✝️God Says:🫣 “THIS CANNOT WAIT” | God Message For You Today | The God Words

good morning my sweet child how are you

this is a sacred space between us so

please tell me everything say what’s on

your mind and let go of your worries

right now let go of your worries and

when you hear my strong word my Healing

Hand will touch your soul it will soothe

your crying eyes and break the chains

that hold your heart together like steel

nails for good These Chains can only be

broken by my power I want to bring you

peace of mind rebuild your faith and

give you the energy to want to reach

your goals and soar again coming to be

with me every day is very important if

you want to feel better you and I will

erase the bad parts of your life and

write a new one together it is my hope

that you see yourself as you really are

loved by me a triumphant soul with a

strong reason to live each day your age

shouldn’t get in the way of your

happiness remember that you are a huge

blessing to many people and can help

others in big ways way you have a lot of

seeds in your hands that you can plant

in the field in front of you get up

because your family needs you a lot of

Hearts big and small admire you the

enemy has been torturing you since the

beginning of time it tried to clip your

wings and lock you up in the jungle of

anger it almost made you believe that

you were not worth anything it hurt you

in small ways that drained your heart of

blood one drop at a time you heard what

I said said admitted you were wrong and

asked for forgiveness for your sins your

prayer to change your mind was beautiful

and we in heaven were happy for you to

come home today you are making progress

in the fight for life with the faith

that burns inside you it makes me happy

that you trust me enough to tell me

what’s bothering you you’re

rediscovering the joy of living but

you’re also having to face feelings that

you’ve pushed down for a long time you

will feel stronger have more faith and

feel very powerful if you talk to me

every day I’m taking the weight off your

shoulders your soul will feel lighter

and happiness will fill you now that

you’ve heard me talk to me don’t be

afraid to say what’s on your mind no one

in the world can stop the good things I

wish for you because I love you I have

put my shield in your hands and wrapped

my holy mantle around you to protect you

my guardian angels are ready to protect

you from the Devourer don’t forget that

you’re never by yourself I am with you

every step of the way even on the

darkest nights when it seems like the

Shadows are covering you if you trust me

you will be able to get through anything

that stands in your way don’t let fear

or doubt get in the way of your thinking

instead look at the light that’s inside

you the Divine spark that shines

brightly in your soul with each step you

take let that light shine out and fill

the world with light driving away the

dark Darkness I have great plans for you

that will make you happy and not hurt

you I have plans to give you hope and a

future the only way for these plans to

work is for you to trust me and do what

I say big things are possible for you my

child bigger than you can imagine before

anything else you have to believe in

yourself and your power do not let

mishaps or failures from the past Define

who you are instead see them as chances

to learn and grow as stepping stones on

the way to your destiny remember that

every day is a gift that you should be

thankful for and enjoy take advantage of

the chances that come your way and face

every challenge with strength and

courage remember that I am always here

for you to help to give you strength

when you need it and to pick you up when

you fall feel better knowing that you

are loved and cared for more than words

can say even your own doubts and fears

can’t keep you from my love my beloved

child you are precious to me and I will

never leave you feel free to go out into

the world knowing that you are never

alone walk in the light of my love and

you will find peace that you can’t

explain joy that you can’t put a number

on and blessings that you can’t even

begin to count if you trust me I will

show you the way I saw your tears and

want you to know that I was crying with

you your pain is my pain and I I want

you to find comfort and the strength to

keep going I will always be here for you

ready to help you when you need it and

fight for you when you feel tired my

armies in heaven watch over you even if

you can’t always see them they protect

you from many trials when you feel worn

out and I will open your eyes to the

supernatural so you can see my warrior

Angels fighting Fierce battles for you I

have protected you from accidents that

would have killed you from illnesses

from criminals and from the enemy of

your soul when it tried to eat you my

love for you will never change no matter

what happens you will always be safe and

loved by me people please don’t get

upset or scared when problems come up

you once told me you trusted me and

promised not to respond to mean things

people say I love you and want you to

know that no matter what people say or

do it can’t hurt you where I put you is

at the very top of the levels of faith

and wisdom do not let arguments slander

disagreements or fights take away your

peace of mind they want to know how you

feel so they can trick you and hurt the

people around you so I beg you to accept

my peace find quiet places to be and

speak my word out loud or in your head

because the power of my promises will

break the chains that hold you back let

go of your stress and worry and I will

free you believe what you’re hearing but

don’t lose your cool when bad news comes

your way face it with strength and a

straight head you can be sure that I am

with you because I spoke to your soul do

not believe Those Who attack you when

they say that no one is protecting you

their words may hurt you be careful not

to let lies and slander enter your mind

and heart I will give you the strength

to beat these enemies and if you fall I

will always listen to your broken heart

with compassion keep this in mind you

will find happiness and many blessings

if you stay away from error and those

bad-hearted friends you can choose who

you want to believe I’ve asked you this

question a lot because I know you are

human but now you understand that I am

God you have faith and I have power

sometimes you may feel weak but I’m

always here to help you I have kept your

family safe from dangerous situations

and will continue to do so but I beg you

and your family to look for me trust my

word and accept my holy promises tell

them that I know everything about their

lives and a special plan that needs to

come true if they think they’ve lost

something like a thing a friend a job or

their own plans falling apart tell them

not to be sad or

grieve tell them over and over

everything happens for a reason our

beloved God is in charge and even things

that seem bad will work out for the best

in the end find me every day and be

thankful no matter what good or bad and

believe this amazing Miracles will

happen when your hearts are full of

Praise please tell them what I want you

to say and reassure them that everything

will be okay I’m always planning things

behind the scenes so that they work out

well for you I am moving mountains for

you even when you can’t see it don’t

give up my child keep going with faith

and determination remember that you are

never alone through good times and bad

there is always someone by your side to

cheer you on and help you feel better

if you need help just lean on me I’ll

get you through it we will be able to

get through any problem and win in the

end hold on to what I’ve promised my

sweet child and know that my love will

never fail you you can handle anything

that comes your way with me by your side

trust yourself trust my power and trust

that the best is yet to come stay strong

in your faith my beloved because I am

leading you to a future full of Hope and

blessings that can’t be measured let go

of the things that are making your heart

heavy and trust that I will take care of

you I am the god of Plenty and you will

never be without let go of your hands

and take what I’ve prepared for you

don’t put limits on your hopes or doubt

my ability to bless you greatly my love

has no limits and I want to give you

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