✝️?God Says : Ask? Me And I Will RESTORES? What You’ve LOST ?SEEK GREAT MIRACLES? | Gods Message Now

[Music] my beloved child I see the longing in your heart the cries of your soul and

the prayers that have poured from your lips know that I am here not by chance

but by Divine Design responding to your deepest needs in these moments my Holy

Spirit surrounds you bringing strength and comfort to your life place your complete trust in me I

am your steadfast provider the Vigilant Guardian Who Watches Over You even in

your least aware moments let me steer your life bestow upon you wisdom and

entrust you with resources to manage for it is my utmost desire to see you thrive

in every aspect of your existence when you place your trust in me doors of blessings shall open before

you and the windows of heaven will unveil showering you with spiritual

riches that fill your soul with indescribable able joy and peace you’ve sensed my presence my

desire to speak to your heart and I’ve been preparing you in countless ways my

messages written within the pages of your Bible shine brightly before your sincere

heart today you’ve opened your heart to me rekindling the Covenant we

share you offer me your faith trust and the fullness of your hope trust that I

hear your please and let go of the weight of anxiety that might make you think your words do not reach the

heavens from the very day you cried out an angel departed from my Celestial

Throne holding the key to your Liberation you are a special Soul

engaged in a Celestial battle for your life the adversary seeks to drag you

down to wish for your failure but my heavenly armies wage war against these forces of evil

the challenges that have befallen You Are Not Mere coincidences they serve a

purpose I call on you to be vigilant and wise be cautious with your words share

your innermost thoughts with care the enemy seeks to devour you to

exploit your vulnerabilities and to break your faith with lies and deception your future is a tapestry of

Wonders and miracles while you may face trials for a

season know that your problems are not Everlasting they will fade away the

burdens that weigh you down will lift and those who have hurt you may return seeking

forgiveness but remember your faith and trust must remain Anchored In Me

Alone even when others promise you the world hold fast to the knowledge that

only I possess the power to bless and protect you from evil I’m the sour source of truth I never fail nor do I

deceive should you place your trust in empty promises from deceitful Hearts your blessings will dissipate like the

wind and some may never return so this is your moment anchor

your faith in my powerful and Eternal Word unchanging and steadfast throughout all

time the hour of decision approaches choose my love my affection and embrace

it fully make a solemn commitment to meet with me every morning to listen and

immerse yourself in the word that has illuminated your path and given you purpose fear not when you come before me

for I long to hear your voice no matter your state or emotion believe in me and I shall bless

the work of your hands your endeavors and your aspirations with each step you take even

in the face of challenges my blessing will be be your constant companion trust in my ways and you will

see how I amplify your efforts and lead you to prosperity in all that you

undertake it is my deepest desire to see you thrive and your life shine

brilliantly growing ever more radiant until it reaches its full Glory I

understand that life on Earth can be fraught with hardships and uncertainties and you may encounter trials that test

your faith however be assured in facing these trials I will never abandon you rely on

my plans for you for I’m always with you working in your favor and in the favor

of all who love me do not fret about the future or be overwhelmed by present struggles for with me your path is

secure I have destined you for victory not defeat trust in me and I will direct

your steps remember true Pro prosperity and success are not confined to material

wealth do not fixate on Earthly Treasures but prioritize seeking my

kingdom and righteousness hold my teachings dear embracing them

wholeheartedly I assure you that all else you need will be provided your heartfelt prayers and the desires of

your heart will be fulfilled bringing to life the dreams you have nurtured through your efforts having been blessed

by me it is your calling to to be a vessel of blessing for others share the

grace you have received and be generous always therefore my beloved Child come

and find Solace In My Embrace I will strengthen Enlighten and embolden you

fear not to entrust your all to me have faith in my guidance and know that

difficult times will not overpower you do not lose heart in the face of

Trials or tribulations for they serve to to fortify your faith and remind you of

your Reliance on me when you face battles or challenges

call upon me and I will respond I will grant you wisdom and the means to surmount any

obstacle I will open doors that appeared shut and lead you to opportunities that

will enrich your life in unexpected ways once again I say to you surrender

everything to me place your finances your dreams and your desires in mind my

hands and you will witness how I bless your work and every Endeavor remember

that I am the true owner of all things and my provision Shall Serve to bless and prosper you in every facet of your

life I shall ensure that all goes well for you there will be Harmony in your

family relationships you will enjoy health and emotional well-being and you

will both love and be loved for I shall be with you at all times reminding you that my love for you

is complete and encompasses every aspect of your existence trust in me and allow me to be

your guide beloved child I shall Lead You Down Paths of

righteousness and into lands of abundance I will never abandon you for

you are my most precious treasure the apple of my eye I will always be by your side so

fear not the future for I have marvelous plans in store for you walk with me in

faith and obedience and you shall witness how I transform your life and fill it with wondrous blessings I am

your God your father and your provider place your trust in me and you shall

prosper on your journey May these words my child touch

your heart and strengthen your faith may you perceive my love manifesting through

the blessings that shall come into your life never never doubt me or my words

believe in them and treasure them in your heart always maintain an attitude of

gratitude for what you have and for what is Yet to Come gratitude will open your eyes to

the abundance that already exists in your life and enable you to receive more

of my blessings continue onward my child believing in my promises and working

diligently and wisely Above All Else never allow circumstances

to divert you from my path nor let the distractions of the world sway you

utilize your gifts and talents to flourish in your work and business demonstrate integrity and generosity in

all your endeavors only then will you witness how I multiply the work of your hands blessing and prospering you in

every facet of your life soon your struggles and trials shall draw to a close do not yield for I

shall reward your Valor beloved child lend a keen ear to my words for today I speak to you urging

you not to surrender nor to despair I beseech you be Resolute and

steadfast do not allow fear to encroach upon your heart nor doubt to obscure your mind for even when the night is

shrouded in darkness and uncertainty looms large I shall remain steadfastly by your side walking with you even

amidst your trials and tribulations I shall not forsake you for

I am here to uphold and shield you as you Journey Through This World therefore

raise your gaze to the heavens and call upon me for I shall come to your Aid I

shall not leave you I shall never abandon you regardless of the trials you

currently endure know that I shall always stand with you remember that no

matter how dark the night may be there will always always be a Dawn and within each Dawn an

opportunity for there is no storm that does not ultimately yield to calm all in

this life is transient but my word and those who place their trust in me endure

eternally just as the heavens and the Earth shall pass away so too shall all

things pass and in due course these trials and struggles in your life shall

conclude have faith for what I tell you today is the truth I shall not abandon

you nor release you from my grasp for I am with you infolding you in my love and

illuminating your path with the most radiant light child always give your

utmost at every moment persist in pursuing your dreams and strive for your

goals and projects Forge ahead unwaveringly pay no heed to the words of

others do not allow malevolent comments or malicious gossip to affect you listen to

my voice attend to my words for in me you shall find grace and favor to

achieve all that you set out to do place your trust in me to attain your goals I

shall bestow upon you the peace you require a peace that transcends all human understanding capable of bringing

tranquility and freedom to your soul child I shall always be with you

watching over you and I shall richly reward your effort and dedication all that you have sown with

passion and devotion you shall soon reap then you will gather the fruits you

have eagerly awaited and your life shall be full happy and

prosperous remember never yield in the face of adversity remain steadfast with

courage and integrity for in this life no burden shall be too great for you to

bear I shall Prov you you with the strength to overcome every Temptation and evil deed be strong and courageous

for regardless of how harsh or Dreadful your circumstances may be I shall always

be with you do not forget that the stronger your trials the greater your blessings for

what is today a severe trial shall soon become one of the grandest victories of

your life continue forward my child with steady and confident steps

battle with faith and unwavering resolve always remember in every step you take

in every obstacle you encounter you are never alone My Embrace surrounds you at all

times providing the strength and courage you need to keep moving forward even

when the journey seems tough and the burdens feel too heavy believe in your ability to surmount any hurdle maintain

the light of Hope in your heart despite the storms and trials for there is a reward for persistence and a prize

awaits those who endure to the end recognize that you possess more

strength than you realize in this strength you will find the power to turn

challenges into opportunities tears into laughter and fear into

bravery don’t surrender do not turn back for your determination and faith will

carry you to places Beyond Your Wildest Dream place your trust in me and in the innate

potential I have instilled in you to navigate life’s challenges within you lies not just

skills talents and gifts but also a profound strength that will illuminate

your way even in the darkest times therefore my child proceed with

bravery and stand firm in resolution for I am ever present supporting each step

of your journey have faith that through your life I will perform great and wondrous acts and your every effort tear

and prayer will find its fulfillment in My Endless Love let my love wrap around

you now guiding you towards the fruitful and prosperous future I’ve planned for you remember you are my precious gem and

I’m always with you guiding your dreams Ambitions and desires with infinite

love your story is still unfolding and in each chapter you’ll find lessons love

and personal growth hold fast to Hope knowing that even this challenging phase

will pass when you reflect on your journey you will see the extent of your

growth and the distances you’ve traveled fueled by your strength and persistence move ahead my child I lead

the way like a formidable Force infusing you with love strength and

hope my love for you is unending ending and I will always cherish you no matter

the distance you may not feel my presence but know that I am with you

watching over each step you take on this challenging journey I have seen the difficulties you face and the tears you

shed understand that it was never my desire for you to endure such hardships

for my love for you knows no bounds This Love Remains constantly available ready to envelop you with Open

Arms in times when you feel lost in the darkness remember that I am here for you

I will always be by your side guiding and guarding you never leaving you to

face the world alone reach out and let me take your hand guiding you towards the light in a

path filled with peace and hope in this place you will discover Joy abundance

and happiness trusted me my child for the life I have planned for you is filled

with remarkable purposes giving you a meaningful existence and a future rich with victories and blessings no matter

how distant you may feel from me now you are never out of my reach my grace and forgiveness are

always available to you remember my love can overcome any obstacle and conquer

any challenge just trust in me and I will be there to answer your prayers even as

times of pain and sorrow I am listening to you and my heart is filled with

compassion for you there is nothing you can do that will separate you from my love no mistake too great no sin too

grave my love overcomes all faults and weaknesses it surpasses all

understanding and reaches beyond the heavens let me embrace you in your moments of need and show you the grace

and forgiveness I offer understand that my love knows no

bounds no matter how many times you stumble I shall always be there to lift you

up no matter how often you air I shall always be there to correct your steps

and Lead You Down The Righteous path my love is unwavering and

inexhaustible forever present in your life granting you the strength and courage to overcome any

adversity my child close your eyes and allow me to embrace you let the warmth

of my presence be like soothing energy let my love envelop you and provide Solace cradling you in my arms and

offering you encouragement come Surrender Your Heart To Me beloved

child fear not for I shall Grant you Freedom peace and Tranquility trust in me for I shall be

your refuge and strength allow me to embrace you and reveal true love to you

love capable of healing any wound and restoring your soul always remember that you are my

greatest treasure and my love for you shall never waver no matter how challenging the

circumstances you face I shall always be there to support you my child on this

day let me embrace you and allow me to Bear all your burdens you need not bear

the weight alone for I am here to assist you today I shall take charge of all

that you lack even to the fullness of your soul remember that I shall always be with you providing you with the

strength you need to confront any adversity simply trust in me even when

you feel no one understands or when you think you are alone in your battles I shall always be here listening

to every Whisper of your heart loving you and aiding you in every

way in this moment my child I want you to feel the warmth of my love

surrounding and comforting you comprehend that my love for you shall never wne it shall be here for you in

every moment of your life ready to embrace and console you whenever

necessary beloved child raise your hands now and bask in my love a love that

never falters or fades it is my pure Sublime and unconditional love for you

accept it now receive my Embrace in which you shall find the strength to

carry on the hope to face challenges and the certainty that you shall never ever

be alone I love you my child with an eternal love I shall Endeavor to

accomplish something of great significance in your life for you have been chosen to Triumph and be

blessed listen attentively to my voice for today I speak to reassure you urging

you not to despair nor to fear the impending challenges do not permit anxiety to invade your

heart nor allow fear to obscure your path I am at your side I walk alongside

you even in the midst of your struggles and trials I shall not abandon you I am

here to sustain and shield you as you navigate this world do not allow

adversity to overpower you nor let the criticisms and murmur of others weigh you down for in the midst of all your

Tri trials and battles I am with you I have witnessed your faith even in

the face of the adversaries assaults I have observed your unwavering and Resolute stance serving as a genuine

Testament to my love and power you have shared my word with courage and determination and this fills me with

pride and joy regain your strength now my child and rise with

determination do not forget that at the end of the darkness Valley of Shadows lies the vast Garden of my promises in

that place you will find joy peace and Abundant

Blessings it is in that place where you will see how blessings flow for you and

for Generations Yet to Come always remember that I fulfill my promises and

I shall fulfill them in you therefore my child I implore you to exert yourself

and be courageous maintain your patience and place complete trust in me for I am working in

your favor my grace and mercy shall never forsake you and my love for you is

boundless yet to fully receive my blessings you must free yourself from

all doubt and rid your mind of impure and improper thoughts that distance you from me discard them and uproot them

from your heart then you shall enjoy all the unique and special blessings blings that are the fruits of righteousness and

integrity do not surrender in the face of difficulties for you have been

predestined to overcome from the outset I designed you with a Divine Purpose so that you may

live a blessed prosperous and Victorious Life do not fear the struggles tests or

tribulations that may come for I shall be by your side encouraging and strengthening you in every challenge

remember that each difficulty you encounter is but another opportunity to rise and become

stronger as you strive and remain Brave I shall complete the work I have begun

in you I shall pour out upon your life joy and Abundant Blessings leading you

to a life filled with peace and prosperity do not forget that my presence protects you and my grace never

diminishes nothing and no one can snatch away the blessings I have prepared for you and your future

Generations therefore my child on this special day I beseech you once more not

to give up do not Surrender Your Will to Vain and dishonest things resist and

maintain your strength and courage for in the midst of the storm I shall work

miracles in your life I will work wonders through you showcasing my

boundless love and power always acting in your favor so you can lead a life filled with joy and

accomplishment my child have faith in my assurances and hold tightly to my

promises rest assured I will be with you until all that I have pledged to you is

fulfilled when doubts Cloud your mind seek solace in me in moments of grief

let my eternal love be your comfort my arms of Love Are perpetually extended to

you offering support I have envisioned extraordinary and Splendid plans for you

trust in me and witness the light piercing through Darkness Reviving hope

within your heart abide in my grace walk boldly and rise with resolve for I am

with you at every juncture of your journey believe that I will bring about wondrous and magnificent deeds in your

life know that your efforts tears and prayers will be rewarded in the vast of

my love in turbulent times cling firmly to your faith in me do not allow life’s

challenges to Deeter your victory in unity with me face every hurly conquer

every difficulty and let nothing stand in your way remember I am your guide

your truth and your life as you Traverse life’s Peaks and troughs I will be right

beside you steering you toward the destiny I have destined for you since time’s beginning you are my cherished

child graced and favored within you lies the power to create change in the world your

testimony of my love and truth can transform hearts and Spark hope never

undervalue your influence on others for through you my love flows into the world

so my dear child proceed with bravery and faith in me let my love surround you

and lead you to the flourishing Destiny I have crafted for you always remember you are my treasured

possession I am by your side guiding your dreams aspirations and yearnings

with immeasurable love my doors are wide open and my ears

attentive come before the sun rises it is the perfect moment to bring me your

desires and feel my loving Embrace speak to me openly for your words Echo your

thoughts and reserving a place for me in your heart is a fragrant offering share

your dreams your needs your frustrations and your doubts tell me everything for I

am your friend the one who truly understands and comprehends you the storms of adversity may have

shaken you leading to unexpected times of anxiety the Lash of contempt and cruelty

may have bruised your soul leaving you breathless yearning for peace my word is yours and you shall

receive it I will fill your heart with strength in the midst of Trials you will

find Tranquility when you are weak you will find your strength in me and when you

falter fear will not consume you cling to my promises when your burdens become

overwhelming come to me never forget that I am with you and do not let doubt

Rob you of the blessings that await you I bless you because I love you and I

have chosen to do so today is a day of special significance A Day of Victory

you will forever cherish these promises are sealed with my very blood you shall know happiness

and I will bestow upon you eternal life in my presence tears and pain shall be

no more this is your sign open your eyes the problems that weigh you down shall

fade and the help you seek is on its way know this my child I love you deeply

today my love is made manifest tell me you love me tell me you

believe in me I understand your concerns I know that often it seems as though

things are not going as you hoped and frustration clouds your path exercise

patience I will guide you in all that concerns you I will re reveal my great

power in your life transforming the Discord into purposeful and meaningful

outcomes you are of immense importance and value to me I will never allow you

to be ens snared by circumstances that threaten your life pay heed to the signs I send you

and do not tread upon paths I have not directed you to take I perceive much that is hidden

dangers you cannot fathom intentions concealed within the hearts of

others not all who claim friendship do so genuinely do not be disheartened by

false companions who are quick to anger over trivial matters and then vanish from your life doubt not that your

prayers are heard the circumstances that appear to stall or misalign in your life are

answers to your prayers for protection to be shielded from harm from adversity

and from deceptive Souls know that I am listening and rescuing you from these

situations take a deep breath for I am ushering peace and Solace into your

heart I will make things clear to you have faith that I am aiding and preparing you for marvelous

things understand that all things take time often I must change the landscape

remove obstacles and dismantle snares from your path when the moment arrives for you to

step forward it will be without peril do you comprehend I have never let go of your

hand I have never distanced myself from you I have kept my

promise now you must do your part trust in me have faith be courageous and raise

your head high leave behind the burdens of Sorrow I’m here to help to console and to heal

your wounds recognize that even in your most arduous trials you are never

alone dismiss the thought that my love is withheld from you that is never the

case your struggles may be significant but my love for you endures and I will always hold your

hand I have heard your cries felt your patience wear thin and sensed your

despair as you sought the door perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places for the door has always been

before you I am your path your hope your truth and your

future in the midst of your challenges if you choose to believe and come to me

you will emerge from the turmoil in my perfect time and in the manner I see

fit be assured that I will lead you to the way out if your patience has waned and you

are weary of waiting I will grant you more patience and greater strength I will bestow my peace upon you

do not Sur surrender now for you stand on the brink of achieving your long-held

dreams it is crucial that you believe wholeheartedly trusting in me for all your support consult me before making

decisions for risking what you have gained could lead to dire

consequences remember you are not in competition and there is no need to prove yourself to

others your faith in me has already been demonstrated now simply walk with with

unwavering steps slowly yet wisely you will reach the place of blessings and prosperity

that you have yearned for as you step into that Promised Land hold these words

close a season of profound blessings awaits you and your family your faith

has endured you stand firm ready for Victory cast aside the self-imposed

limitations embrace the truth that you are my beloved child the trials you

faced in the past have molded you familiarizing you with the anguish of living in fear and battling unfounded

worries throughout the day your soul bore the weight of baseless fears and

your spirit endured the torment of misguided thoughts though the journey was painful it taught you valuable

lessons today you possess the wisdom to make sound choices and to select true

friends you are walking the right path within my will you are poised for

Success poised to enter a new era of extraordinary Miracles the blessings that await you

will Infuse your life with strength and joy accept them without

reservation I will pour forth blessings upon you to the extent that tears of joy will flow do not yield to despair I am

listening protecting and supporting you I am the Healer who delivers you The

Rescuer who prospers you seek me with your whole heart do not

forget the Miracles I have ordained for you seek the moments of attentiveness when my spirit touches your heart

signifying the time for transformation in your life Bid Farewell to anger and negative

influences today immerse yourself completely in the river of my

love when I speak tenderly do not disregard me when I beg and gently do

not turn away when I correct firmly that is the time to cling to my enduring

love I will save you from the enemy deliver your repentant heart from all harm and Grant the petitions you bring

to me in faith each day each morning I await you appreciating the sincerity and

confidence in your words believe that I will answer that I am attentive and that I will never

forsake you when weariness engulfs you remember that I am with you you can rest your head

upon my shoulder and you can confide in me I am your friend your Confidant and I

pass no judgment your secrets do not provoke my anger keep my words in your

heart let them dwell in your mind my promises will guide your thoughts away

from the past and anchor your emotions in the present the future holds boundless opportunities and only those

who face it with courage and determination persisting in faith and adhering to my perfect timing will claim

victory the door of reconciliation is opening for you affirm your path with

forgiveness those who wronged you and mocked you will return showing

respect they will know that I am with you steadfast and unwavering you will

emerge as a leader impacting an entire community and bringing help to many

believe it and prepare for it shall come to pass do not fear for you shall lack

nothing abundance will flow to you manage it with wisdom multiply it with

humility and when you kneel in prayer offer gratitude for the blessings awaiting

you even though some are yet to arrive thank me now with joy and

Faith your prayers are potent and resonate before my heavenly

Throne the word words that flow from your lips are like swords cleaving through discouragement doubt sadness and

despair vanquishing every thought of defeat and negativity raise your voice in

Thanksgiving continue to give praise raise your arms in adoration in this spiritual battle all

negative emotions will depart from your home today and will never return a

profound sense of Tranquility will fill your abode open your doors and windows fear nothing

for no harm shall enter my angels encamp around your family ever Vigilant to

defend against spiritual assaults Embrace this truth you are not

a product of chance I chose you and scripted the story of your life before the creation of the

Universe I gazed upon you with boundless love before your birth and I endowed you

with an indomitable Spirit and the resilience of a Victor you are well aware that your past

tribulations have strengthened you beyond measure live accordingly as these words resonate

within you let the conviction grow that there is a profound purpose in your life

and the time has come for my will to be

fulfilled abandoned complaints and confusion to those who spurned my counsel I approached them directly and

spoke to them they profess love for me but do not believe in my words I implore

you do not emulate their conduct and do not seek their approval lean not on them for support

but rather seek the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit in my presence you

possess everything needed for success to witness my promises manifest

in your life and in your families place your trust in this potent word do not rely on human beings for

motivation and happiness your help and strength emanate from the almighty not

from those who are fallible and May Fail you today is a day like no other a day

you will forever hold close to your heart listen closely for I am speaking

directly to you seeking to create an intimate connection that fills your soul with warmth and

understanding as you set forth on this journey toward your dreams know that you walk in a realm beyond the ordinary

believe with unwavering faith for the time has come and this day is yours to

seize I want you to grasp the depth of my love for you I am here to Shield you

from Life storms to place Victory firmly within your grasp my love for you is a Beacon of

Hope guiding you through the darkest of nights right where you stand in this very moment I want you to feel it the

overwhelming emotion that fills your heart with joy casting away the shadows

of Sorrow feel the weight lifting from your shoulders replaced by a newfound

strength and lightness that Empower you to rise giving up is not an option for you stand on the precipice of

Triumph yes storms may rage fiercely winds may Buffet you and waves May crash

relentlessly but under the shelter of my wings you are protected and within my grasp you are

safe I understand your pain I know the feeling when those you

trusted turn into adversaries piercing your soul with the nails of hatred and

lashing your back with the whip of mercilessness I comprehend the depth of

love the willingness to give your heart even when it’s met with

disdain I know precisely what you’re going through know this my dear one you

matter when tears flow like a spring and your soul is heavy with sadness and

anxiety I don’t judge you for your moments of weakness you must understand

that only I can truly help when danger looms cast aside thoughts of defeat and

death the darkness has departed and you can now walk with unwavering

confidence on this day I have renewed your joy strengthened your faith and

etched Promises of trust upon your heart I have given you a new vision a fresh

desire built upon my word don’t waste precious time trying to

convince those who seek to discourage you their hearts may be closed to your perspective and faith and they may mock

you once more but you don’t need their approval on this path for you are moving towards

Victory while they March towards defeat they have already chosen in their

Destiny if loneliness surrounds you if you yearn for support remember that you

have me trust and be patient for I will send the right people into your life you

are not insignificant to me you are of great interest I cherish you care for you and

love you deeply in just a few days Victory will be yours to hold I am never late I

arrive precisely when you need me the most I understand the weight of waiting and the burden of endless pondering

about the future that gals at your soul that’s why I implore you to release that heavy load that weighs you down living

in constant fear of the unknown is not the life I have destined for you do not

lower your gaze or be consumed by worries and anxieties I have promised to work

miracles for you to open doors I am always with you and my word word is

unwavering the days and nights are under my Dominion I see you when sleep eludes

you when your mind races with concerns that I already hold in my hands when

anxiety assails you speak boldly to it and declare that there is no fear in your heart because you trust in your

dearest friend your God your Lord watch as your fear scatter never to

return and your soul basks in the liberating light of my peace

live your life to the fullest and find happiness in every moment I promise that in the midst of

your battles I will whisper with a gentle voice reminding you that my hand

rests upon your shoulder in the face of every attack I will provide you with the strength you

need to stand firm tell me that you believe in me obey

me for I have convinced you of my word you have come too far to give up

now you must press on I speak to you today to infuse you

with faith courage and unwavering strength teaching you to wait for me even when your spirit grows

weary keep calm and speak to your heart assuring it that there is nothing to

fear the control of your life your dreams your destiny all of it rests in

the hands of your loving father the world’s winds may try to make you forget the times when I came to to

your aid but I command those winds and storms to cease this very moment I love

you I have never let you down and I will not delay I am here ready to extend my

hand and rescue you tell me with all your heart who loves you more than I do

do not doubt it I am with you do not falter now for victory is within your

grasp I am filling you with courage and Faith removing obstacles defeating your

enemies and healing your emotions so that fear no longer holds you captive I have chosen you for victory in

all things and I am opening the gates of Heaven and the doors of opportunity for you stop underestimating yourself this

is not a suggestion it is a command erase those doubts about your

worth and the Magnificent things you can achieve with my help and power hear me when I say that you are

not alone and and I have proven this to you countless times I have equipped you with all the

necessary abilities for victory trust in me and have faith I dwell within you

endowing you with wisdom filling you with strength and intelligence to overcome any challenge no matter how

daunting it may seem even when adversaries gather to defeat you you

will not fall I will deliver you believe this truth and cast aside

your worries release all doubts and fears and face these challenges headon

you will not Journey alone my mighty hand leads the way defeating the Giants that block your path you are my beloved

child and I have bestowed upon you the power to conquer any foe that

arises these enemies will scatter in the presence of the light I have placed within you a light that dispels darkness

and guides you toward great victories and blessings an army of angels watches over your

every step ensuring you do not stumble even amidst storms and

darkness rise now and claim the anointing upon your shoulders nothing and no one can stand against you for I

am your Mighty God your protector your source of strength Always by your side

supporting you in Victory know this my dear one as you make your dreams come true

you are fulfilling my Divine will I have magnificent and wondrous plans for you

life has tested you with its trials and the enemy has tried to break you in every way possible they sent people to

discourage you people who ridiculed you laughed at your faith and questioned

your resolve but do not fear no person or situation holds power over you for I

am your Shield your healer your strength I will lay my mighty hand upon

your life mending every wound and soothing every sad memory in your

heart you remained steadfast through every trial the enemy attempted to seow

Discord in your family your work your home but you held on Resolute in your

determination not to give up I understand that these trials are

complex and challenging often leaving wounds within you affecting your emotions weakening your thoughts and

draining your resolve to move forward that is why I am here today to

mend all that has been broken in your life you must continue to walk to stand

tall and to hold your head high the enemy tried time and time again to halt

your progress but if you are still standing today it is because my grace

strengthens you my dear child You Are Not Alone

I am here to restore what was lost to rebuild what was shattered and to renew

what was taken from you have faith stay strong and walk boldly in the knowledge

that I am your God The Winds of the world may try to erase the moments when I came to your aid but I command those

winds and storms to be still I love you deeply I have never failed you and I

will never delay I am here ready to extend my my hand and rescue you in the depths of

your journey through every trial and tribulation I want you to know that this is not the end for you you won’t lose

this battle I promise even when it feels like the whole world has turned its back

on you remember I’m here with my mighty hand and a legion of Angels by my side

and I say unto you rise I’ve heard your prayers every single one of them your

life is about to change change in ways you can’t even imagine I know it can be tough and I see

that many doubt me despite witnessing Miracles every day some still question

my existence my love and my power but you my dear you are not one of

them my word alone has the power to heal you the supernatural power that flows

from my lips can breathe life into you and lift you up you might think you’re Unworthy of my

presence in your home but right now I want to enter not just your dwelling but your heart as

well there I will inscribe the words that bring healing there I will break

the chains that bind you with a Simple Touch of my hand I will take away your

pain your fears your anxieties and your afflictions will flee even the heavens

themselves obey the sound of my voice I’m speaking to you in simple words

because I want to see you happy at peace and secure in the knowledge that a

bright future awaits you when you spend time with me you give me the chance to

hold you close to make you feel my tangible presence and to reassure you

that I am here loving you deeply protecting you from all

harm this is the inheritance I want to give you in this life lifetime I implore

you to believe in me with unwavering faith and accept the strength that’s ready for you to

embrace the healing and transformative anointing of my Holy Spirit are right at your

fingertips you no longer have to walk in the shadow of pain and you should never

think that you deserve the consequences of your past mistakes yes the world is filled with

Affliction but it’s a defeated world you are a child of the almighty God and he

has promised you this trust in me believe in me with every step you take

and you will conquer not only this world but also its afflictions I see you spending countless

hours in tears sometimes not even understanding why let me reveal the

source of your suffering it’s a deep longing to have me close a yearning of

your spirit for my presence your whole being knows that apart from me you can

do nothing it might seem like life is slipping through your fingers and you haven’t yet found the peace and

happiness my dearly beloved if I am for you who can truly stand against you as

you walk Faithfully in my ways know with certainty that I am for

you this assurance however does not imply a path free from opposition rather

it signifies that having me on your side side is the most pivotal element of your existence in your life’s journey you may

encounter Myriad challenges but you remain on the Victorious side my triumph over death and Resurrection is a

testament to this eternal Victory a Triumph in which you partake regardless

of the adversities that you face on your Earthly pilgrimage understand that no Force no

obstacle no adversity can ultimately Prevail against you for you are mine ET

eternally held within my loving Embrace this profound truth can

dramatically transform your outlook on life instead of a defensive stance

constantly guarding against suffering you learn to follow me with boldness and

courage my guidance is shaping you not only to seek my presence and follow my

Direction but to Delight in this Divine adventure of complete surrender to my will I am your con constant helper in

times of trouble the security of your future in my hands changes everything it

allows you to live life not in fear but in the freedom and joy of my

promises this journey with me is not about merely surviving it is about

thriving about embracing the challenges as opportunities to witness my power and

Grace at work in your life as you start each day seek me in

prayer immerse yourself in my word and let my spirit fill your heart with peace and

strength in this way you will learn to face every circumstance with a Heart of Courage and a spirit of

trust I am rearranging aligning and setting things in motion for your good

removing hindrances clearing your path and resolving conflicts that impede your

progress trust that I am actively working in your life life fighting your

battles and leading you to victory your Victory is not contingent

on your strength or circumstances but on my unchanging nature and unfailing love

you are more than a conqueror through me and in this truth find your strength joy

and peace I want you to know that I am here for you watching over you with love and

care I see all that you go through and I want to assure you that you are never

alone in your journey when those who wish to harm you raise their hands against you know that

I am there to Shield you and protect you no harm can come to you when you are

under my Divine protection I love you deeply and I want you to understand that I never make

mistakes everything that happens in your life has a purpose even the difficulties

you face I will turn those challenges into opportunities for you you will

emerge from them Victorious and the blessings that await you will be so abundant that others will

Envy you there is no defeat in your path so trust in me when I say that things

will improve I am always with you and my will shall be done do not be troubled by

the negativity that surrounds you or the threats from those who wish you harm remember nothing and no one can defeat

you have faith and be convinced that your enemies are already defeated even

before they raise their hand against you do not fall into their traps or let

negative emotions consume you seek me in prayer every morning and let me embrace

you with affection allow me to free your mind from fears that have taken hold

Victory is assured I promise you that you already know me as your God your

heavenly father your friend your creator your Shepherd your king your

Liberator do not lose hope keep studying my word and I will etch these promises

into your heart bringing peace and healing to your soul Reviving your

passion for life and rekindling the Beautiful dreams within you I am

rearranging things in your life removing obstacles clearing your path and eliminating conflicts that Hind your

progress problems may still arise but hold on to my promises and you will

receive my blessings trust that I will fight for you confront your enemies and Grant you

Victory you must leave it all to me and trust that I will protect you and your loved ones my angels will be sent to

lift you up and ensure your feet remain steady I am aware of the injustices

you’ve endured the tears you’ve shed dead and the doors that have closed on you I have heard your prayers and I have

decided that those who have taken from you will return what they have stolen you will be surprised when they

come to your door repentant and humbled I am here to bring you justice

so pray for them instead of holding grudges your Victory is near and your

family will be blessed so do not worry avoid conflicts and stay away Away From

Evil do not let yourself be ens snared by the provocations of the

wicked turn away from sin and come to me in Repentance if you have faltered I

will receive you no matter your condition I don’t want you to return to the confusion from which I once rescued

you give your family time prayer and my word do not waste your efforts on things

that do do not build you up I will provid for your needs pray and ask for

wisdom and I will grant it to you you will perform great Miracles if

you remember my promises and believe in my love and control over

everything your Victory starts with every prayer you bring to my throne of

grace I know it can be challenging to believe and entrust everything to me

especially when it seems like nothing is happening dismiss those doubts and focus on my

word pray think and appreciate the blessings around you in times of

distress I will show you the way strengthen your trust and incre my promises in your heart

forever stay connected to me do not ignore my calls in the morning avoid

distractions that steal your prayer time be brave and set a seed what drains you

when the morning sun enters your window use your early energies to come to me in prayer if you feel weak or faint call

upon me and you will be blessed when you say with affection my

God I need you know that I am always with you blessing you today tomorrow and

always I know your innermost thoughts and struggles you are going through tough

times but you are incredibly Brave and persevering I admire your character and I I want you to know that I am here to

help you even if you cannot see me I protect you with my holy mantle and

cover you with my unconditional love people may have told you that you are worthless and will achieve nothing

but today hear what your heavenly father is saying to you directly I am speaking to your heart and

my words are igniting courage within you like never before believe it hold on to these words

of love I have invested in you for so long and my Holy Spirit has prepared you through

trials you are now ready to move forward and Triumph do not cower do not give up I

will be by your side attentive to your needs because I admire your struggle

your effort and your perseverance every day I see you facing

your challenges with enthusiasm and courage and brings me great joy and

admiration but I also sense the Despair and weariness you carry even when you

keep it hidden you don’t need to hide from me I hear your cries on those sleepless nights it’s time to find Rest

In My Embrace give me your burdens frustrations pains illnesses and

disappointments I’m here to assist not to judge lean on me and I’ll be your

Solace your listener and your source of of Love You’re Not Alone Together We can

overcome all obstacles and solve the problems that weigh on you so today I

implore you to trust me bring your suffering and needs to my

throne of grace I’ll guide you toward healing protection peace and prosperity

in all your endeavors when I talk about Prosperity I mean wisdom growth spiritual power

courage and strength to face and Conquer your challenges I’ll provide you with the

intelligence and security to succeed in your work or business you’ll reap wonderful fruits and share Their

Blessings with your family to quench The Thirst of the needy and hungry is my

desire even when it’s hard to believe I will always stand by your side and love you deeply this message is meant for you

the one who reads and listens to my words daily you’re entering a new season of blessings even as you see the world

around you in turmoil your family and you are securely held in my hands keep being faithful

persevering and Valiant and I will bless you abundantly I know the world can be

unpredictable and life can become complicated with seemingly insurmountable

obstacles but remember I’m here to assist you I say this almost every day cry out

to me and I will always always respond my love for you knows no bounds

and your well-being is of utmost importance to me I desire to guide you towards A Life

That’s abundant fulfilling and joyful one that brings you satisfaction and

happiness you have significant dreams to fulfill and this fills you with

joy don’t let obstacles discourage you each one is an opportunity to learn and

grow with my word you can overcome anything that stands in your way keep

dreaming big and don’t fear your challenges my unconditional love will

always accompany you even in the darkest moments I promise you that I have a plan

for your life a plan of hope not despair for you and your family I hold the final

word in everything and I will never distance myself from you you are not

alone come to me when you need love strength balance and peace if you seek me with all your heart

I promise to respond and guide you toward a future filled with hope I love you forever nourish yourself

with my word which is born in my heart written with my own hand and inspired to

my servants it is an endless source of wisdom and comfort

my word reveals my love and grace to you through it I provide you with the

instruction manual that you and your family need to live a full and meaningful life in my productive will

immersed in holy prosperity and surrounded by happiness because my word is alive it

transforms you and when I send it to you it does not return empty it carries your

prayers and needs even when you’re your path is difficult remember that you are never

alone my word tells you so my faithfulness upholds you and the promise

of my Holy Spirit fortifies your faith I will never let you fall but wrap

yourself in my word learn it memorize it and share it it is like drinking fresh

water on a hot day it refreshes your soul and nourishes your

spirit my word reminds you that no matter how low you may have fallen the

letters I write to you will show you the way back to these waiting arms that are

ready to surround you with peace my word is a treasure that never

stops giving the more you read it the more you understand it the stronger you become

and the more you feel and believe it when you come to your knees before my presence and fill yourself with my word

when you hear this voice speaking to you every morning you feel this love burning

in your heart your tears flow carrying away all sadness in my presence you will find

rest and strength I will never abandon you wherever you go I will always be

with you these are my promises now tell me if you truly believe them and demonstrate it by standing up and facing

any difficulty with determination and Faith no one can defeat you

I will uphold your arms and assist you in the battle my armies are watching and

when it’s over when you’ve achieved Victory and feel weary come to me with confidence and take refuge in my

arms allow me to remove your anguish and write these beautiful and Powerful Words of Love on your heart one day I looked

upon you with great compassion and chose to be your Eternal Father understand that I always wanted

see you wherever you are I am never far from you close your eyes place your hands on

your chest and let the skin of your fingers feel this emotion that slowly

ignites runs through your veins takes away your Sorrows uproots doubts from

their very core and finally eradicates your fear I am opening your spiritual eyes so

that you can see through the air in the light of the Sun and and gaze upon those heavenly Angels who watch over you and

fight for you I speak to you directly because I long to see you joyful at peace and

confident in the knowledge that you have a bright future and a new life ahead when you spend time with me it allows me

to embrace you and reassure you of My reality my deep love for you and my

protection against evil this is the Legacy I wish to bestow upon you in life

today believe in me wholeheartedly and accept it do not continue to believe

that you are condemned to suffer the consequences of past sins you live in a

troubled world but it is a world I’ve overcome you are a child of the almighty

God and this promise is yours trust and have faith in me with every step you

take in this world and its tribulations you too shall Triumph I see you Weeping

at times unsure of the reason I will reveal to you the cause of this sorrow

it is a deep yearning to return to me your heart misses me your spirit Longs

for me and your entire being knows that without me you are incomplete life may

feel like it’s slipping away but you have yet to experience the peace and joy you’ve been waiting for as you watch

your loved ones drifting further away each day remember I am right here beside you beside me flows a fountain of

blessings its Waters quenching your thirst and washing away all sorrow drink

from this water cleanse your head and let go of those melancholic thoughts you

will never thirst again this is my promise to you your faith has borne

fruit my word has healed you you welcome me into your home and here I will stay

guarding and blessing your family bestowing upon you more than you can f

fathom today I sense a hint of sadness in your eyes I see the weariness in your

expression and understand your need for strength to forge ahead with courage

come confidently to me there’s no reason for you to spend your days devoid of motivation or hope I am your father not

in some distant realm but right beside you always there even when you

momentarily lose sight of me take my hand now rise and let’s walk

through the corridors of your thoughts share with me your fears the reasons for

your despair why you contemplate abandoning your destiny the world can be

harsh as a child your eyes sparkled with curiosity and hope you offered your pure

smile freely but later deceptions and betrayals dimmed your hope stifled your

laughter and broke your spirit Your Love dimmed trust faded and belief

in me waned but trust me now I understand you as intimately as I know

the stars in the sky just as I called each Star by name I am aware of every burden you carry every

minor ache we speak the same language and I know exactly what will comfort

you as we walk let me tell you of a place where you are deeply loved

in this place you are recognized and valued in your true Essence every moment of your life whether day or night you

are watched over with love in this place every need of your soul is

fulfilled here you are truly yourself a child of the omnipotent made in the

image of the creator of the universe never forget this if you stumble again

remember that in the most beautiful place in the entire universe there is a special place reserved just for you

nothing can ever remove you from there yes deep within my heart you are

safeguarded with all the rights of my child you can come and speak with me every morning even if you feel unworthy

do not be misled by my blood I have redeemed your life and from this place no force can

ever remove you even if the entire universe shakes nothing can snatch you

away nothing can sever you from my love you remain steadfast continuing to

fight alive and resilient you have chosen to believe in my promises and this fills you with

Divine Supernatural strength nothing can overcome you no one

can defeat you hold on to these words and continue to withstand the Relentless assaults

that the enemy uses to try and scare you to make you forsake your dreams but he will not Prevail you

belong to me with my mighty hand I protect you with my shining sword I

defend you your Victory is always found in my word look into the mirror of my

promises and know that you are cherished and valued by me the toughest battle is

against your own emotions which can sometimes mislead you into feeling and thinking things that aren’t true and

could bring you down do not be swayed by fleeting emotions do

not believe that you are defeated by the problems you see do not be overwhelmed by fear from bad news or seemingly

negative situations for I am always in control of your life I work all things

for the good of those I love and you are among my cherished ones with my blood I

have cleansed you with my spirit I have filled you I have empowered you to be be

all that you can be cling to me with a sincere heart always seeking refuge in

my love and now as you embrace my word be assured that even your mistakes will

be turned to your advantage you will not suffer anymore

your family will prosper as time passes you will witness your growth the

Fulfillment of your dreams and the realization of the plans I have for you at times you will inevitably feel

feel weariness it’s common when challenges cast Dark Shadows clouding

your vision and obscuring your path you might feel overcome but know this is not

your truth in The Darkest Hours I will be your guide fear not my cherished

child for your father who adores you will never abandon you now tell me do

you believe in me do you find comfort in My Embrace I am the unique holy and

Supernatural solution to all your troubles I am your God your savior the

one who opens doors and clears your path I am your provider your Shield your life

and future rest in my hands you and your family are wrapped in my loving Embrace

today you feel my presence in a real and Powerful way you’ve awaited my voice and

you’ve come with a humble grateful heart ready to listen Embrace these words keep them

close the hardship you faced yesterday today walk with confidence and Faith

even if your physical eyes can’t see me feel my presence believe in me trust in

the Miracles and wonders I can bring into your life and that of your family reach out to me and I will lead

you gently and lovingly on a sacred Journey where my will prevails the storms will quieten the Seas will calm

at the sound of my voice as you walk enveloped in a cloak of

protection so deep will your peace and security be that the noises of the night

won’t disturb you don’t let the world’s confusion alter your

course keep hold of my hand stay focused each day is a valuable chance to

continue fighting the past problems Falls discouragements and complaints should be

cast from your mind you no longer need to carry burdens that hinder your

renewal start with your words avoid harming yourself with negative speech

don’t plant seeds of defeat in your own life let wisdom and uplifting words flow

from your lips refuse to believe the enemy’s lie that change is impossible that your

future is doomed to failure and difficulty that your destiny is depression and obscurity with me there

are no impossibilities cling to this truth regardless of what

unfolds your life your future your character your finances your marital

situation your family disputes no matter how challenging I can transform them if

you ask me today I will begin I’m not promising an easy Journey but I am

offering my support my strength and my power I love you and I wish for your

well-being the Miracles you need I am willing and able to

perform believe in this believe in me carrying the cross on my back was

purposeful enduring the harshest torment on the cross was not for not I was aware

that one day I would be born to navigate through lashes and Scorn you too have experienced much

suffering inflicted by others but today I will remove all traces of

discouragement and frustration from your your heart I have already endured suffering and given my life Rising again

so that you might have the chance for an abundant liberated and joyful eternal

life believe in my word so that your mind may be truly transformed and a

stream of pure thoughts May flow where once there was confusion where there was

sadness let Joy Prevail where there was depression let a strong desire to live

arise love and forgive yourself for I have long since forgotten your

mistakes and trust me with your heart my child let your eyes follow my path you

will battle and sew in this world where you are a traveler but my blessing is your

ultimate Destiny I ask you earnestly once more give me your heart today and I

will fill it with joy I will lift the burdens that have saddened your countenance granting you the the

strength to finally overcome the challenges that have plagued you since childhood you know of what I speak you

understand what it is I have loved you as you are but I have chosen you for

victory to conquer to lead others towards their Destinies so that many may

see how my will can be accomplished in someone like you with a simple and pure

heart it may seem overwhelming to accept such spiritual wealth what I offer you

is Not Mere material riches accept it humbly and fill yourself with courage

for I will bring about many changes in your surroundings I am your life give me the

opportunity to show that I can completely transform you to the point where Others May scarcely recognize you

amazed at your determination strength and happiness accept my invitation give

me your heart today and I will begin a significant ific transformation within you your

family and you will be encompassed by Harmony peace and blessings I will lead you out of the storm Victorious I love

you and right now wherever you are I want you to feel it your heart is being

filled with this beautiful profound emotion that instills joy and dispels your sorrow feel the burden lifting from

your back sense the lightness in your step and the Newfound strength to continue rise for you cannot give up now

you are on the brink of Triumph even when the storms Bellow and the winds shake you even when the Sea’s

waves crash against you trying to topple you under my wings I protect you and my

hand keeps you safe I too no pain I understand the feeling of betrayal by

those you trusted the piercing of your soul by the nails of hatred and the

lashing of your back back by the whips of compassionless I know what it means to

love unto death and to give your heart amidst disdain I

empathize I intimately understand the feelings within you you are important to

me when your tears flow freely and your soul is burdened with sorrow and

anxiety I will not judge you in your moments of vulnerability I want you to understand

that only I can help you when danger is near here Cast Away thoughts of death and defeat the darkness has passed and

now you can walk with Assurance on this day I have revitalized your joy

strengthened your faith and embedded Promises of trust in your heart I have

given you a new vision A Renewed desire founded on my

word do not expend your energy trying to convince those who aim to discourage you

no words or arguments will sway them they refuse to see your perspective and

will ridicule your faith once more you do not need these mockers to progress on your path you are moving towards Victory

while they walk towards defeat their fate already sealed if you feel lonely

if you think you need the support of another remember that you have me but have faith and patience for I

will soon bring the right person into your life you are of great significance to me I care for you deeply value you

and protect you I love you soon Victory will be within your

reach I am never late I always arrive precisely when you need me the most at

the perfect moment the weight might be challenging and dwelling on potential outcomes is

causing you inner turmoil thus I urge you to release the burdens you carry on your shoulders with such anguish living

in distress about the future is not the life I have planned for you do not lower

your gaze or be sidetracked by your worries and thoughts I have promised to work

miracles in your life to open doors for you I am always with you and I do not

deceive the days and nights are under my command I see your struggles to sleep

worrying about things that I already hold in my control when worry approaches

stand against it when anxiety tries to overwhelm you declare boldly that there

is no fear in your heart because you have chosen to trust in your best friend your God witness how your fears

dissipate and your soul is freed from its chains soon you will Revel in my

peace live life to its fullest and find true happiness amidst the struggles remember

my soothing voice reminding you that my hand is upon your shoulder in any

challenge I will provide the strength you need tell me that you believe in me

obey me if I have convinced you to return to my word it will fill you with

my promises and in challenging times you will believe in me you have not fought this hard to give

up now I speak to you today to fill you with faith courage and strength to teach

you to wait patiently even when your spirit waines from the prolonged waiting calm your heart reassure it that

there is nothing to fear the control of your life your dreams and your destiny is in the hands

of your loving father the world’s winds may try to make you forget those times when I have

always been there for you but I command those winds and storms to cease now I

love you I have never failed you nor will I ever I am here ready to reach out

my hand and rescue you respond with your heart who loves you more than I do I see

your trials they’re challenging I witness your struggles your efforts and your

despair remember it’s in the toughest situations where I show my faithfulness today’s greatest

achievement is your belief in me and you’re seeking me out reflect on your

life the challenges you faced the battles fought the endurance shown and

yet you stand strong How brave you are your attitude pleases and moves me remember I have

never abandoned you Others May think your triumphs were mere luck but my

powerful hand was behind each Victory this message is to remind you

not to worry do not let fear steal your dreams don’t be afraid to dream big and

step into battle knowing I can help make your plans a reality reflect on your bravery

throughout your life recall situations that seemed insurmountable yet you overcame them

since you entrusted your life to me you have not lost a battle so let your heart rest and

continue to trust and I know it’s sometimes hard to stay calm and keep Faith especially when everything seems

to go wrong and conflicts threaten to over whm you but in those times Shield

your ears from the voices of adversity ignore the threats of fear and

insecurity keep walking and trusting in my promises you are dearly loved by me

before your birth I had planned something magnificent for your life I have always prepared something

extraordinary for you I will never abandon a child in need I have been

protecting your life in a special way caring for every detail every second I

am always there do not let sorrow take up more space in your heart fill it with

joy and continue walking with eyes of faith for victory is certain and what I

have prepared for you is beyond your imagination I love you hear me my child

for what I share today is not by chance but a message of love and understanding

intentionally crafted to reach into your soul urging you to reflect in this world many are lured

Away by its currents losing themselves to distractions and temptations that not only distance them

from my love but also lead them towards

destruction therefore I urge you do not follow the transient and superficial paths prevalent in these

times the world entices with a life full of of desires and Pleasures but these

are mere distractions pulling you away from me and steering your life towards

ruin in your era I see many ens snared by worldly desires chasing Trends and

practices that only bring suffering these Temptations are manifold their

paths deceptive though they may seem attractive and promising they ultimately

lead to spiritual demise I implore you not to fall prey to these traps the

darkness and desolation they bring are profound do not be fooled by the

fleeting Illusions and false promises of this world’s ruler avoid voices that

mislead you from my path and distort my truth my desire for you is a life of

true happiness and joy attain this by heeding my word holding it dear in your

heart and applying it in every aspect of your life my word is your Guiding Light the secure

path to follow and the strength to overcome adversity understand my child that I do

not ask you to withdraw from the world but rather not to identify with its values and harmful

practices instead Endeavor to be a positive influence in your

surroundings share my love and truth with those around you be a beacon of light in the midst of Darkness a Beacon

of Hope in a world in need of Love remember that by following my

Commandments and principles you will find inner peace and experience true

Prosperity that comes from living in communion and harmony with

me so do not fear facing the challenges that arise in your path for I will be

with you at all times do not be disheartened if you encounter obstacles as vast as Mountains

for amidst them you will discover opportunities for growth and fortification your trials will be like

Steps leading you to a destination of Victory success and

prosperity therefore I urge you to have unwavering trust and to place your life

in my hands obey my will so that in every decision you make my spirit May guide

you on the path you should follow my beloved child I exhort you not to

follow the current of this world but to strive to obey my word and live

according to the principles within it do not be swayed by the Temptations

and dishonest practices that surround you instead seek wisdom and guidance in

my word and all shall be well with you you will be able to experience a life of

fullness and true Prosperity remember that that if you Endeavor to live in obedience to my word

I will abundantly bless you for my desire is for you to progress in all areas of your life and to experience

true peace happiness and prosperity that only come from me do not stray from my presence nor

allow the world to pull you away from my loving Embrace trust in me and always obey my

Commandments obey me for I always desire the best for you do not be discouraged

by the challenges you may face today believe that my grace is sufficient to sustain you and know that I will always

be with you listening to your prayers and responding according to my perfect

will I love you my child I love you my

daughter I speak to you today so that my voice resonates in your heart and mind

reminding you constantly of the importance of obeying my word and loving others with kindness and

compassion today my beloved child I bless you raise your hands and let my

light shine through you may The Melody of my voice calm your anxieties whisper

words of encouragement and courage in your ear leading you to Tranquility amidst life

storms understand that this message my beloved child is not merely a reflection but a living

expression of my eternal love and my fervent desire to see you flourish in

fullness treasure these words in your heart bind them to your neck Let each

phrase be a bomb for your spirit and each teaching a Guiding Light illuminating your path believe me when I

say that I will carry your burdens and alleviate your worries bring before me all your

problems even those you believe to be insurmountable and unsolvable place them at my feet and you

will witness how I resolve them trusting in me will open the door to profound and

positive change in your life do not fear when your adversaries shout that you cannot that you will not

succeed and place obstacles in your path for today I tell you that you are not

alone I am with you going before you like a giant if your enemies seek to intimidate

you allow me to remind you that none of them have the power to determine your

destiny you are not in the hands of your enemies you are in my Blessed

Hands I am the source of light that will guide you through the darkness the

compass that will show you the way to peace and prosperity I will extend my arms to lift

you from the abyss in which you find yourself carrying your burdens and easing your

worries You Are Not Alone on this journey beloved child I am by your side

upholding and protecting you at every step so place your trust in me and I

will assist you you know that in me you will find the way the truth and the life

I am the door through which my grace and blessing will flow through that door you will find

abundant and joy the desires of your heart no matter how challenging your

past has been the present offers you a new day I am extending to you an opportunity

that this world and your Sorrows will never Grant you a chance for rebirth a new life

filled with purpose and meaning it is time to release all your rebellions and

resentments and allow my love and forgiveness to flow through you

lamenting the mistakes of the past will serve you no longer let go of what could

not be open your mind and heart to this time of change and

renewal grant me the privilege to augment your strength and alleviate the burdens that weigh upon

you it is my fervent desire for you to Traverse lightly and unburdened towards

a new dawn brimming with achievements and successes fill yourself with patience in

my boundless love and do not allow the critiques of others to assail you learn

the art of forgiveness for those who have wounded you affording them the opportunity for Redemption and

growth keep in mind that compassion and mercy are virtues that shall Empower you

rendering you more magnificent with each passing day therefore forgive those who

transgress against you extend love and offer another chance to those who have closed their doors to

you then All Shall bear witness that I reside within you and you within me my

beloved child let me remind you once more that you are not alone I am beside

you I come to assist you in scaling this mountain so that you may reach its

Pinnacle and Triumph in your journey for I shall provide you with the

strength and endurance necessary to attain all that you aspire to in this

lifetime thus do not falter my child and do not allow the challenges of life to

pillar your dreams and hopes remember that even in the darkest

moments the Light Of Hope never extinguishes no one reaches the promised

land without first traversing a desert confronting adversities and trials but have confidence that you are

not alone in this desert I stand by your side as your constant guide and

support I shall be like a protective Cloud during the scorching heat of the day offering you shade and Solace amidst

the trials and during the night I shall be your Pillar of Fire providing you with

rest warmth and Direction my beloved child please do not

doubt my words place your complete trust in me and you shall experience astonishing and Abundant Blessings that

surpass your circumstances once again I say to you

trust in me and do not fall into the enemy’s trap for it will endeavor to bewilder you convincing you that your

life lacks purpose that problems and worries outweigh your faith yet remain steadfast clinging to

my word for if you abide in me you may ask for whatever you desire and it shall

be granted to you remember that in the face of life’s adversities the most profound response

is prayer and meditation upon my word so my child take

my hand and you shall achieve things Beyond Your Wildest

imagination you shall overcome all concerns and adversities and your Victory shall become a reality my

beloved Son my cherished daughter seek me always in prayer do not

cease conversing with me in the mornings and evenings seek me at all times and with all your heart keep my word close

to you and I shall reward you with remarkable blessings that exceed your

circumstances do not falter persevere for everything swn in tears shall be

reaped with joy my dear I understand that you are deeply engrossed in pursuing your goals

and projects and I recognize that all your endeav Endeavors are marked by diligence and

dedication however above all else do not forget the importance of prayer nor

relegate my word to the sidelines there are those who place

their trust in themselves disregarding the counsel and wisdom found within my

word these individuals not only reside far from my will but are also driven

solely by materialism striving to achieve their goals without reaping any

True Rewards they are vain ens snared by their pride and arrogance looking down

upon the humble and scorning those who honor my word with love their conceit envelops them like a

dark shroud concealing their true intentions often they forget that

Simplicity and humility form the foundation of genuine greatness in their quest for recognition and power they

ignore my word word and the principles it contains living in blindness and selfishness prisoners of their own egos

which only sow Division and generate conflicts therefore my beloved child I

implore you not to disregard these words for anything in the world let not your heart be troubled and

do not fear what lies ahead for everything you do every Endeavor you

undertake I shall prosper do not waver during

adversity do not be disheartened if you do not see Swift results for the length

of time it takes to achieve your goals is inconsequential what truly matters is

that you never give up for every step you take brings you closer to your dreams those aspirations I have

instilled within you always remember that you possess incredible potential as I have endowed

you with abilities talents and gifts that will manifest wondrous and extraordinary occurrences in your

life have faith in me my beloved child for I shall forever remain by your side

guiding and supporting you at every step of the journey maintain your faith with courage

and determination and never forget that with me by your side you shall attain

all that you set out to achieve I shall transform every obstacle

in your path into an opportunity for growth and learning keep your focus on

me and in doing so you will experience the tranquility and peace of my presence

this peace is not a fleeting moment but a constant reality for those who take refuge in me

it is a peace that surpasses all understanding a peace that guards your heart and mind in the midst of life’s

storms and uncertainties as you journey through each day remember that your true Refuge

your unshakable foundation lies in me in my presence you

find the freedom to express your joy to celebrate your faith and to live in the Assurance of my unfailing love and

guidance so dance and sing on this firm foundation and let your life be a

testimony of joy and peace found only in my presence


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