⚠️MY CHILD THE END IS NEAR । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved I recognize you and understand the complexities of the challenges you’ve endured yet now is the

moment for you to embrace my gifts your experiences through every

unexpected turn of your path have taught you immensely your bravery and persistence

have glimmered even in the darkest hours when unforeseen hardships befell

you recognize they were not due to your Deeds they were attempts by adversaries

to weaken your spirit now look forward with hope as the Earth vibrates with the onset of new

beginnings the sprouting of new life is visible to you deep in your soul Embrace

this certainty this year promises a plentiful yield for you the seeds you presumed

lost have revived they will come back to you transformed into magnificent and genuine

blessings nourishing your spirit without bringing any grief these gifts will be free of strife

or difficulties I have positioned you precisely where you can Thrive remember I guide you and your

sustenance is secured when you act benevolently towards others rely on me yet be cautious in

placing absolute trust in humans adhere to my teachings discard

skepticism and despair and Ascend with st steadfast

belief through belief I am capable of creating Marvels and miracles of immense

scale believe and all becomes achievable it materializes when viewed

through the lens of belief yet understand this isn’t about chance or enchantment I refer to my Everlasting

promise one that invariably manifests at the perfect time as per my

plan you yearn for change success and prosperity for your kin

alongside kindness insight and sincerity in their

existence you fervently wish for a transformation and I assure you of my transformative power I possess the

ability to alter hearts and Minds swiftly but your faith is essential you’re venturing into new territories

which you’ll soon experience leave behind the old and Advance with faith

embrace the blessings I present to you the period of Trials has ended your era

has arrived today I will perform wondrous acts in your and your family’s

lives the closed door will not cause you anguish communicate with me affirm your

beliefs write down your faith in this comforting message and accept this

sacred encouragement from above a closed door shouldn’t lead to despair

a more magnificent portal will soon open ushering in something even

better in the Unseen realm there’s a spiritual contest for your life and

faith numerous foes challenge your progress assaulting you externally and

internally unseen to you I will send wise guides to Aid you

receive their advice humbly devote yourself to prayer and much will be

unveiled you will Triumph in this conflict every hurdle will

disintegrate indeed I could rescue you instantly but your appreciation for your

faith talents and abilities is crucial understand that triumphs aren’t

solitary if you disregard my word and abandon your faith foes will overpower

and shatter you but you are destined for greatness you will be a source of

blessings for many your kin will gain in wisdom and modesty flourishing in all

aspects yet we must journey together extend your hand to me you’re ready to

rise to a spiritual plane where Destinies unfold and lives are transformed abundant goodness awaits you

today even as you hear this solid foundations for your home are being laid

and future Generations will recones and follow me each will inherit a unique

talent a purpose and a thirst for knowledge and Readiness dream beyond your current

Vision imagination or belief you and your family are destined

for more than spiritual destitution confusion or a nomadic Life burdened by depths realize this my chield and heed

my words learn to Envision grander dreams I will amplify your faith and

prepare you to conf evidently welcome and manage these blessings that are already on

Route in your moments of hardship I will transform them into blessings your

sorrow into fortitude your suffering will vanish and

your heart will be mended with the affection I bestow upon you I wish for you to sense my gentle

caress in every place you find yourself amidst the hustle and bustle

pause briefly to accept this present I extend to you through faith it will

soothe your spirit and bring Tranquility to your thoughts I endow you with the strength to silence the tumultuous

feelings that rage inside you the unsettling news tires and weakens

you but remember I am with you this period of difficulty will fade

and a bright future awaits you under my benevolent gaze no adversary can reduce

the blessings I have declared for your life I can transform adversity into Fortune scarcity into plenty sickness

into Wellness I possess this ability and it is my wish for you to

experience the Miracles I have in store my mission has been steadfast

since the dawn of time my purpose is to save to bestow everlasting life and to

steer your path correctly I am your path Your Truth your

very existence I am the answer and your Haven hence I implore you with affection

cling to my vows do not let your attention wander to

the falsehoods of this realm it fills me with joy to observe your faith in me

disregarding the intimidations of agitators they aim to disrupt your

Serenity to clutter your mind with rage and bewilder M erroneous Notions and

misplaced sentiments their desire is to see you air consumed by remorse ultimately

estranged from truth love and my company now that you are aware of their

tactics I trust your Devotion to me will not permit anyone to lure you away from

this sanctuary of profound affection and unparalleled love you have withstood

solit ude and a lack of warmth but now I embrace you fortifying you with Heavenly

Vigor and encouragement for you are dearly treasured in your fear I heard

your calls for assistance you sought my powerful intervention mistakenly

believing I was wrathful and reluctant to help understand that you will always

need me even in times of abundance never disregard this fact

remain Vigilant as as the foe aims to lull you into a false sense of security

to weaken your belief disrupt your plans and injure your soul I am here to Aid

you in your current challenges it Grieves me to witness your anguish and

despair this is not what I desire for you I do not wish for you to be

tormented instead of dwelling on the same concerns fretting and obsessing

cease entrust all those worries to me if

thoughts of defeat encroach upon your mind reject their falsehood with a mighty God as your ally

defeat is an impossibility should despondency attempt to invade your spirit refuse it entry

lest you commit a dire error a believer in my might anticipating my blessings must not lose

heart if your zest for Life wains lean on your faith your belief and service to

the almighty Sovereign God shall not go unrewarded I will rejuvenate your spirit

with Divine affection and Infuse you with a powerful desire to continue your struggle embrace the pledges I bestow

upon your life seize these words I impart your adversaries demean you

relentlessly spewing falsehoods that you are Unworthy of life but you must cease

heeding them I desire for you to live fully irrespective of your predicaments

soon you will again Savor sense and accept my blessings your current troubles will be

resolved if you have heeded my words thus far it is not by chance affirm your

belief and resolve to persevere against all challenges cherishing me

always your future is poised for a positive transformation I will intervene on your

behalf in extraordinary ways with your very eyes you will witness Solutions emerge for all that

currently weighs you down do not emulate those who surrender to pessimism or the

views of those mired in spiritual desolation if these words resonate with

you it is because I have enlightened your mind and heart you have matured you

are prepared the gateway to change is about to open

I am not a figment of hopeful imagination you are familiar with me you

know my Essence do not question my words any longer in every instance of hardship

I have been your savior with my caring Embrace I have given you life even when

your past was scarred once saved by me your present became brighter do not

measure your worth by standards of a world enamored with image and enslaved by opin opinion comparing will only

steal the gift of contentment I intend value is not found in a claim and numbers but character and

wisdom my acceptance is ceaseless my delight overflows you are all ready enough in my

eyes what the enemy means for evil will be repurposed for your gain hardships

are serving a higher plan to spiritually position and strengthen you the trial

you now thank me for are those allowed to refine and shape you for the blessings to

come you have endured the fire and will now experience the fullness the enemy

will not Prevail I will use your past pain to help heal others and Inspire hope your

story showcases my Redemptive power you are an overcomer in the making

for now stay focused on internal growth not external factors you cannot control

comparison and self-judgment will only feed feelings of

failure measure progress by alignment with my will not worldly methods your

identity rests securely in belonging to me you are forever safe in the shelter

of my wing I sing over you I Delight in you you remain my masterpiece in

progress in Stillness comes Clarity and wise persp perspective anxiety blurs Vision peace

restores it inner alignments must precede outer change as you yield daily to the

sculpting of my hands I will shape you into Christ’s likeness this lifelong process requires

persistence in following my Narrow Path not the crowded highways of culture stay

near to me if change comes you don’t understand trust my vision surpasses

yours I meticulously designed your life blueprint every experience serves a

purpose my plans to prosper you will not be thwarted what I begin I

complete I will open doors of Destiny right on time wait patiently as I

prepare you for each encounter and assignment the next chapter awaits the

darkest night precedes the brightest Dawn weeping Whispers that Joy is coming

soon this painful chapter is temporary but spiritual growth is permanent

courage was forged in your trials strength Rose Up From the Ashes you

developed perseverance in the waiting times Victory will be all the sweeter for having contended my strength is

perfected in your weakness you are my handpicked vessel through whom I will pour

blessings your painful process of preparation is nearly complete complete

you will fulfill your purpose of profoundly impacting your family and Community as my Ambassador you will

rebuild ruins restore hope and represent my heart your influence will far exceed

your expectations many who discounted you will soon seek your

wisdom those who minimized and wounded you will kneel in Repentance asking

forgiveness for rejecting my call on your life they laughed when you spoke of

my plans deeming them delusions but Revelations that vindicate and Astound

await by honoring me amidst scorn your courageous faith will inspire many I am

elevating you to new spheres of influence among Kindred Hearts where your gifts can fully

Thrive I am your home abide in my rest provision and peace that transcend

circumstance I will never leave or forsake you no earthly gain compares to

the comfort of my presence you are forever safe and loved in me rather than

chasing status and trophies that rust passionately pursue my priorities

and Pleasures pour yourself out to serve with humility not to be served with

accolades leave reputation management to me walk in Purity and let my Holiness

silence critics my plans for you are good not harm to

give you hope and abundance in every way stay strong when opposition abounds the darkest night still holds

the promise of Sunrise soon Victory requires persevering

through the darkness keep declaring my promises until they

manifest breakthrough is brewing your day is Dawning align heart and mind in Soul

allegiance to me in my kingdom then outward opportunity will follow uphold

truth but reject rigidity Grant Grace but maintain Godly

standards be in this world but not of it be a bridge builder not a wall of

division walk in wisdom and compassion set Minds free with truth

spoken in love fulfillment is found in pleasing God not people seek to reflect me

accurately and point people to purpose pour into individuals not institutions

major on the spiritual not just the Practical always love listen and lean

into me I will fill your mind with insight to address every challenge abide

in the vine and you will bear lasting fruit I know your secret tears those

cried alone in darkness I have heard every anguished prayer though you have

sometimes felt forsaken I have always been near you will never walk alone my

intimate involvement in each day’s details reflects my love for you your

life matters profoundly to me look ahead with expectancy to all the good I have

prepared anticipate adventure for our journey together will span the Earth and

Eternity but also cultivate contentment for True Joy is found in our Quiet

Moments too cherish this season of privacy and preparation though progression feels

slow I am using it to develop you for more effective service for now rest in

the knowledge I am very pleased with your persevering faith and steadfast love soon you will awaken to increased

impact days of isolation will give way to meaningful contribution but stay surrendered in

each stage seek to become not just do as

transformation precedes assignment when the time is right you

will step into the plans I have [Music] prepared until then let deep Waters of

wisdom well up from within your leadership will arise from who you are not just what you know your influence

will flow from the inside out this time of obscurity and struggle is only a

season not your destiny I am charting your course to a richer existence and meaningful

work the trials you have endured will unlock empathy you could not obtain any

other way you will draw from your pain to pour hope into other broken hearts

The Compassion birthed in your own valleys will become a well from which many will draw life thank me for the

closed doors and delays that ushered you along this narrow path of dependence and spiritual growth though often difficult

ult it was designed ultimately for your benefit I am growing character wisdom

and strength in you that could not blossom any other way you are becoming a

Mighty Oak of righteousness with deep roots and thick skin for the storms ahead yet your heart ever remains tender

toward me you have faced various trials and sought me in each one tests reveal areas needing my

refinement though storms try you they align you more closely with me I use

every experience to transform you into the beautiful Masterpiece I envisioned you to be though the process is often

painful the end result will be worth it all stay the course finish the race keep

your eyes on the Eternal not just the temporal with me you have already

overcome no obstacle can ultimately impede my purposes for you you will

fulfill every promise in my perfect timing until then rest in my love soon

you will stand on the mountaintops and Marvel at the way I led you through every Valley along the

way the full Mosaic of your life will reveal my Majesty when one day you view

it from Heaven’s perspective for now embrace the mystery of my ways past

finding out understand I perform my best work in secret not on Center Stage like man

trust me even when you cannot trace my hand keep following in faith even when

the way seems unclear the path often passes through Darkness but joy comes in the morning

weeping Whispers that Delight is coming soon each day presents new opportunities

to demonstrate trust as you rely on me through stormy seas and unpredictable changes our bond

grows deeper I am always working to redeem what the enemy means for

harm though his attacks are Fierce my purposes will

prevail nothing can thwart my loving plans for you rest in my absolute

faithfulness beloved one pour out your heart to me I care more than you

know not one tear Falls without my notice I collect each one in my bottle

saving your hurts and recording your journey my heart breaks with every

Injustice you have suffered I mourn with you but better days will come Justice

and joy will prevail you have endured this difficult stretch with courage and Grace it has

strengthened your spiritual muscles and deepened your roots of faith and

perseverance like metal refined by fire you are becoming more useful to

me the holy spirit is developing in you a greater capacity to contain more of my

glory your trials have prepared you to rise higher promotion is coming keep

standing through this night for your new day is Dawning I have not forgotten you

breakthrough is brewing you are exactly where I want you in this moment all is aligning for me to

thrust you forward Divine connections resources Revelations and open doors are

imminent what I open no one can shut stay near to me resting in my

presence daily abide in the shelter of my wing then you will be prepared for each

opportunity I send stay attuned to my timing and Direction so you recognize each Divine

appointment I am ordering your steps so you will encounter the the right people at the right time to fulfill your

purpose you will look back on this season as essential groundwork for the greater impact and influence to

come just as a beautiful tapestry begins with disjointed threads so too your

life’s true design will one day make sense you will see how every experience

is intricately woven together for good producing a Priceless Masterpiece

displaying my grace and Glory until then trust the Weaver and his wise

loving ways keep following me down the narrow

Road Less Traveled it is hard but leads to life

not the wide crowded path toward destruction many false guides shout

loudest but heed my gentle whisper though subtle my voice holds the

promise of Peace you discern Truth by resonance in your your spirit not

external performance that inner witness is my spirit guiding you into all

truth stay ready for I will soon present opportunities you have long

awaited but first take time to renew your mind refocus your priorities and

reflect my heart meditate on my principles discard distractions that

demand your time and energy but yield little reward invest in the Eternal

instead of the temporary allow my pruning to prepare greater

fruitfulness as you yield to this refining process you are gaining skill in hearing my voice and trusting my

ways you know wisdom calls gently while foolishness demands compliance and crouches at every door choose well when

facing daily decisions seek my heart before your own I will guide your steps

on the optimal path of purpose I have prepared prepared you will grow tall sink Deep

Roots and bear much fruit that nourishes many but stay dependent on my reain

abide in my healing light I will make you thrive not just survive I break off dead branches so new

ones can grow I will gently prune away weights holding you down I craft Beauty

from Brokenness you are my beloved Masterpiece in the process the completed you shall be magnificent

but you must hold on let the Potter shape the clay the way may seem long and

tiring but don’t give up now when you’re so close to breakthrough the very breakthrough

you’ve prayed for that seemed hopeless is just ahead now but you must keep believing even when forward progress

stalls even when energy waines and doubts arise when it feels like you’ve taken

steps backward when you desperately need rest but can’t pause the

journey hold tightly to me your source of strength take nourishment from my Living

Word let me wash your wounds with gentle cleansing truth lean your full weight

into my strong arms able to Bear you over this final Hill my beloved child I know at times

you feel tossed about on a Restless Sea wearied from paddling against the

waves but keep your eyes fixed on me your anchor of

hope I will bring you to Safe Harbor in my perfect

timing what the enemy means for harm I will use for your good in the trials you

are becoming more like me compassionate courageous and patient my son endured calvary’s cross

before receiving his Crown of Glory I refined and prepared Joseph in

prison before exalting him to the Palace their trials were temporary but

The Godly character gained was eternal this is my purpose for you stay

faithful when the way seems long and difficult keep walking forward even when

you do not yet see what I see ahead hold on when the winds howl fiercely against

you anchor deep in me allow these trials to shape you into the

Overcomer I created you to be that is my loving desire for your present struggle

will lead to great strength and wisdom valuable to you and others but you must

persevere my plans for you extend beyond this season of hardship I know the great potential

within you but also understand your weaknesses and limitations I am pleased with your

sincere faith not your Flawless Prof performance all fall short of perfection

so reject false standards of comparison and condemnation the voices that shame and

accuse you do not come from me my spirit brings gentle conviction

that leads to Hope and freedom let go of unrealistic expectations that trap you

in Endless cycles of failure guilt and striving come sit with me in Grace you

compare yourself to others and forget that each person’s path is uniquely tailored to shape their growth comparing

your story to someone else’s is unwise be patient learn the lessons I am

teaching you right now allow me to write your story one day at a time it will

unfold beautifully as you yield to my wisdom and timing for now rest in my

unconditional love I know the desires of your heart

what you hope and long for I place them there it makes me smile to see you

Delight in my gifts dreaming of how to use them for good but some dreams are

for a future season their fulfillment is not yet for today do not worry I have

all things safely in hand what I start I finish no good thing will I withhold

from you but you must trust my timing and process children must wait many

years before for they are fully mature and prepared for future responsibilities but no loving parent

forgets or disregards their child’s hopes and dreams at the proper time when the

foundations are firmly laid I will begin construction and bring those good

desires to reality the greater the building the deeper its foundations must be but my

Living Word reminds you that I work unseen much of the time my child I have been actively at

work within you equipping preparing and shaping your inner life though you could not perceive

it now the time of visible manifestation nears the old will be cleared away and

my promised new building will rise in due time be faithful I remain so pleased

and proud of you though you may see only problems and feel inadequate I see your

heart sincerely turned toward me I see your patient endurance through difficulties and willingness to serve me

these are precious to me I see you thres of grace mercy and

compassion my beloved child created in my very image do not believe the lies

that you are worthless my spirit assures you of your true identity you are my Priceless

treasure you have a profound purpose your unique personality and

Gifts Delight me walk forward with confidence in who I

made you to be listen less to those negative inner voices I know they Echo deep wounds past

stumbles and disappointments but refuse to let your past Define your

future take those thoughts captive sort through them release what is false

receive my healing truth let me speak to you now with my loving and empowering voice you feel

alone but I’m constantly with you surrounding you with my light you feel

inadequate but my spirit’s power and Gifts reside within you you feel

worthless but I paid the ultimate price to redeem you you feel hopeless but I

hold your future and it is very good you feel powerless but I am almighty God and

nothing is impossible for me my beloved child do not spare that

the waiting stretch is long I know your sincerest hopes and dreams and Delight

to fulfill them in my time until then I am with

you when the path seems lonely take my hand and walk with

me I will lift your weariness and Infuse you with patient perseverance for the journey

ahead we will walk together side by side You Are Not

Alone when you feel afraid anxious or disheartened Lean Into My Embrace and

rest listen closely and you will hear my heartbeat of love for you I will drive

out fear with my perfect love be still and know that I am God I am in control I

am working beautifully in and through you when you grow tired from the battles

Come Away with me to a quiet place in my presence is is fullness of

joy and restoration of the Soul drink deeply from The Well of Living Waters I freely

give you will go out with renewed strength for the tasks ahead Victory is

assured when you abide in me do not worry about what tomorrow may hold

sufficient for today are the challenges at hand stay focused on me my love my

leading my empowering fear traps you in imagined Futures that may never come Faith

positions you in each present moment to see my hand at work lift up your eyes a

new each day there will be Beauty if you look through my lens of Love walk

forward with expectancy anticipate opportunities to trust me to rest in me to shine my light

into darkened places you are exactly where I plan for this moment more will be revealed

soon but for now breathe deep my peace listen for my gentle

whisper hold my hand in childlike Faith this is enough for

today together we will finish this race my purpose for you will be

fulfilled our journey continues

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