✝️God Says: ?My Child, I Don’t Want You To Cry |The God Words| God Message Today

my beloved child when you start to doubt

yourself and feel scared remember that I

am your strength and your safe place

lean on me to get some rest for your

tired Soul you can’t be moved because I

am the rock you stand on no matter how

hard things get don’t give up I am

stronger than any problem you may face

with me by your side you’re more than

strong enough to win get up with

confidence and walk with courage into

the future I’ve planned for you always

know that I am plan planning every part

of your life for your good from behind

the scenes believe that I know what is

best for you and that I will guide you

at the right time give me all of your

worries and stress and let my peace wash


you you should keep your eyes on me as

you go forward I am the one who started

and will finish your faith do what is

right in my eyes first and everything

else will fall into place have faith in

what I say because I mean

it do not forget my child that I love

and care for you very much my heart is

happy about you and I sing with joy over

you keep holding on to my love because

it will get you through

everything as you leave this moment know

that I will always be with you leading

you keeping you safe and loving you

always trust that what I say will happen

and watch as I carry out the wonderful

plan I have for your

life keep walking in the light of my

love and let it show you the way way I

have never changed so you can trust that

I will always be there for you don’t Let

The Changing Winds of Life move your

soul instead take refuge in the truth of


word remember that I am always with you

walking with you through every Valley

and up every Mountain as you go on your

journey when you’re scared or doubtful

hold on to my promises like a

Lifeline I will never let you fall stay

rooted in my love and get your strength

in courage from the source of my

grace let it flow through you filling

you with a peace that is beyond

understanding and a joy that is too much


contain keep going even when things get

hard because they are just stepping

stones on the way to your destiny

believe that I am in charge and that

everything will work out for your

good do not give up as you keep going

toward the prize that lies ahead keep

your eyes on me the one who started and

finished your faith and run the race

you’re on with patience and

persistence there is no time or place

when I am not with you around you my

love is like a fortress protecting you

from harm and leading you to the full

life I promised

you so go out there my beloved with

faith and courage I will always be with

you until the end of time we will go on

this journey together into the wonderful

future I have planned for

you I know that big problems have come

up in your life life that seem

impossible to solve here though is the

chance to show that I am with you all

the time not just on Happy

Days when you’re weak is when my power

shines brightest do not give up on the

progress you have already made or waste

the many gifts I have given you do not

give up on the people you love even if

they have hurt you give them another

chance and I will give you the patience

and wisdom to know how much you have

done be smart and be patient with people

who insult and attack you but keep your

head up and keep your head up and keep


dignity I don’t want the people who hurt

you to get hurt because I will face them

directly and give them a chance to

change don’t give up on the faith you

feel today if you don’t feel Faith some

days don’t

worry when you come to me feeling empty

when sadness comes back and when the

ghosts of the past threaten to Cloud

your emotions just be yourself I will

heal you free you and break the chains

that hold you back you can come to me in

the morning at noon or whenever you need

me to be there bring the Divine love

that surrounds you to me and I will move

mountains for

you make a half approach with faith pray

with firm conviction and assurance and

move forward with heart strength sadness

and discouragement have no place in this

world anymore having to deal with family

issues can be very hard on your mind and


there are times in your life when you

need to be alone to think and feel

better I want you to know that you are

not alone when things are

quiet the Holy Spirit my comforting hug

is with you making you feel at peace you

were not made to be sad cry or feel like

your mistakes and disappointments are

too much for you to

handle I want you to remember that my

love for you will never change even when

you are hurting and crying sometimes

times you might feel like you can’t go

on because the dark clouds of Despair

are too big to

handle but I’m here to help you feel

better and remind you that you’re not

meant to live a beat down life your

heart is a lovely and pure thing and I

want it to shine brightly instead of

being hidden step into the light let

your happy face shine and let other

people see you

smile let them be happy in my name

because you are my beloved child and a

sign of how much I love you I have done

so much for you and I will continue to

do Miracles that you can’t even imagine

so you can fully understand how

important you are to

me this is something I’ve told you many

times there is no room for hopelessness

or going back what a strong force you

are you cut through the problems and

make the way to the land of blessings

I’ve set aside just for

you you are a parent to many generations

and a source of blessings for those who

come after you I will help you

understand this spiritual ually don’t

give up because you aren’t getting any

attention today or because you are going

through hard times no matter how painful

they are don’t forget about the gifts

and blessings I give you everything is

meant to be there I am completely in

charge of everything but don’t forget

that how you feel matters you will reach

higher levels because of your faith and

the way you believe if you feel weak

read my word to get

strength if you think you can’t go on

get down on your knees and pray I’m

there living in your heart my blessings

are not far away they are right in front

of you your salvation is here and all of

your problems will fall

apart your enemies will be defeated do

you believe in me now love me I will do

a great miracle in you as soon as I hear


answer what a huge love I have for you I

will keep telling you that every day and

night because it comes from the bottom

of my heart it makes me very happy to

see your eyes open to the new day know

how grateful you are and see the love in

your heart when you wake up tomorrow let

these words which came from my

inspiration fill your mind there will be

less doubt more hope less darkness and

you will leave behind sadness and

hopelessness you should be strong live

your life to the fullest and welcome the

new path that lies ahead every day wear

the armor of battle and hold the sword

of my word in your hands as you wake up

with joy because you believe in my

miraculous power your soul will be

healed and set free feelings of guilt

and regret will no longer weigh you down

believe this with all your heart no one

can judge you there is no one who can

judge you and no ly tongue can hurt you

the accusatory pointing of fingers will

be burned up by the fire of my Divine

Justice even if many smart and mean

enemies rise up against you I will

protect you like a strong Fortress I

care about you I have given you the

power to walk on snakes and scorpions

and nothing or anyone can hurt you many

people in the world are calling out to

me but sometimes they feel like I’m not

there it’s very simple I want your

honest Faith even if it’s just a seed

planted in your heart watch it grow into

a strong tree because your faith will

bring you many blessings share this

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