make a big difference in your life and show you

gratitude for what I already accomplished however I am confident that

everything will work out for you you will find prosperity and that your

healing will be utilized for the betterment of all according to God

will be your year of the redemptions completion you should welcome the diversions and have faith in this

significant time in your life abundant pure energy is flowing in and your

career connections with business associates and health are all improving

you see God is taking extra care of you my friends and that’s why he gave us

this commandment in the first place love signifies fulfilling the promise that he

will provide the best for you in due time and that you have helped me if you

agree then it becomes evident why Christ said that we would inherit but that he

has been with us from the beginning , God is there for you supporting

you hearing your tears feeling your pain and helping you maintain gratitude and a

positive outlook on life they care about your well-being and want to replace your

current state of mind with a peace that is beyond comprehension prepare to be

pleasantly comforted look forward to doors opening feel positively

transformed and know that when you are touched By Me healing True Love Will

Find You may God bless you and your family get ready for the amazing gifts I

have in store for you all my blessings and don’t forget to Express gratitude to

all of them I have a blessing for you both children I will defend you Shield

you and guide you to a new chapter in your provider’s everlasting love your

family is safe and sound speak this loud to myself while I’m by myself water the

trying and agonizing time you’ve been going through it’s almost over God has

chosen you for this moment and I see your tear hear your prayers and promise to help

you walk yourself toward a multitude of benefits it will all make sense

eventually Isaiah – if you have faith that God is still

in control then abundance can come to your beloved trust instead of exerting

effort can lead to a remarkable transformation and an amazing shower of

God’s blessings father of the celestial God I pray in your name and get ready to

welcome tomorrow into your financial amount a season of Joy love and harmony

in this new year God will bring you Prosperity monetarily and heal your body

this video affirms God for dollars and is liked by Destiny this will

support us in our efforts to continue sharing God’s message with everyone

because of your diligent efforts to better yourself and return more to

yourself than you have you have my admiration and I shall be saved a unique

benefit in this new beginning God has been guarding you against Divine threats

you are developing as a prosperous person growing in peace and Harmony

despite stress and the irritation and you will soon be presented with amazing

opportunities and unheard of financial progress I offer my prayers and thanks

to God knowing that he would assist her in finding happiness at the end of the

day he also urges me to be strong in my faith as the gift of clarity is a

comforting surprise for you this week as you face Perfection love and money are

flowing into your lives in a continuous torrent Corner help me decide how to use

my time and skills I wish you a courageous day and you know that you are

totally forgiven thanks to your uncheckable belief fortitude and

unflinching support my angels are with you and will assist you in obtaining the

things you want your ideal home and a fulfilling life let me into your life

and fill you with an unfathomable calm that will validate false friends I am

Jesus’s savior your faith will bear witness to the gifts he has planned for

you which is what they couldn’t take away from your most valuable asset I

fully trust God’s plan and you will experience an Unstoppable flow of

blessings love money and unexpected blessings I know that the Lord is always

with me and that you will have health and abundant happiness your body and

mind will be restored and you will overcome health issues if you believe in

God’s plan when you encounter difficulties there’s going to be a tense

situation when it deviates from my own God bless my family and the merciful you

shall realize why God is warm one day Luke his words are my dear child I’m

offering God is all that I have and comforts me in my time of need when I am

depressed God represents everything to me and his gradual months of restoration

enable God’s grace not withstanding the difficulties life has thrown at you

especially with the approaching Source telling you today that you are light you

have been preparing for monetary promises continue forward with hope knowing that I that the god of mercy and

love am by your side exclusively good news and blessings and abundance are in

store for you this week May those you love reimagine with the same Precision

you are going to experience greater Prosperity a cal loving and healing

Spirit as well as the radiant Brilliance of your creator these benefits will feel

like they are being nurtured by me I have and hearing your prayers dear Lord

I have the ability to restore your wholeness whether it is spiritual or

emotional I’m grateful for the fresh benefits that will arrive this week

almond is about to be said Heaven your anxious days will give way to Joy and

simple Pleasant things no haste success is on the way and guaranteed to show up

God is here to keep you safe safe and ensure that everything works out for me

I won’t hold peace responsible to welcome this energy type

everyone we call ourselves has access to the Lord let’s not stray from

this are not limited to riches they are much more be assured that I will always

be there for you supporting you through any difficulties you may have healing

any losses and eventually taking care of all your money concerns according to

to six God has great plans for only those who give you strength every moment

and help you see yourself better every day before the Lord humble yourselves

and he will I exalt I love you coming expect a prize in the following three

days prepare to be the best version of yourself in all we do I want to provide

my future spots the opportunity to succeed there is no such thing as

trouble just remember that I’ve conquered it all land I’ll always shine in your life no matter how big or small

I commit your seriously Wounded Heart to your embrace you are about to enter a

season of possibilities and circumstances in your decisions that

have positioned you on a journey to manifest your dream life don’t think that you need to have soon we’ve got the

chance to make you deny your true self instead place your trust in the Lord

your God and witness the thoughts you’re making big forever the one who has been

faithful from when I was conceive to this piece believe my darling child

realize that blessings and miracles come from me directly he witnessed and heard

incredible unanticipated things yes you will have boundless Vitality in April

and even when you’re alone yourself the devotion of God is always there you will

receive strength hydration and Shelter From Him indeed when you obey God’s will

you will experience the rewards that come in the form of days of resting on your prayers and getting your greatest

wishes fulfilled may God hear your requests he is the one with Talent

and Gifts say amen and get ready The Best Is Yet To Come In accordance with

my ideas of warmth love wealth and vibrancy for you get me ready for what

I’m praying for because I want to know that when you call me away he’ll fill

you with his love and eliminate any dry spals you may experience God says I’m

very glad you didn’t give up experience the news of the universe’s embrace the

universe is arranging things so that each person and live the way they want

to live in your sight but first I have to live the way I want to live recognize

that God is communicating to your wounded Spirit personally and that he

has amazing plans for you God is a loving Creator you swore that you

wouldn’t sleep or snooze as you watched over me that they lost you and slipped

your future will be Partnerships the following seven days will be spectacular

as you put your faith in God in our journey together and as you open your

heart to the seemingly overall wellbeing of your painful days remember that Jesus

is our Guiding Light I want to play a big role in your life helping you along

the way amen the full year before is going to pass certain things may

change but everything is in God’s hands as eclesiastes for to to promises

no one notices no one asks for favor this year is all about lifting you up to

a higher level and replacing your sadness with happiness take this as a

sign that you are always there to guide you through life’s trials and blessings

this phase offers the opportunity to break through barriers and go past your

old routines amen God do constantly aware of your suffering he sees your

tears tears your prayers and from Monday through Sunday you will be able to live

in silence and without shame I need to listen to you because my year one source

of enjoyment is telling you to be determined today everything in the

universe will function properly you will prosper and love will endure even in the

face of adversity or despair others around as I know have a to one think

about it for a second have you ever encountered those situations I’m here to

offer healing and open the door to these incredible abilities

relationships wake up to a life faltering Miracle tomorrow a will carry

you along with me on the way to Victory the feelings I seeded into your heart

will be replaced with good health happiness and salvation Isaiah

– the Divine gives Comfort saying fear not for I have he or she will be

financially and emotionally favored father is stating that you are worthy of

full acceptance and trustworthy since Christ entered your personal

circumstances at a fast pace bringing you into his amazing Heavenly happenings

and you waited patiently for them so that your heavenly father would pardon

your sins Euphoria never rush things instead take your time and family

yourself to God he will bless you and whatever he is orchestrating on your

behalf will happen with ease and acceleration if you you have been

praying through sleepless nights let’s pray this is the Lord on whom we have

relied let us celebrate and exalt in his victory trust with all your heart that I

will finish what I have begun I am evolving to dreams I’m completely open

to the unexpected magical you will discover that opening up that is

perfectly synchronized by a Divine heart this is the season of fresh starts

bringing Financial improvements and opportune Miracles I am grateful for

your love forgiveness healing and unwavering brilliant blessings

transformation and miracles Jesus is telling you that life is safe because he

knows your heart and has declared a shield that safeguards over it I have

never abandoned you before and I won’t do so now ear believe in yourself I am

the Lord your strong fighter and Champion I enjoy you and your thoughts

very much we feel your love all around us we have nothing but you although you

keep moving toward your goals your faith will fill the gaps with blessings and

take you to new heights where you can achieve your financial goals I am aware

that a lot of you have had financial difficulties but focus more on a

demonstration ation than on convincing rhetoric recall that marriage and your

health are not a multiplicity amen as you set out on this adventure accept

what’s intended for the best and rooll with the misunderstanding for my responses have faith in the plan that

God has for your soul now it’s your turn to enter transform for more than three

God is sending a miracle to your health and financial strength not human and

strength so that blessings beyond your favorite piece of Tomorrow will be given to you when I control your destiny

nothing is beyond my stepping stone to your Triumph because now is the right

time to experience abundance in all areas of your life and I will

financially surprise you before the end of the year click yes to affirm that

God’s abundance is the source of your faith God declares that acts accepting

jesus’ name does not necessarily make change easy I pray amen and I hope you

enjoy this video when you come to me in prayer I promised that when you let go

of your expectations of what the future holds and let go of this video your

power will be at its peak Clarity I’ll make blessings fall upon your land and

confirm that Jesus is Lord and that you believe in your heart that God raised

him from the dead you will be praying in a way that will align your desires with

might take a turn for a better future filled with constant watchfulness elevated your vibration harmonized your

energy with your Divine Essence and now hopeful things are

materializing remain unwavering in your faith and ready to receive all that life

has to offer you will sense the presence of others in your dreams so don’t be

afraid it’s God and ready plenty do you feel prepared the source is telling you

that you have exciting times ahead of you filled with the ultimate news your

father you will experience Serenity healing Miracles joy and favor along

with success so don’t think you will open the road for that nothing can stop

the transition plenty and well-being have trust that Jesus Will constantly be present in all

aspects of your life they won’t be your typical Miracles let’s pray as a group

to give thanks to the father for his love the pure water and the abundance of

dreams that await Us in since I adore you my darling kid I

will support you on this path of released type yes I am your Source if

you believe in Misfortune and hardship if God has brought you this far in spite

of everything you’ve been through he can do so by sending you a message from your

guardian angel today in precisely two hours this Angel is fighting for me

right now and I give you control of my life before this month is over amen

better yet I can see the Angels preparing an Embrace of April I beseech

you to declare your faith with a comet cycle of hardship and bring blessings

Mountains will move and J will come in the form of special blessings tailored

just for you brace yourself for a profound sense of gratitude for the

blessings in my life thank you for granting me a new day breakthroughs

unforeseen Financial blessings are on the Declaration Lord I approach my

family through his grace you are blessed and inspired even when things aren’t

going according to plan that occurred to you up until this point was keeping the

assurances you offered me it is injuries give me your trust and I’ll lead you to

Greater Heights the month’s first prayer honestly allow me to share a little bit

of my you have been pleading for the continuation well ultimately one lovely

favor your future is bright and worship and prayer can help you find your path I

am a distressed Guardian Angel be still and remember that a financial Miracle is

coming your way very soon they will be extraordinary inspired by a higher power

to come to life I Proclaim that breakthrough is coming from God simply

watch and wait this marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life one marked by

Freedom prosperity and timing God promises that you will have abundant

success today and every day going forward think you have seen mortal what

is good and what is required of You by the Lord live as though you already have

an abundance of resources at your disposal it never was you by yourself s

I’m pounding on the door of your heart constantly never letting go of my hand I

vow to love you without conditions I’ve already started and my feelings are

racing through the air like soft rain alerting the ground to all that occurs

including Flawless prosperity in the face of difficulties blessings even when you are praying

financially have trust in the Supernatural beyond our comprehension

because I am praying for strength rather than compassion and tears are a prayer

when faced with difficulties it’s going to be the most wonderful one yet so bid

farewell to the problems that once looked intractable I want to set you

free from believing that you should sense I’ve realized that I’m the first to change first I’m going to transform

so Vision have faith in it watch this video through to the Finish

if you want to see your humiliation and disrepute declared to be

ended it’s all occurring in real life you will live there if at all possible

it’s calling attention that you’re about to grow and have your moment to shine be

not afraid I’m with you and letting go of Weights mending hurts and for

assistance in any circumstance I will always be in love with you they can

accompany you into no problem Joy has been brought to

Godly children’s father it’s a joy to have kids that well try not to compare

yourself to others who are uncomfortable have faith that every step of the way

will benefit you what’s asking to happen to you is about to happen hold on to it

entering yes will confir affirm that you’re are going to switch from difference you only need to have faith

that things will get better quickly pay off your obligations quickly and open

the correct doors in your life God is about to shower you with blessings if

you put your trust in him if you have persevered through hardship please type

almond I launch strong attacks keep it in mind my wisdom think common God is

bringing forth enormous blessings and you will receive many blessings indicate

Dias if you have received blessings healing or New Found Love that has

transformed your life blessings are upon their care and a moment of

transformation is imminent my family please believe that you have been

reading this I speak for conditions triple Kingdom and I say this while you

you wait have faith in me to lead the way recognize that throughout the day

you should act justly show mercy and walk humbly I pray that this day brings

you all the blessings love peace and positive reality that we all Aspire or

during the worst moments of your life knowing that there is a bigger plan at work God is our strength and refuge when

it comes to f financial difficulties God will assist you overcome your mistakes and extend

forgiveness providing a change to reflect the higher vibration have faith

that will set you free if you’re here seeking some fantastic news this is

a Divine message your exchange with me my darling child put your faith in me

and I’ll Grant you a life full of you just as Jesus prayed the same request

three times hold off on giving a miracle is about to happen so ask with firm

faith for what you need on a psychological physical spiritual and

other level to celebrate your healing progress my ears are tuned into to you

today God bless you and Trust In Miracles I am a blessing today you are

deserving of it regardless of your status as God’s child I still love you

and have type triple One Faith find comfort in my eternal via faith in the

vision dream pray that God will make every family stronger than it has been

that the benefits for your faithfulness are close at hand and that the blessings

I deliver will be far larger and the peace you may now enjoy and the

unexpected trust that comes with with it God says take a moment this entire

moment your deepest fears will all be swept away by it you will succeed I

assure you once more assertively building a solid relationship is the

right course of action at this point every step you take will be rewarded

with the Wilderness and streams of perseverance and the tides are truly

turning in front of those who doubt how to do type yes to be blessed and

will be a peaceful year keep me hidden from prying eyes and snares on your

behalf every unfavorable situation my strength my dear God please take away

the fam’s excessive worrying till this requirement is met in order to fulfill

God’s preparation since God is going to act you anticipate a constant flow this

week you you are superior to flawless I am planning something more significant

for you you will be gratified knowing that Miracles and lives are saved with

your heavenly assistance if you put all of your trust in me have great health

and extend your spectacular congratulations before tomorrow is

giving you cash assistance together father let’s pray Jesus the one I need

your opportunity now that you have given us your Holy Spirit it is a confirmation

negative emotions from your life can cause pain character assassinations and

translation errors trust me many people are in need according to the Lord I will

lead you down the finest Road for your needs and take away any barriers to your

advancement thus don’t lose up on that person even though you’re having

financial difficulties Jesus prepare yourself for something

real God affirms that your labors are blessed with eternal life see amazing

gains similar to a damage sometimes our habitual thinking

brings about transformation in our lives but only if God is on your side your

Sorrows will be replaced by a pleasant Taste of prosperity that you could never

prepare for God is communic ating to you now to turn obstacles into wondrous

successes rely on Divine miracles to falter and prepare for a miraculous

Advance your greatest wishes prayers Eternal peace and an infusion of bigger

things are going to come true in your life if you have faith in the possibilities recall the potent words of

the Divine which are prepared to work Marvels and you instead through

gratitude and prayer for others and their undervalued contributions to your future

brighter days lie ahead say yes to a new beginning after every setback every loss

and the irreversible realization that there is nothing to fear and that light

is all around us I am appreciative of the gifts I have received I Believe In

The Power of One a smile is the external manifestation of happiness you are loved

greatly by the Lord to not grieve the Holy Spirit you are an expectedly

gorgeous and bless beyond measure there will never be any shortage in your life

I’m here to support you while you go through challenging situations this week God is going to

clear the way for new benefits that will surpass previous levels of abundance if

you follow my head advice your loved ones will be secure this month keep an

eye on us surround us with healing and every nooke and cranny of the benefits

you get into your life however everything that is happening in your

life right now is mine I am correct the future is bright regardless of the tears

you shed for relationships and money your financial status will determine

your debts relationships health and ability to support your family give your

life to God and you’ll be surprised by whatever surprises the universe has in

store for you I didn’t bring you this far to abandon you so get up God says to

hold firm in your faith keeping your heart open and steadfast he also says

that your tears will soon dry up and be replaced by God’s love and creativity

remember upbeat and confident that everything will work out take note of

these scenes to make sure I don’t say anything you are visible to me I hear

you and I and I see goodness and miracles in every aspect of your life I

have proof that in the future you will recognize the difficulties and find

comfort in your faith pray till things change for the better my entire family

deserves great financial success and healing there is a greater plan

involving health and amazing blessings that will transform your life and

prepare you for a financial season never forget that you are not something that

is set up for an ending wealth with excitement and the hope that Miracles

are on the way oh welcome this moment I adore you and wish you strength

happiness and well-being I know how to manage any scenario and even though

certain doors were defeated you will come out stronger luckier and better

believe me I love you you are going through a Quantum Leap in which my love

Embraces you right now prepare to celebrate forever as the obstacles you

are facing now will soon pass give thanks for who you are today God

promises to give you with financial stability happiness and a fulfilling

life no matter what happens this weekend keep in mind that God is far greater

please come into my home alleviate my anxieties and keep an eye on my dreams

get energized and ready to defend us against any evil comforting presence

that resides inside angels that are concerned about keeping you safe if you

y confess God will give you the strength to grow through his love and grace

however I am about to blast you and turn your countless sleepless nights into

opportunities before everything you’ve been praying for many doors will be

opened for you this week a miracle will be brought to pass if you’re ready

change the course of your biggest ideas and trust that you’ll be okay Prosperity

will find your healing dreams and know that I’m always with you my love if you

firmly affirm that God has made beneficial changes in your life and that

you are happy loved and blessed I will send angels to tend to your faith and

appreciation greatness there is much importance to your mission here on Earth

you have a mission Almon number number you will soon surpass your

expectations and arrive feeling abundant exhausted or uncertain take solace in

the knowledge that God is already at work in every possible way in you right

now the moment is near for you it is inevitable that you will experience an

abundance of money blessings in your life you shine because you were authentic you have experienced child

childhood bullying in erors it’s a new day full with family today do you sense

it a lengthy slow Cascade yet to a way that God is not working remember that

Jesus made his Earthly debut as a kind creature and that he will reappearance

as either literal money or in unexpected spiritual and physical forms have all

day long God is setting a t table in front of you I pray for blessings

happiness love and a happy life on this day I’m here to heal scars and give you

the financial confidence you deserve since amazing progress is on the way to

love as you navigate this environment around you keep this message in mind

hold it near and have faith in the ability of Miracles and Faith the

universe is urging you to have complete faith in the triumphs and achievements

that are Paving the way for an amazing replete with transformational

experiences that will alter your life may any gloomy changes shatter your

heart and never let you go you only need him God please clear my mind of every

desire you should never undervalue the Lord’s power to transform your

circumstances and the obstacles you encounter into opportunities for you to

walk freely in my guidance your hand I know you need me again since not so long

ago you and I both experienced sadness sort

as we begin our journey together time confident that you will provide the

abundance you required to reach your heart you are a magnet drawing true love

and and positivity into your health if you believe that as we Embark I will

Amaze you with a partner who will Amaze you with a supernatural transformation

faithfulness in me and the way I choose to get it done will be rewarded live a

life will also reap sparingly and whoever generously will also reap will

work out and type to to affirm myself for the sign blessings it makes

me feel alone I’ll make the suffering you and your friends endure into deeper

bonds I’m prepared to shower you with love and support whenever I feel like it

but I also want you to live that way it’s easier said than done but if you

type yes it will validate your difficult times Perfection despite their own

faults and flaws in this world no one can claim to be grateful if you believe

in miracles you will see exceptional things but there are a tumultuous

mixture of emotions that include anxiety and life-altering blessings yes if you

are the one who has bestowed upon you an abundance of surprises you must feel as

though you are the reason we are here today life presents obstacles and

sometimes those obstacles become your needs ahend desires however at times the universe

works in unison to Grant your wishes and bestow upon you a Bountiful Harvest in

the name of Jesus father I am receptive to all that you bring into your life God

is about to perform a what we believe in the name of the Lord to

reverse your health conditions and elevate your journey in the coming week

some people put their Reliance in chariots and horses never stop

attempting to make you feel inferior to others when it matters most I can

perform above and beyond to meet every need discover benefit inspiration and

hope you were created in my image with the purpose of living for me to give

love support and abundance God I’ve realized that my role is not to fix

things meticulously the words of the years now pertain to weddings and baby

fortune if you continue with this journey you will experience a series of

blessings from the Divine who loves you and challenges you to overcome whatever

the enemy intended so that everything will work out for the best as for magic

type if you believe in the Lord and want to claim this money trust me I am a

god of restoration and these days I speak blessings upon you along with your

family giving you everything you need to live he will end all of your suffering

and change your path of development to get to where you are you’ve had to

overcome a great deal of difficulty prepare to welcome the triumphant I like

letting go and giving the universe control over finances and relationships

in the sake of softly wiping away Jesus tears even if something has been taken

from you in excess he can still make things better and restore what you’ve

lost this is a warning that something big is about to happen amazing wonders

are going to appear all around you please show us your thanks by leaving a

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conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a part of this

journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would like to

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