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if you clicked on this video today your

guardian angels have a very special

message for you the person who often

occupies your thoughts finally realizes

that he cannot resist your unique

charm the Angels say that there is

someone special someone who keeps coming

through you you remember them but now

they are no longer with you life in its

complicated way has not allowed your

paths to fully

converge every time you feel a

connection there is a major obstacle

blocking the path to being

together change is coming and soon it

won’t be a problem anymore that special

person wakes up and realizes the reality

of their feelings for you and

experiences a wave of emotions that they

have never felt

before I repeat the person who is often

in your thoughts finally realizes that

he cannot resist your unique

charm Yes you heard right that special

someone has finally understood your

unique charm and can’t resist it the

more he tries to live he tries to put

you out of his mind

mind the more he finds it absolutely

impossible he can’t stop thinking about

you day and night awake or

sleeping you are there you become a

fixture the presence of a distraction

that they cannot

ignore they have come to the conclusion

that the only way to alleviate this fear

is to allow a big

change they clear that this is a big

risk and know that their life will be

like that they have changed completely

and the people around them will feel the

effects but they don’t

care they understand that it is worth

being with you in all the upheavals and

hope with all their hearts that you will

feel the same now it’s not going to

happen to you

overnight this will take some time due

to the size of the obstacle between

you ensuring everything is done

correctly requires special care and time

you want to be sure that your connection

will be permanent and will not be

disturbed by the consequences of the

decisions they really want this

relationship to work and can’t stand it

when haste ruins everything so patience

is important right now your guardian


say point this out if you try to rush

things more than the universe intended

you could cause problems or complicate

things for both of you let things take

their natural course at first you don’t

have to do everything you can to move

the situation along just deal with it

and let it come to you here is a

concrete prediction this year will be a

turning point your person will approach

you with trust true love and

commitment loving you forever is an

important event that brings you closer

to the moment when he begins to express

his love more

openly in a few months they will finally

get back to you and tell you what they

are talking about

I plann for them to share the changes

they have made in their lives to be

ready for you be prepared for the big

changes to come and know that everything

will go as

planned your guardian angels want you to

remember some important things first

there’s nothing wrong with being excited

and I’m nervous at the same

time it’s a big step and it’s okay to

have mixed feelings about

it secondly always remember to be

patient good things take time and it is

a journey that cannot be

rushed and third remember this you are

loved and protected the universe is on

your side and is working to give you the

love you

deserve so take a deep breath allow

allow these words to sink into your

heart and allow your spirit to receive

the message from the

Angels please note that this is a

waiting period time of patience and time

of Faith keep your heart open to receive

the love prepared especially for

you always remember that you are unique

your charm is irresistible and the

special person in your head is slow but

surely recognizing

this there may be moments of Doubt on

this journey moments of Doubt where you

wonder if it’s worth it but remember

that every step they take brings them

closer to you the changes are big and

small to adapt their life to

yours this is their commitment to you a

testimony of their love for you remember

that your guardian angels are with you

every step of the way working behind the

scenes guiding you helping you and

making sure that everything falls into

place at the right time by being silent

supporting the people with invisible

hands who organize this beautiful love

story so in those Quiet Moments when you

are alone with your thoughts remember

remember this

message remember that you are not alone

and that true love is on the way for you

remember the promise of the end of the

year when you a special person will

finally openly Express his love for you

this is the event you have been waiting

for a moment that will change your life

forever keep your heart open your mind

full of Hope and your mind will be at

Peace Love Is On The Way Guided by the

universe and managed by the Angels this

love will be worth all the burden all

the patience and all the faith you have

invested you are loved you are protected

and you are on your way to a beautiful

and Lasting

Love may this message from your guardian


resonate with you it will comfort you

and give you hope

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