⭕ANGELS ARE Truly WARNING YOU THAT JESUS IS…?? | God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now you placed everything in existence in the

palms of your hands remember yourself that failing does not indicate failure

Jo comes from telling others about the wonderful developments you can use your

emotions to help you navigate life and to ease your sufferings you will receive

a variety of Returns on your investment it won’t be simple I grant you that that

they are great chances for development you are protected by the truth and no

weapon and expose Your Health Trust not what I presume something fresh is on the

verge of being born born to be outstanding you will go forward because

you are privileged Jesus announced I am the light and the way to righteousness

consider your enormous success when solution don’t come to you right away

you are in control of obstacles because a higher force is tending to all of your

intentions you can still achieve the dreams you were unable to fulfill oh

child know that Mercy awaits you to save you from the deepest pit ask seeking

reconciliation please remember that worry is not what you want from me thank

you all very much God bless please pleas sit quietly and experience the depth of

my affection for you in this world I will make a way for you your intended

path will be revealed to you take heed of what I have to say remain composed

and Advance at an irresistible Pace ahead of you are pleasant surprises that

promise Prosperity Beyond Your Wildest Dreams you are able to extend your arm

and feel the light shining through those struggles in these peaceful spaces you

can always count the hairs on your head and understand that I am giving you the

strength to overcome obstacles by seeking calm andever you need it be

certain that God will keep an eye on you bringing about change like this video

that encourages others it is accepted that although they are cherished they

feel alone and overburdened recall that the fruits of their faith will soon be

seen by you the powers that operate behind the scenes are ranging things for

your advantage and you will experience the Wonders that lie ahead he was ready

to console and help others after succumbing to the ways in which Satan

deception even when you don’t feel deserving you are loved if you walk

confidently through difficulty you’ll find that it opens doors to Insight and

enjoyment not withstanding its repetition this provides the secret to

happiness and good health for you to pick up and consider when you encounter

miraculous occurrences all year long your profession is fortunate as is your

family and prosperity is on the way however his response was My Embrace is

all anyone need it’s acceptable to let it lead to Wicked behavior in the world

we try to accomplish too much too quickly you have never seen a piece of

paper like this one before it is unwavering and will react in ways that

will Astound you as I go the path of healing and Recovery prepare for the

healing circumstance input to retrieve this message the farther you

Wander from me the more distant you will feel from me declares God I cherish you

even while it might feel like we always shift the responsibility elsewhere keep

in mind that falling doesn’t mean you have to stay there you still need to get

back up quickly afterward I pray right now that will be done you are the god of

all and I say say yes to receive it believe that you are Love by me and

realize that I have specifically designed your life there is hope at the conclusion of the move through the

tunnels so open your heart to absorb my wisdom recognize your immense affection

for yourself when things are hectic when you’re worried find peace and pray

constantly for happiness your dream life is starting to take shape because those

difficulties will turn into times in your life when you will experience all

the blessings that have been promised you must distinguish and have

understanding about who is really right for you something new is about to begin

if you are reading this I have the answers to the issues you are facing

accept God’s word and follow its guidance to eliminate tumor growths F

the ways in which Satan schemes around you and live in an open Heaven I go

through life understanding that you will receive a bountiful recompense for my

contentment if you believe type yes once more I beg for miracles every day in my

life I acknowledge Him as well and he will guide your roots open opening me

new avenues for help and guiding me down the correct paths I am confident that my

contentment will provide you comfort knowing that even in a tiny Way I Am

Changing someone’s life sometimes you worry about what’s ahead but keep in

mind that God loves us and pay attention to what I have to say today remember

that even when you face seemingly surmountable challenges your love has a

contagious effect on everyone around you I am your steadfast supporter so know

that no matter what happens in your life right now or in the road you’re never alone I adore you so much and have given

you the ability to feel Untouchable due of my protection consequently I will

always be here for you you have a life ahead of you that is Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams one in which fear cannot stop you and in which you own the whole Authority

and capacity to atone for our transgressions rather of being afraid of

dying concentrate on improving yourself and being kindly and well intentioned as

long as you decide to believe in miraculous interventions and stick to the

prescribed course nothing can stop you from attaining greatness embracing these realities into

your heart is an incredibly powerful experience but I also ask that you live

kindly and with awareness of others your window of opportunity where benefits

will overwhelm you with joy and contentment is waiting for you God wants

you to live a life of abundant Supply he has wonderful and marvelous blessings to

bestow upon you ask for the courage to turn from your harmful behavior and to

remain constant in your confidence in me when you see yourself doing harm Jesus

entered this Earth to not only give you Direction and hope but also to get you

ready for the incredible trip that lies ahead your life will be completely

transformed by the difficulty you face and the miraculous things you please see

so let go of your worries and learn to love as he admiration never forget that

I shall always be by your side my grace and might have faith in me put my plans

into action and trust that they are for your benefit rather than your detriment

he will shower you and your family with blessings reminding yourself of is

an excellent technique to focus your thoughts and make remarkable things

happen in your life have faith that my offering can bring about peace and

healing this is your daily wakeup call from the angels to maintain your faith

and have faith that you are on the correct path healing can start when you

allow me to see where you’re hurting never forget that my goal is to Grant

you a plent ful existence on here and eventually a Life in Paradise with him I

bless you if I say to you it’s because you are moving in an appropriate

Direction even in the th Hour have faith and watch what amazing things

happen I have witnessed what you have gone through and I promise that today’s

Voyage will take you to locations where you will experience profound

transformation accept with joy the support I offer and never lose sight of

the fact that your journey has been specially crafted with a distinct goal

in mind as you travel on this trip realize that blessings laughter joy and

love are taking the place of your previous sufferings this is your moment

and the days ahead will provide opportunities that not only bring your

soulmate into your life but also cure your monetary and nature health and

difficulties and relationships keep in mind that while Faith makes it

achievable for you to please God it also makes your Silent Cries and inner

Whispers heard Enlightenment wealth happiness and good health are going to

come your way through a drastic metamorphosis that the Divine is directing this shift lining things up in

accordance with a larger scheme in which closures signal New Beginnings every day

I reaffirm that I am on the right path and that obstacles are opportunities for

personal development and Awakening even in situations that seem hopeless the

universe is organizing itself to accomplish your eventual good keep up

positive outlook and follow your heart in your L health goals and Financial

Security are almost certain to come true even in the face of ignorance have faith

in God schedule and purpose your faith is strengthened and elevated by the

Unseen you’re about to enter a world of boundless joy and feel invigorated once

more ready to Take On The World remove all uncertainties from your mind and

surround yourself with positive affirmations understanding that your

current situation is transitory and the fact that you are

about to enter the most joyful period of your life thus remember to appreciate

today and don’t let the difficulties depress you rather appreciate heaven for

the advice advice and blessings you ever received and send out energy that is

beneficial into the world in order to express your belief in the divine plan

for the way you live and to declare your confidence in this message of desire and

modifications type , proceed confidently knowing that

the Divine is always watching over guiding and loving you beyond measure

deep breakthroughs throughout one’s lifetime can result from exhibiting

compassion and kindness recall that God doesn’t ever burden you beyond what you

can manage rather he supports you and replaces your burdens with love watching

what you think is crucial since it might influence your reality the unwavering

love of God serves as an ongoing indication that you’re strong enough to

effect change no matter what obstacles you may encounter while problems are not

guaranteed in life having faith guarantees positive experiences and

meaningful connections have trust that the almighty will provide you a solid

foundation again resulting in major life improvements including the peace and

calm that come from focusing on your trust in God as opposed to what you see

when you enjoy life’s small pleasures and realize that every obstacle has a

purpose gratitude flows from you naturally you can experience God’s

healing when you forgive people who have hurt you which turns anxious thoughts

and fears into allies and your personal development God is telling you today to

be open to change and have faith that wonderful things are ahead divine intervention and enter your

life when you live with acceptance love and purpose these are not merely words

in an atmosphere that goes to quickly most of the time finding times of calm

and quiet is vital a prosperous existence and a more promising future

are guaranteed by your relationship with God never forget that every error you

make can help you develop and forgive yourself bringing your life back into

alignment with God’s purpose keep your moral principles in place learn from

life lessons and smile as you demonstrate God’s love God is Not

oblivious to your tears each difficulty you face is a Prelude to Greater chances

and benefits that lie ahead let your faith be known and show that you are

willing to accept the plans that God has for you kindly align the confidence you

have in God’s timing with your trust in the cosmos possessing a life that

supports your greatest Good Financial benefits and progress beyond measure are

all achievable recall that big changes usually precede breakthroughs that

Herald a fresh day recognize that your particular voice is being summoned for a

greater purpose as for for murmurs of heavenly presence prepared to obey

God’s will welcome the change in your situations with open arms pray over your

worries knowing that God has acknowledged you and has been working in

your favor rather than giving into anxiety and fear you’re going to feel

delighted feel God’s grace working a miracle for you allow the comforting

energy of recovery to flow through you no matter what challenges you are facing

enjoy every moment of life to its maximum since you’ve prepared for it and

have my grand design in mind even on the days you wake up to the darkest of

circumstances make a modest adjustment your daily routine have faith that I

won’t disappoint you it’s simple to forget about the universe’s assistance

and you’re traveling through life at its Fast Pace better days are coming even

though you might not always understand why your faith has the power to move

mountains no matter how tiny it may seem poison is being removed from your life

by God sign ifying a major change and an answer your most sincere prayers great

opportunities are on the horizon this season of barren land is essential for

your progress never forget that God steps and at the right time to handle

any situation the point of view that God sees and hears with each request and

challenge that comes your way is conveyed by I like this video remember

that everyone on your path plays a part in providing you with the strength you

need you may be sure that your transgressions are pardoned and your

crimes completely forgiven accept coincidences and the hand of God in your

life understanding that he establishes the fundamental basis for all your

aspiration have trust that he hears every request and is working hard to

fulfill all of your goals keep a happy Outlook at all times especially at work

and let laughing be your constant friend recognize that everything is in your

best interests and the affection I have for you is immeasurable imagine that

every problem you’re currently facing will eventually result in a big

breakthrough Give the Lord your day and Repose in his peace knowing that his

plan of action is ideal despite our flaws remember to love fellow human

beings as much as he loves us give the cosmos a blessing and tell it I think

you know precisely what really want and I expect you to give me it you are

reaching New Heights on your trip so always allow room for progress and keep

going I always hear what you have to say so the prayers you make are never in

vain keep an optimistic heart and assist me in resting in your unwavering love

for you are going to experience an unexpected reward from the Lord recall

that only God knows the whole truth he will continually reassure you to have

patience and faith in his plan so that you might experience the perfect

Serenity he has promised for those who trust in me dreams come true and things

that are dead can come back to life but you can forget to count your blessings

each day if you disobey my instructions and disregard all living things I will

never leave you for I have constructed you with a purpose God is able to handle

your concerns and disappointments let those who have ears to hear give un to

the spirit its influence he came into the world to redeem us from the sins of

the past and to remind us that we are strong when we are in his presence both

your name and your residence are fortunate I pray that you and yours will

find contentment and calm today after many sleepless nights of toll depend

upon my Authority for strength and put your faith in my plan since you haven’t

encountered this by chance spread the word to others about this inspiring

message of unconditional affection a sudden and amazing shift in your life

full of love and all the great things it will attract is about to happen would

you be willing to accept it we will overcome any challenge head on as a team

remembering that I am your foundation of strength and your light of guidance as

we draw closer to the end of this Voyage my darling my protection is unmatched by

any dark power you have shown such incredible kindness and now is the time

to get ready to be granted your blessings and realize your dreams always

put your Spiritual Development first and land your assistance to those in need my

beloved your life is a tribute to your faith and seriousness it is filled with

love and blessings seize any chance to get to know me better and gain a deeper

comprehension of your mission by embracing challenges have patience

things will fall into place and your attempts to make a difference in this

world won’t go in vain you have been a lighthouse for many so spread this

message of reinforcement and POS positive thinking I am with you in all

the good things you are about you underestimate my proximity God says in

that you should make the most out of life live it how you want and draw

every benefit you deserve he is looking after you however he was reminded that

you are a champion and that Victory is in your nature your current state of

melancholy IS F in Lord I pray for your life praying that you deliver me and

that you open my heart to receive it I know what it’s like to struggle so you

have to be willing to confront it too you will find in these pauses that your

life is a beautiful tapestry he overhears to individuals offering

strength and refuge to one another in prayer it is vital that you advance

spiritually do not allow anyone to work against you and since these words are

the secret to transformation I feel like you’re starting to pay attention to them you no

longer have the same Vigor remember I am your greatest supporter and friend there

are always plans and motion plans to give you hope and to prosper you rather

than hurt you discussions taking place at top levels bring you up to date on on

upcoming events now let’s look out over the horizon together give into the

process have faith that he is keeping an eye on you and don’t fight it life will

provide problems my dear kid but it will also present chances to listen to people

who are in need love a life full of happiness and love is on its way to you

I want the two of us to fully enjoy life and not accept anything less you are

able to provide services to others and are aware of your own worth in a way

that will unexpectedly impact your life proceed on the route that has been

outlined for you and you will have a significant impact on the daily

activities of many how you overcome obstacles will depend on the Legacy my

father left you when you’re feeling lost you don’t have to worry about not being

able to provide answers are you prepared to accept this present exceeding what

anything can express I adore you I ask that you experience hardships changes

and a dignified return to your life designed for you please type of course

if requested I understand your aggravation when people knock down the

barriers that you to confine you my respect for you knows no bounds Vice I

give you wisdom and Pure Freedom do not fear ridicule for your body because it

will guide your steps keep hope alive in the inside of you and confidently

confront the future if you are unsure feel free to ignore this the guards are

saying if you agree especially when I had no body to turn to God was

consistently there difficulties nothing could break you you’re strong act and

speak as if you have a natural right to have your opinion heard remember that

nothing not even your individual or familial obligations can derail my plan or what I

guaranteed you even when it feels like the entire world is pushing down on you

your magnificence is approaching please give me wisdom from above always viewed

through the prism of his love he has a plan for you that is immune to the

animosity and strife amongst people who hold different opinions the celestial

messenger is telling you decided soul that it’s time to pack for your new

residence the angels are communicating to you today to let you know that he is

aware of your deepest intentions step forward into my presence with advantages

favor progress and wealth we are only stewards of the world’s great wonders it

no longer belongs to us my request make your way and carry me any time I am weak

is an appeal for support and strength to keep up our partnership I adore you to

the ex of the cosmos the air you please breathe in and the Sun that kisses your

face I swear to you that I will be by your side at Forever you more than no

deserve inner Serenity which is waiting for you I promise to always love you

even if my advice has forced you to step away from your comfort zone when these

shifts happen don’t let fear get in the way of your ability to turn your

suffering into strength and your fear into courage but in your hour of

greatest need I promise you that the almighty has heard your shouts and will

use them to advance you put your confidence in the Creator from the skies

to save us from a world full of options every Voyage has its share of teachings

once your power and intelligence have grown you will find fulfillment put an

end to all the suffering in my life and let the warmth of your healing to enter

my spirit I will always be by your side my little child never forget that no

matter how loud the world gets nothing can make you less loved especially by

those who depend on you for care he knows you must have faith therefore never give up hope in the waiting hold

on to your faith he wants you to give him all of your anxieties I am always

there to guide and encourage you throughout your life if you desire a happy and loving life you must be

receptive to obtaining it and expressing your thankfulness for his favors before

making a choice are you prepared for your unexpected success greetings from

an exciting time in your life one in which miracles and the divine presence fill every

aspect of your life you have boundless power and great ability to please God

and it is not by accident that I have put you in this specific juncture of

your life rather it is my deliberate plan your Deeds of Love have the

capacity to change lives theirs and there’s Al lone bringing triumphs and

everything else in between I swear to you that I will show you amazing things

you will get what you have longed for if you have faith in me the future will be

fruitful because believing makes everything possible even if each person

is facing unique challenges I still love and value each and every one of them I’m

changing things for the better putting in you the traits I want in your Offspring why do you wait prepare for

change have faith in while continuing to I have for you and give me the courage

to conquer obstacles and Spark amazing changes accept the Wonders that lie

ahead of you especially the instantaneous everyday Miracles that

will transform obstacles into chances for personal development and meaningful

connection people discover Direction and mean in life and their lives are

enriched by these experiences join me on this path towards a life filled with

love Supernatural events and and guidance from above by connecting with

me by means of your innermost being a miraculous occurrence that will change

your life as coming the number indicates that you are the next to

experience Heavenly favor and are prepared to Exhale success and

breathe abundance I am the light in your life there to see you through every ups

and downs struggle disappointment and time of uncertainty you are healed by

the grace of the Lord by his stripes and your magnificence is Awakening and

seething inside of you though there were regrets poured and isolated and he now

plans to bring you a period of happiness and mending I’ll eliminate every

circumstance attempting to impede your advancement recall that I will be by

your side no matter what trials and tribulations you encounter for I have

seen them all I am actively involved in your family’s lives and have heard your

prayers made the miraculous occurrence you seek help you to talk to God about

your troubles realizing that every obstacle is a teaching tool and a chance

for development have faith at the beginning of the week will Mark the start of creating room in your life for

the things you really want and have faith that the divine plan will soothe

and calm your soul aim high pursue your dreams bravely and never forget that

your Prophet has predicted that your enemies would be envious of your

impending material and spiritual abundance admire the blessings that will

Define a major before and after in your life daughter you are going to

experience an immense amount of blessings because things are going to shift drastically for you you’ve put a

lot of effort into growing yourself and you’re about to experience some of the

best days of your life declare it accept it speak it into being you will

receive blessings in return and through you blessings will be given to others

recognize that Divine orchestration exists instead of coincidences let the

divine’s breath fill your entire being and in doing so embrace your uniqueness

now is the chance to reenergize and get clarity it’s a holy OPP opportunity to

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