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my child listen closely for I have an

important message for

you pay attention for I’m doing

something new in your life do not fight

against it or resist the change I am

bringing instead surrender to my will

and plans for

you when I prompt you to let go of the

old and embrace the new do not cling to

the Past release your grip on what is

familiar and trust me to lead you I will

bring water into the desert places of

your life and carve a path through the

Wilderness do not be afraid or filled

with doubt have I not parted the waters

before have I not made a way when there

was no way of course I have my child I

am the same yesterday today and

forever just as I guided Moses and the

Israelites through the Wilderness I will

guide you through your Wilderness I will

part your Red Sea so you can walk

through on dry ground Come Away with

with me precious one into the quiet

place where we can be alone shout out

the noise and distractions that surround

you and draw near to me for how can you

hear my voice when your mind is filled

with the chaos of this world quiet your

thoughts and open your spirit to receive

what I want to speak to your heart as

you hear my word I will bring Clarity

and direction I will recharge your

spirit as you sit at my feet time

invested in my presence is never wasted

beloved one do not feel ashamed or

condemned for needing rest I know your

frame and I remember that you are but

dust I am not keeping record of your

shortcomings but rather I celebrate our

time together for even if your mind does

not grasp the full meaning of the word

spoken my Living Word is still

penetrating your innermost being

transforming you from within continue

seeking me in the scriptures my love for

my word is alive and active Ive and cuts

through the entanglements of your soul

like a sharp sword it brings truth and

Clarity and Revival to your inner being

as you devote yourself to knowing me

through my word old ways of thinking and

seeing are trimmed away bit by bit the

overgrown landscape of your mind is

tamed frustration anxiety and fear are

mound down by the power of my promises

doubt and confusion are swept aside to

make room for steadfast assurance in who

I am this is the new thing I am doing in

you precious

one I am clearing away debris and making

straight paths in the wilderness places

I am bringing order out of chaos peace

where there was turmoil do not

underestimate the power of my word to

radically transform you in ways you

cannot yet perceive I am working

diligently in you Rene your mind to

become more like me things that once

burdened you down will lose their grip

as you gain Heavenly perspective the

strongholds of the enemy in your mind

will be demolished as truth displaces

lies where destructive thought patterns

once controlled you new ways of thinking

will emerge bringing Liberation stay

focused on me through daily scripture

reading and prayer let my word feed your

mind and my spirit renew your

thoughts as you devote yourself to

Knowing Me Above All Else old ways of

seeing will will give way to new

revelation and

understanding the landscape of your soul

will Blossom with my truth yielding a

harvest of righteousness and

peace come to me for vision when your

way forward seems

unclear for I see farther than you ever

could and I know the plans I have for

you in intricate

detail you need only take hold of my

outstretched hand place your fragile

human understanding into my care and let

me lead you step by step do not lean too

heavily upon your own wisdom for it is

limited and flawed but commit your way

wholeheartedly to me and watch as I

unfold my purposes one day at a

time where you feel uncertainty I will


Clarity when doubt looms I will instill

unwavering confidence in my

faithfulness in your weakness I will

show myself strong on your

behalf take take this first step

surrender control into my hands lay down

your need to understand everything and

simply trust me give me your willing yes

take my hand in childlike faith and

watch what I will

do for I know the way through the

Wilderness even when the path seems

hidden I can part Waters and move

mountains I will make streams flow in

the driest desert places will you trust


do not be overwhelmed by situations

beyond your control my precious one

cease striving and know that I am God I

am able to do far beyond what you can

ask or imagine come to me when you feel

powerless to change things allow your

helplessness and Desperation to become a

Gateway into deeper trust in

me understand that storms will come but

I have overcome the world I hold

eternity in my hands I sit enthroned as

the glory unrivaled King of Kings whose

Rule and Dominion will never end there

is no situation I cannot use for your

Eternal good so do not demand

explanations from me or prescribe

outcomes to me simply Bow Low before my

Holiness and yield your human

understanding to my Divine

wisdom believe that I am able to bring

Beauty even from ashes life even from

Death relinquish control into my strong

and loving hands confidence that I will

work all things together for good I know

exactly what I am doing beloved one in

Quiet Moments pour out your heart to me

in raw honesty holding nothing back

worries anger despair lay them down at

my feet weep if you must scream if you

must I understand the depth of your pain

and the weight of burdens you were never

meant to carry alone I know the areas of

weakness and woundedness in your soul

and I come close to heal what is broken

do not hide your tears from me or

conceal your Agony simply come as you

are and rest in my unconditional

love let me speak words of life and hope

to the darkest places within you allow

me to lift off heavy loads and set you

free from all that holds you captive

there is no shame and weakness only

Beauty and

surrender beloved you need not strive to

hold everything together in your own

failing strength was I not pierced so

you could be made whole did I not bleed

so you could be healed child let go of

pretenses and cling only to me let my

grace wash over your soul like a tidal

wave dive deep into the vast ocean of my

mercy and get lost in its depths there

is no sin I did not carry or anguish I

cannot understand I know intimately

every fiber of your being so come and

find your rest in me unload your heavy

burdens and take my yoke instead for my

ways are gentle and humble in heart let

me gather up the broken fragmented

pieces of your life and make you whole

for I have not given you a spirit of

fear but of power love and sound

judgment you need not be tossed about by

Changing Winds giving way to panic and

chasing after quick

Solutions Come Away With Me be still and

know I am God I will give you

understanding discernment and strength I

will show you which paths lead to

destruction and which ones Guide to Life

if you wait patiently on me I will speak

and reveal Mysteries you have not

perceived I will illuminate your mind to

comprehend times and Seasons listen for

my gentle whisper leading you along and

Obey when I say turn here or wait there

the counsel of the ungodly will fail you

but I will never lead you astray fix

your eyes on me alone

not on the swirling chaos around you I

remain Sovereign over every human

government and Authority my plans cannot

be thwarted even amidst shakings and

upheavals the future is safely held

within my hands alone so tune your ear

to Heaven’s frequency and block out the

deafening static of this world hear my

voice and follow me wherever I lead

listen for my voice showing you the way

into unknown Realms beloved child though

the path twists and turns though the

course seems puzzling and strange stay

close by me and follow every step let

not your foot tread where I have not

walked before you and tested each Stone

along the path take no detours from the

course I set before you even when the

journey seems lonely and fearful keep

your gaze fixed on me alone for only I

can see the end from the beginning and

know the destination to which I am

guiding your life you you perceive only

shadows and fog but I behold Crystal

Clarity and radiant Dawn trust in my

leadership lean confidently on my wisdom

the shepherd will not lose even one of

his own so do not

fear beloved Child leave behind the

churning cacophony that surrounds you

shut out screaming voices clamoring for

attention opinions and ideologies

demanding Allegiance silence the

restlessness and resistance within hear

only my quiet whisper watch for my

subtle signals yield to my nudging and

prodding lay down your need to see the

whole picture or map the entire course

be content to know what I reveal step by

step as you near each Bend and turn

patiently let me take you by the hand

and guide you down Pathways your natural

eyes cannot yet

see soon Celestial Glory will illuminate

your every step until then follow in

childlike trust wherever I lead this is

the way into the Wonders I have prepared

for you my beloved child

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