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God is speaking to you right now there

are moments when you feel as though the

devil is trying to get you to give up

they are going to think that you didn’t

work hard for it and these natural

wonders that we experience every single

day are going to afflict me with their

Graces time has helped me not to stress

about them but he also gave ourselves

his son

involuntarily and redeemed us for all of

our achievements in business and health

improvements Place everything of your

worries on himself because he truly

cares for you when I trusted in the god

of Heaven and Earth according to Peter

to all of these things were common

graces with the world observe that I

remain with you tomorrow close to my

residence in the messiah’s Sin God’s

pardoning grace makes you more human not

less so feel the anguish when Jesus

tells you that you’re capable of and can

do anything to hurt God is telling you

that you are a stronger Human Than

harmful individuals who reject or

disagree with people I have plenty of

opportunities to reflect about my

finances relationships and health it is

as a result of God’s presence Within me

declares Jesus thank you God and your

loved ones Grant everyone timely healing

desperation and anxiety and envelop you

in my reality I have the wonderful

opportunity to realize right now that I

am transforming you into absolutely

every divine blessing in the celestial

places the Bible essential teachings

before every morning I mean not

occasionally but consistently nervous

approach me in prayer don’t give up and

don’t second guess the calm you require

for the remainder of this long journey

will be given to you by a new day if you

agree put our man in the comments I wish

wonderful things to come into the lives

of everybody who read this today is a

day of recovery do make your

circumstances change for the better the

Creator I understand that you are

overburdened with

responsibilities however through my

dream I am providing a great deal of

Hope to a great number of individuals

who are in need of calm Christ is going

to heal you like never before Oh damage

Soul please pardon me for everything I

might have done unintentionally I am

going to provide you rest when you come

to me those of you who are tired and

burdened learn through Me by taking up

my yoke when you start letting go of

yourself and feel disoriented love you

will encounter to kinds of individuals

in everyday life the ones who encourage

you and those who undermine you you will

thank them both at the end for

everything Wherever Would ultimately we

be if he gave up on us because we

deserve no love keep in mind Hebrews

as well as the happiness it brings

tomorrow I promise not to give up on you

and prayer is the answer to what you’re

worried about take strong to your faith

as Galatians advises dear ones he also

tempted me with ideas of Hope and peace

rather rather than disaster and order to

give you a future realizing what a

magnificent Creator we worship according

to the whole biblical the need for

tlb you lose the significant equilibrium

in your life once you remove God from

the very center of your existence and

replace him with anything that distracts

you if you to preoccupied with the

issues from yesterday or concerns from

tomorrow you can miss today’s benefits

fear and doubt are the paths that lead

to wisdom but keep in mind that each

time you rise up every morning we shall

cross paths again and I will repay you

with affection for one another every

aspect you who have been burdened and

tired come to me and my presence will

give you peace it’s a beautiful thing

that this alignment is is with God’s

will I will always cherish you and my

love for you is an ending even if the

wrongdoing caused a lot of suffering

forgiveness is possible dear Creator

thank you for the abundance of your

forgiving Grace it takes humility to

accept it and wisdom to proceed

attending your Deeds to the Lord please

Therefore your schemes will be

established the Lord’s Prayer said even

if there are moments when it seems like

the entire world is resting on our

shoulders I will not fear evil because I

Journey Through the darkest valleys

God’s presence with us during our

mistakes is the greatest Grace never

allow fear prevent you from pursuing

your goals the message that follows

serves as a gentle reminder to be

patience and not stress in order to

fully experience peace May the peaceg

giving Lord himself Grant you peace in

every circumstance and good manners to


every person who is born into this

world has the capacity to overcome and

Excel you will feel the comfort and

support of my spirit recognize that I am

now converting your lamentation into

dance another all to find comfort in God

is make your way to me every one of you

who are tired and heavy laden and I the

Lord will give you rest Heaven is

balancing things out for your good and

arranging for blessings that will make

your life happier you are a living

example of my spirit it is your road map

through the darkness all that’s required

of you is perseverance Comfort will

eventually take the place of pain see

yourself situated in another world where

you realize that I was Almighty I give

this present moment to you my savior and

pray that you direct my actions you

ought to be able to see how far you’ve

come by now my darling child hear me

when I say this reroot your path and let

my peace fill your thoughts even though

I know it’s difficult every time I

Stumble Jesus extends forgiveness and

gives me another opportunity to behave

better and exhibit greater amounts of

the manifestations of the spirit in my

life though the obstacles you face now

may seem

insurmountable God has already started

the processes that will completely alter

your existence blessings from God

include Serene times breathtaking

sunrise R es and sunsets and inspiration

I will not be concerned about anything

that we do but in every scenario by

supplication and Petition of praise and

worship present whatever you want to the

almighty advises us Ephesians for

– it takes Faith to walk on water at

high temperatures and conquer the

mountains God’s grace is fresh and full

of Peace each morning in addition to

receiving forgiveness forgiveness grants

you a new opportunity in existence thank

you for being a part of this journey


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