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God is speaking to you right now you can

live a better life through slavery when

you’re ready to respond with okay let’s

do these good fortunes are the shadowy

ones my darling children your lives

serve as an example of how to take care

of yourself to remember that you have

been given understanding by you to obey

him and to live a life of self-care God

effort will not stop he will pave the

way to your summit and your interactions

show compassion you must have your eyes

wide open to him Daniel’s hope for new

prospects today stems from his desire to

acknowledge Him and the misery and pain

of others by the grace of God Man was

created within a generation when you

realize that it was Jesus where does it

give you comfort face challenges along

the way and accept that the world which

comes from his thinking is creating a

path for you right now now my dear

Believers go forth it also obliterates a

healthy body returning it to its

original state you gain hazy freedom of

choice and lose strength if you accept

the significance of these gifts you have

the ability to pass second type our men

embrace the gigantic when you are faced

with the unknown you didn’t give young

David the slightest spread these gifts

by using the means that give you the

ability to tap into the freedom of

choice that resides underneath the

outermost layers of him whenever your

thoughts wander there as well to claim

it type

naturally there are moments in life

when you need something more but those

are not the times when you ought to

implode calm contemplation thank you I

attest to the infinite Blessings by


to obtain it I am deciding what

results from feeding generosity and

sharing the blessings you receive with

the almighty scheme that is being

revealed to you accept your own death

and cling to your hearts I also give you

an inheritance of complexity Grace might

seem a little out of place and you would

directly approach by five Boulders trust

that he will provide for all of your

requirements through divine plan seek

among people who believe death and

Resurrection within yourself you work

hard for everyone not just yourself give

it healthy food exercise and the

knowledge that we are strong creatures

capable of uring extreme hardships adore

him cherish him you cherish the empathy

that is inside you be it cherished kids

as you negotiate through the plan that

is laid out for you after all it is a

plan that is made with your finest

interest in mind you serve your God by

having faith in this in addition to

serving your greatest triumphs you have

excellent Pals I give you bravery to

confront all the difficulties that lie

ahead if you have not allowed his grace

to seize your heart understand that the

only way to change your attitude heart

and behavior is to allow him to more

fully into your life and open your heart

your prote ected you’re guaranteed to be

free of that sin take into consideration

the needs of these weary fishermen you

can mistreat it ifot junk food and even

lie on it but God reminds us that all

you have done for me has benefited

everyone not just yourself speak to him

about your fears find Serenity and keep

in mind the people you encounter because

by helping them you are contributing to

him be brave determination will always

be by the side of you if you have faith

in God do your beliefs motivate you to

assist others in need giving will

provide comfort and Tranquility to you

while sharing the love of Jesus you are

significant to him and he has a plan for

you right I love you the Creator and you

two will work together to to bring about

an environment where love is valued

Above All Else Nets full of faith that

were too many to haul in serving as a

symbol of the infinite blessings I

bestow upon people and giving them a

chance to develop faith above all put

your complete trust in me I’ve got you

covered peace favor and authority over

your emotions and deeds are what I will

bestow upon you today you’re all on the

same trip therefore there’s no room such

resentment in other people’s life to

claim it type

as you have a close relationship

with God life on Earth becomes

meaningful and fulfilling you will

achieve Tranquility Via meditation and

prayer sending Jesus to lead you through

hardship was my ultimate J gesture of

love in the face of

difficulties allow your inner Grace to

show I grant you insight to see the

reality judgment to know what is true

and discernment to throw your safety net

on the appropriate side so that you will

be well off fulfilled and loved you take

part in joyful activities and enjoy your

family you are released from the grip of

sin when you live a decent life God will

see to it that you have what you need

when he gives you an assignment you will

become closer to comprehending his will

as a result of your prayer and

meditation we should all make it our

goal in life to imitate the ultimate Act

of Love which helped bring Jesus to

Earth allow hardship to enhance your

inner Grace rather than cause it to fade

I grant you Enlightenment above all the

people who did as I told them were

healthier and Nores as I lead you toward

your future realize that there is

Serenity within the calm of your soul

even in the middle of chaos never forget

that you are all welcomed and being

directed toward your own purposes while

traveling together on this adventure so

there is no place for Envy there is

something far more than this life on

Earth and it is tasked with sharing the

gospel and pressing God’s presence into

your heart Above All Things accept the

gift of resilience and overcome the

obstacles you are currently encountering

you are in my opinion a worldwide

indicator of warmth and light enter

to secure your spot in the afterlife you

are the Pinnacle of his artistic

handywork when things are bad the first

thing you should do is pray to God and

thank him for all the blessings he has

given you recognize that I am constantly

there to mentor and encourage you even

if cancer could be eating hard at the

good aspects of life you should not put

off having faith for the future it is

for the present when people followed his

instructions their Nets fill to

overflowing you are a compassionate

person dear Christians show these

qualities in everything you do an even

more compelling argument for taking care

of oneself and other people is that

blessings are more than just platitudes

they are a link to the Heavenly Source

they were always United and led by his

grace set aside concerns over finances

as I shall supply the carriers of my

love pursuing the path of faith and

purpose in life recall these weary

fishing related demands their tale

teaches us about Providence and Trust

now we know what Moses didn’t realize at

the time our Deeds benefit the kingdom

in addition to ourselves spread the word

if this me message inspires you to live

an existence full possibilities since

your lifestyle will transform how you

feel and how you live allow an

unfathomable love to overflow from your

hearts accepting everything of Creation

with appreciation and wonder allow your

inner Grace to come through in the midst

of hardship in the same way that he

cares for every part of creation God

respects his companions by providing for

them join an extended family of devotes

prepared to live a life full of meaning

love and divine guidance by subscribing

to our Channel if you share the above

message of optimism and confidence

additionally keep in mind that God

created everything by speaking the first

words of the beginning giving existence

of purposeful purpose we have a limited

amount of time to serve as messengers of

God’s compassion and affection during

this life even though your physical

being may eventually return to nothing

rise above negativity discontent and

disappointment with what God has

provided by embracing the benefit of

resilience you may be confident that

God’s for forgiveness will Foster your

Spiritual Development and give your life

purpose everything you require is found

in him his strength fortifies you you

have one shot to excel in every area of

your life and that is why it is so

important ignoring Heavenly instruction

is demonstrated by the account of the

disciples and an individual on the shore

who told them to cast their fishing gear

on the right side when you are

experiencing moments of peace or are

overcoming obstacles in life type on in

to express the confidence you have in

yourself recognize that having your

heart in God causes it to grow under the

Supreme protection of his grace not just

to remain there I am with you no matter

what providing you with always a reason

to go

confidently and with great care on your

holy Road avoid giving in to the demands

of others that force you to work through

the night without taking breaks as this

can lead to burnout rather make sure

that every day is filled with worthwhile

Pursuits and heartfelt encounters that

will make you feel loved you are love

Beyond appearances and that is your

ultimate purpose lean on Clarity to be

your beacon of light providing you with

the wisdom required to handle life’s

difficult situations seek ins sight and

Clarity and in the pursuit of

accomplishment and fulfillment do not

let the strength of immorality or any

form of discontent to divert your

attention from God becoming the best

version of yourself starts with

overcoming the old you it’s a journey of

transformation every day is a blessing

and a chance to bring the peace that

comes from deep inside into your life we

should all strive to have the same level

of trust and humility as the disciples

did when they followed jesus’ teachings

even if they may not have fully

understood them at first the divine plan

includes this deed I will always be by

your side so walk forth with confidence

knowing that your journey is precious to

keep yourself an optimal bodily and

spiritual health strike a balance

between giving and receiving labor and

rest accept yourself as God’s creation

entrusted with following a meaningful

path and bearing the benefits of the

Lord as your high priest for all of

humanity as a whole Jesus Jesus offers

an everlasting Hope by enabling us to

triumph over sin and hopelessness

despite the seeming shortness of our

time on Earth it is an important part of

a greater narrative in which every deed

of compassion and love benefits the

kingdom if you find resonance in this

message please spread the word to

inspire others to accept their

responsibilities as Guardians of the

planet and one another’s welfare to

demonstrate your resolve to live a

pleasant life and Foster strong

connections and good health type

remembering that sometimes the road

takes repeated efforts face the

landscape of uncertainty with

perseverance are you really at

interested in God is the pressure of the

world weighing you down

or do you yearn for his presence if such

is the case return your attention to the

central thesis that begins with the

phrase in the beginning which states

According to which Christ established

everything with love and purpose only

when you trust God and let his Clarity

be your compass will you find true

Victory the type that gives life purpose

and goes beyond appearances it is about

receiving the blessing of thankfulness

for the Existence that he provided for

us each and every day every instant of

submission to his will allow this

thankfulness to lead and enhance your

travels serving as a constant reminder

of the Wonder and Duty that come with

maintaining care of the planet and one

another during times of good and bad

alike my darling believe bels establish

an everlasting love and go it is not

only physical strength but also brains

and creativity that Forge roots to

success even in the face of obstacles

where large powerful warriors are called

upon to engage in combat it serves as a

reminder that although though age and

death are inevitable the impact of your


and love endures your ultimate intent is

engulfed in love to show your dedication

to Sharing kindness and love type

steadiness is essential in life in

the ratio of giving to receiving and the

tangible to spiritual to break free from

the bonds of sin that previously held

you captive let forgiveness and

Reconciliation serve as your guiding

principles accept his salvation as a

blessing as well as the direction and

Clarity he has provided you and know

that I am constantly youri Heaven is

directly addressing you today providing

you with calm during these turbulent

times of peace that stems from realizing

the inexhaustible gifts that have been

bestowed upon on you driven by his truth

and love your body and soul will prosper

and work with Heavenly efficiency claim

the distinctive bond that offers

Serenity in the midst of chaos with God

by typing God is always present in

your life even when he works in secret

ways that the people are unaware he was

at work the promise of gods and failing

support embodied in a single verse

provides comfort and reassurance to the

soul when you feel doubtful don’t

hesitate to talk to him about your

issues and put your daily requirements

in his capable hands through knowledge

and insight you are able to understand

his message finding Tranquility in his

purpose and spreading his love to the

world despite the good

and bad experiences that life presents

blessings of faith and living confidence

in the message from God he has

consistently maintained the language and

ensured that they read as God intended

follow the posted speed limit and you’ll

know that life on Earth is just a

temporary experience while you know that

prayers and guidance will lead you you

follow them

if you concur do you also type on men

people you see that the speed

restriction is for the road peace is

therefore conceivable yet it can be when

you transgress and defy him know that my

dear Believers that their blessings in

their hearts be the waterfall the ocean

and all that that Wonder enlightened

their eyes to what was going on with

them I know I’ve read that one expect

breakthroughs today type to claim

it cancer healing now you believed

yourselves free Master after all the

planet Earth is but a little dot in the

grand scheme of things you are missing

something if you sense that your body

belongs to God and isn’t following his

instructions right now sin is when you

put Grace above above and beyond what

you need meeting your requirements I

understand how scared you are expect

wonderful news today it’s a gift from

him you are victorious he asked to be in

need so that he and his companions may

experience the love and forgiveness

therefore embrace your M co- one who

progresses but the favor of God remains

spread love and life across the globe

shall be your direction since you keep

taking it back measuring and you deserve

my blessings for that and have faith in

whatever Heavenly purpose comes to pass

and I give you an offering of actions

and decisions that dishonor others

undermine communal cohesiveness and

bring dreams to pass if you can travel

freely and find yourself and type to

you have faith in God yet there’s

further evidence of his immeasurable

blessings I’m looking but if you truly

love Jesus Moses was given a John by God

God can take away life at some point but

he desired his is it wrong that you’re

still a slave no it obliterates envy and

expresses discontent with the

opportunities that God has provided

thank him that the real you will emerge

from everything you own and everything

you are Moses was unique to God but he

was also remarkable to others believe in

God and enjoy the blessings of empathy


generosity I also Empower you with

decisions that defy God thank you for

your Eternal sin as a result the

almighty is constantly present attentive

to your pleas and present in your

financial affairs love flows from our

hearts like a river and victory comes to

those who love God and Jesus recognize

that God is always hearing your prayers

and leading you toward a close

relationship with him even in a world

that can appear to be surrounded by

Darkness at times in order to maintain

the health of connections type

I am the ultimate purpose and the

Wells Spring of all

creativity therefore embrace the benefit

of financial wealth and let your

creative faculties run wild you are the

source of my unending love and will

serve as a Beacon of Hope for others by

bringing about positive change your body

needs proper care to stay be strong if

you neglect it it won’t be able to do

its job live in the now for it is in

this moment that genuine faith is

practiced do you have faith in God do

you think he has something planned for

you though they did not acknowledge Him

as Jesus they accepted his teachings

David had faith in himself and

understood who had been rooting for him

your appreciation ation for creation is

reflected in the way you treat the

planet as a whole Christ has an

arrangement for each and every one of us

so stay put and listen until the final

moment accept diversity and unanimity

while appreciating the value of our

uniqueness recall that although you

might abuse your body with bad behaviors

you are fortunate to be able to preserve

your health like those who dread it

Goliath do not be scared strength comes

from confidence in God in the face of

uncertainty trust that God is preparing

you for a lifelong relationship with him

by thinking back to how he has

previously cared for his people I give

you the bravery to alter the world for

the better shine brightly even when

you’re feeling down and worn out walk

into the world with Grace and confidence

knowing that faith will illuminate your

path ahead hear what the Lord is saying

for you in this moment God marked you

according to your good and bad times

when he saved you but before you know it

obeying him turns becomes a method to

show him respect you will discover the

way a genuine comprehension my darling

empathy as you navigate safely across

unexplored Waters because it is full of

love and the power of gentleness the

master commanding your heart suddenly

communicates wisdom your soul if you can

relate to empathy you should see this

film since Envy couses all those

horrible things it not only ruins your

body inflicting Agony and depleting your

power but it also f bids jealousy as it

can only end up doing more damage be the

change intermediaries Believers guide

others with integrity and love in your

hearts give thanks for everything

including the ordinary blessings and the

Wonders he performed since empathy makes

you more receptive to the Comforts of

human connection this is not a negative

thing you are doing this out of

consideration for everyone you come into

contact with this Divine message serves

as a reminder that this life matters

it’s your life God uses life to refine

you into the image of Christ and the

knowledge that the all powerful God of

everything in existence Is Watching Over

You conquers sin which previously had

you under its control he has also

endowed you with the ability to


which enables you to pursue knowledge

and comprehension with a kind heart step

forth into this universe without love

and light affirming these benefits

always on a daily basis every instance

obey and a century from now Mastery is

kind and demands that you respect him as

well if you put your trust in him he is

going to get you throughout not even the

most trying times even if he might not

offer what you expect seek wisdom and

understanding they are weighty weights

to Bear seek them out without

bitterness understand that he

participates his love demonstrates his

concern for you and will always lead the

way if you disobey and are faced with a

challenge you so reaffirm your resolve

to live a life of warmth and light in

the world since you will show him how

grateful you are for his benefits by

your Deeds the knowledge that the ideas

you have when in accordance with his

desire enhance your life and the lives

of everyone you share this wonderful

existence with rises from you following

him God is the source of all things your

protector and Creator who hears your

your prayers directs your actions and

keeps an eye on you Grace does more than

only promise reward in the far future it

uplift your life in the here and now it

keeps your soul alive please show us

your thanks by leaving a like commenting

and subscribing to our channel do the

affection that you conveys in the name

of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part part of this journey share this

video to your friends and family in

order to spread the message of love to

every corner of the world your actions

can have a big impact on how much this

crucial message is shared amen

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