⭕Avoid worrying and have patience ?You Will See Wonderful Miracles in Me??| God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now remind

yourself that it is meaningless to feel

envious of another person’s achievements

rather than letting fear incapacitate

you in any way not to mention I bestowed

presence onto you he was maintaining our

holy vow while preserving his reverence

of the God he Lov remain optimistic and

realize that opportunities abound

everywhere you look he was burdened by a

gift the gift of inventiveness and

Imagination even before he was accused

of looking up to Idols I hope that you

will always be grateful for everything

that you have you don’t need to worry

about anything since gatekeeping in the

promised land will be handled expertly I

appreciate the idea of your ultimate

goal since I adore you so much much God

has an arrangement for everything that

happens to him from the moment he was

established in times of uncertainty keep

in mind that not many people will recall

who you were when you die or what you

may have owned everyone is appreciated

and respected rather a world in dire

need of Direction needs your example be

the lights in the world as peacemakers

and light Bears Christ utilizes you to

carry out his mission on Earth it is not

necessary to worry about your material

belongings health or money and so much

more which I have showered to you hey my

little one do you have minutes for

what I’m saying you should be reminded

by this question of the significance of

spreading light and promoting peace may

you accept your journey with

thankfulness and realize that true

Prosperity can’t be measured by worldly

wealth my blessings have been showered

upon you despite obstacles you should be

motivated to be the ones who bring light

and Peace by this little yet meaningful

verse about the unconditional love of

God recall the serenity that arises from

understanding you are never truly alone

because I am at your side while you lead

by example and Inspire others live with

an attitude of thankfulness in your

heart life will get healthier as

contentment and understanding follow it

is up to you to make the good things in

your life the focus of arrangement of

praise to cultivate and support them

honoring your responsibilities as

Shepherds and light Bears my dark

darling children as you go forth always

keep in mind that the love and

Tranquility you share with others is the

real test of wealth it is important to

acknowledge that although you were not

well at the conclusion of the test you

are now well to receive the benefits and

advice that are being provided to you


amongst you and God go forth now now

my dear followers of Christ and Shine

Your Light and bring peace for it is in

thankfulness that you will find

fulfillment and in knowledge that you

will find Tranquility it looks like to

you that the celestial God is watching

over something full of purpose and

optimism your answer to the Earth which

is but a tiny detail in the greater

scheme of things is God for all all time

there will be Stillness in your souls

although you are aware of it do you

abide by it do you ever give up do you

feel as though you have to claim

something on some days before you can

believe it it is only through trusting

in God that you will discover the

profound connection that you were unable

to pull off with the grace of Jesus let

Hope Remain the constant flame

throughout you for your strength is

stronger than any obstacle not because

it is beyond his control makes friends

and family and happy Savior Jesus is the

Saving Grace and you can’t stop

promoting other people or things above

themselves the vision of God that is

revealed to you even though it might

require that you believe and keep your

eyes open have faith and trust in the

presence of the invisible to get

everyone in the family to agree type

amen your life will soon see Victory

here Jesus says God has promised you

that God of yours defeated the giant the

blessings are mine for you those who

come after again ask God for direction

in the prayers you offer and I give you

wisdom also to have in your hearts being

ungodly is when one elevates something

or someone above God God will celebrate

his victory with you forever David had

confidence goath Shield didn’t matter

your initial response should be to go to

him for Comfort when you’re anxious or

scared as you make changes and strive to

bring about peace and the world give the

issue in question to God recall that

choosing to disregard God as immorality

arriving on the shore early in the early

hours of the morning the Messiah greeted

the disciples and led them into Clarity

he is with you forever to make such

moments even more meaningful never

forget that you are custodians of my

compassion and intended to participate

in the reunion with loved ones go to him

for Solace when you are facing

challenges assume the role of change

agents and humanitarians In This World

by giving the issue in question to God

give thanks to Jesus for all the

blessings you have experienced when you

recognize God at work in your everyday

existence you have a task to complete

from him are you ensure about your

ability to do the job it is his desire

that you develop a cis-like mindset

while working toward a certain goal to

reiterate putting friends and family

first doesn’t mean you have to neglect


responsibilities on the contrary it will

help you better grasp God’s love these

are your children’s blessings as well

you are not to keep them to yourself

especially regarding when it comes to

money assert your spiritual matters

entitlement you will eventually achieve

success the act of singing David gave

thanks to Lord in profusion blessed by

God’s favor our Spirits endure after our

physical beings return to the ground go

forth into the world with these

blessings acknowledging his benefits is

crucial even when we depart from this

world feeling so gracefully what would

it feel like if you are encage by this

video consider liking it but keep in

mind that God is even more generous than

you can never fathom it is a plan

designed with Divine intelligence so it

will actually be your salvation and

source of Joy often times functioning in

ways you are unconscious of resolve to

let courage be your motivator and handle

your money sensibly leaving space for

charity recall however that this was

only the beginning of God’s acts of

Grace toward Humanity drawing nearer to

the live Waters we partake in the death

and the resurrection of Messiah

alongside those who believe the

blessings that you have received are

evidence of God’s plan and purpose for

you my beloved ones if you think that a

close relationship with God

is an inheritance of God’s grace then

type am men your guidance comes from

God’s word think of Daniel even when it

appeared that the King was planning to

kill him he continued to trust in God

God offers an intense link to the Divine

in the face of monetary strains job loss

and strained relationships all of this

is a reminder that when we have faith we

may find the bravery and power to

overcome our obstacles it is all an

expression of the abundance of Grace

that God provides where May one discover

how rapidly things are transitioning

recognize my presence with you with

renewed Zeal to know and serve God put

your trust in him to handle it you can

have my benefits in abundance and

without measure both rich and fortunate

are you you are in good hands with me

the uncertainty cast by your freedom

gives way to confidence loved ones you

will Thrive as long you continually

share the affection of God and keep

asking for forgiveness both from him and

from yourselves we are always receiving

compensation in this life which is

really a training field peace can still

exist best on this Earth despite all of

its problems but it needs faith and

trust you will have challenges along the

way but rise above them with confidence

because I will always be by your side

leading you to the rewards he has in

store always keep in mind that he

resides within you even if all you are

as the Temple’s guard your hearts are

overflowed With Love by God and His

Grace one can love someone forgive them

and help others experience his love when

they love him keep in mind that this

life on Earth is ephemeral and seems

like an insignificant second in the vast

scheme of Eternity he created everything

knowing your needs before you even

realized them using his creativity and

knowledge things that weigh you down

emotionally include Financial strains

job losses and shattered

relationships give him total control

over your life to provide instructions

Embrace wisdom and work to increase the

depth of your understanding our destiny

is to live our life in a way that

demonstrates the creators love to

everybody we encounter but in the

interim we are called to his presence in

his glorious Heaven each and every one

of his benefits will be thrown wide

throughout your life if you follow his

instructions do what he says those

who follow his path are blessed with joy

and peace for claim type

is love is a NeverEnding guarantee

of strength and encouragement and peace

is a sweet reminder of this you join one

God’s treasured family when you embrace

the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah of

your life Lord Jesus desires that you

have all you need as you Endeavor to

follow in his footsteps he shows

everyone so much grace that they are all

treated with respect handworth although

Daniel occasionally felt fortunate

enough to partake in the king’s Cuisine

he made the decision to rely on Jesus

Grace because he understood that

behaving so would be an affront to God

this scripture assures you that God will

provide for your necessity so that you

might live forever in his presence that

is Grace in its purest form for more

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transformative and fruitful Journey ask

him to assist you in changing your

behaviors and mindset as well as to

provide your physical organism with the

rest it requires following Jesus

instructions reminded the Disciples of

gods abundance after they had hunted all

might with no accomplishment I pray that

you will have the strength to follow

your aspiration and the wisdom to learn

more about about your existence observe

the guidance that God supplies love and

wisdom abound in his master keep in mind

that although we are dust creatures and

will return to dust Jesus offers us a

bomb that brings Harmony back into our

lives everything he has done for us

including the Wonders we witness every

day is something for which we are to

give him thanks let’s illuminate the

planet with our Heavenly light by

showing this video to an individual who

needs to be reminded of this important

message the Bible teaches us how to obey

God and by doing so it keeps us on the

straight and narrow as we establish our

position in God’s family let us shine as

examples of kindness love and compassion

he is praised by creation itself and by

using our inner Force we are urged to

help create a better tomorrow recall

that walking away from the direction of

God is bad for our spiritual health as

well as for our relationships with

others I am the almighty healer of

emotions I provide comfort and healing

by being wise compassionate and kind

most people don’t comprehend the extent

of Freedom gained in Christ no matter

how much Freedom they may believe they

possess as we embark on this journey

together let’s reconfirm our faith and

resolve to live a life that is a

reflection of his grace and love

appreciate your efforts if you have

bravery you are able to conquer fear

even if you are doubtful not because I

bestow upon on you an inheritance of my

Everlasting presence guiding you towards

the Supreme plan that is revealed to you

in order to show empathy open your

hearts to the emotions of others and let

go of self outb and

humiliation because you ought to receive

it it won’t help you if an investigator

stop you disregarding the signs

informing you of the Law’s requirements

amen to success in the name of the

Messiah God commands you to set out on a

mission to change the world by bringing

compassion wisdom and love now go oh my

dear believer as the best of the best

your body has the capacity to overcome

hardship and appreciate challenges that

life brings may you achieve balance in

every aspect of your existence and and

remember that you will Triumph because

Jesus died on the cross to atone for

Humanity’s sins even in your darkest

hours regardless of how things appear

you will succeed if you choose to remain

strong rather than crawl into the dark

as we navigate obstacles together rest

easy knowing that friends are there to

serve God’s people with kindness even in

their most difficult moments remember to

communicate with God in order to allow

your faith to grow as you travel through

this Earthly life express your concerns

to him and watch for the clues he gives

you to help you make decisions that are

in line with your heavenly Destiny have

a sincere belief that the blessings of

God surpass any pleasure or fear this

world can provide agree and show this

video to someone who needs to be

inspired to embrace their rights as

God’s children and walk in faith and

love if you believe in God and the

nourishing Soul sustenance he provides

if you don’t give up you can achieve

both healing and success life is merely

an exercise field where one can develop

and learn the weapon that will overcome

your obstacles is your heart which is

full of faith and tenacity God is always

there for you providing you with wisdom

and rewards via his grace you now

possess the Holy Spirit of Christ who

will support and encourage you through

all of life’s challenges keep in mind

that the Creator’s Mastery is full of

love and compassion envy and jealousy

may do awful purposes damaging the

spirit and inflicting sorrow he’ll never

let you down type in yes if you concur

that we have a duty to Proclaim Jesus

love and his message of Salvation and

hope in light of his making amends work

you will receive the promised

Everlasting Life in Paradise if you have

perseverance faith and steadfast

conviction your experience in this world

is Pro proof of the transforming Grace

of the Lord Jesus Christ and the

strength of the unconditional love of

God never forget that jealousy merely

stunts your development embrace the

blessings that God has given you and

make the most of them by serving others

and praising him have faith in God’s

timing are you take a risk for

individuals to live by this afternoon he

has maintained his messages over the

ages you are expected to spread his word

have a deeper level of trust and show

greater unconditional love there is

power in all the varieties of creation

made by God honor your

individuality and give the world your

best effort once you have faith and Obey

God’s will you will be able to enjoy

every moment of life knowing that you

have won the competition announce

victories in your life follow God’s

instructions and use your gifts to

forward his agenda because true

happiness and Tranquility can only be

found on the righteous side where you

will always be with Jesus if you persist

in not giving up you can achieve Triumph

and restoration life serves as a

training ground for the AL imate

fulfillment that comes from walking in

faith it offers chances for personal

development and preparation is light and

love to everyone on the planet and

providing them with a glimpse of an

ending Harmony and Tranquility

acknowledge that all living things are

united in the sacred path through life

Unity is essential it is your

responsibility as protector of this

heavenly trust to freely give as you

have been granted and to live as a

recipient of the grace and love that

have been given to you remember that

when difficulties come while your faith

is put to the test you must trust in

God’s greater purpose for your life

rather than relying simply on your own

abilities your way is illuminated and

directed toward completing the mission

that God has given you by releasing him

from the bounds of fear uncertainty and

envy accept The Gift of Health and know

that God’s NeverEnding affection for you

can help you triumph over evil and

jealously your lives are supposed to be

a Beacon of Hope driving away

uncertainty and Dread you bear The Good

Fortune of forgiveness not just for your

yourself but also for everyone around

you remember that setbacks are merely

Opportunities For Learning and

Development so move forward with faith

and don’t let them stop you put your

faith in God’s plan and know that every

obstacle you overcome is preparing you

for something bigger and more lovely in

the future as you maintain your body and

soul remember that real abundance can be

found in the abundance of Love Serenity

and joy you create for yourself and

others abundant that surpasses worldly

Prosperity confidence that God will

constantly be by your side guiding you

through every step of the process trust

in your intuition let silence be your

guide recall that your decisions and

deeds speak volumes about your faith

when presented with choices select the

one that is in line with God’s will

believing that every action you do in

faith will bring you one step closer to

fulfilling the divine plan that has been

designed for you in order to maintain

emotional equilibrium and provide

everything you require for survival and

service have them attribute credit to

Jesus his people are connected too by

the tools of

transformation and healing as well as

the blessing of generosity why are you

scared you’ve been hiding the exact

identical thing David was using is yours

to cherish you clearly have an important

effect on determining your future by the

decisions you make so Safeguard and

educate having given in you his word

Jesus desires you to have confidence

that he will provide for you having

realized that the Lord isn’t going to

set you up for failure they were

probably worn out and dejected you are

given the divine nature by him which is

why he expects you to accomplish

anything being able to maintain

composure under pressure is another gift

I’m giving you you underestimate at your

own strength take it I grant you peace

of mind as a blessing I hope you

understand that difficulties present

chances for development and change the

strength of faith and persistence has

been shown by your life then concentrate

on the greater perspective the family

maintains Kingdom Unity because strength

exist in W us realize that people will

forever associate you with how you

inspired them to feel more than who you

were at the time or what you

accomplished in the following years no

matter what your aspiration may be I

give you the present mindfulness gift

recognize completely that blessings are

evidence of the unending affection of

God and not merely presence love people

who push you as well as those who are

simple to love each blessing that you

receive is evidence that the almighty

wants the finest life that is possible

for you some of you are not isolated in

your moments of nervousness or

uncertainty because I am the one who is

guiding you on your path the gift of

Bravery again let it be the driving

force behind your perseverance for it

was perseverance that produced The Net

so full with face that they were unable

Pull It in never forget that you have

more than enough if you think that being

a follower of God makes you a part of

something larger that way the condition

of fear or enviousness cannot chip away

at your foundation God sent you his word

to serve as a road map a guarantee a

boost of confidence and support allow

your connections and future direction to

be shaped by the abundance of compassion

and the depth of your temperament thank

you for being a part of this journey


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