⚠️MY CHILD: CAN YOU HELP?। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved child I come to you with a heart overflowing with

love my greatest desire is for you to feel this boundless love that I have for

you though there are mysteries in this world have faith that you are cherished

beyond measure the gift of existence is not to be taken for granted each moment is

precious I want you to fully embrace the blessings of being alive may you appreciate the richness of Simply

breathing feeling thinking and being

Marvel at the creativity within you which allows you to perceive Beauty and Ponder Mysteries use your creative gifts

to make the world a little brighter for others share your talents freely you

long for more success strength and prosperity I understand these deep

desires I know the longing in your soul have faith that I wish to bestow these

blessings upon you in due time but true success and strength come from

developing wisdom patience and humility with quiet contemplation listen

for my voice guiding you learn to find joy in simple moments patience and Trust

in my timing will bring you peace I see the positive changes you

have made the steps taken with faith and courage it warms my heart and shows me

you are maturing beautifully when you approach me sincerely I am

Overjoyed maintaining a connection with me will nourish your soul during both trials and

triumphs I am always near waiting patiently for you to seek my wisdom and

Grace keep hold of the faith you have shown today let it be a light during

dark times remember my promises and find refuge in my eternal love have hope for

the future I have planned for you which is filled with blessings Beyond

imagination the path may not be easy but with faith in me you will prevail over

any adversity I will give you the strength you need protect the blessings I have

given you use your freedom wisely to make choices that reflect wisdom and

compassion with freedom comes responsibility consider the consequences

before acting lead others by example be a source of Hope humility and light do

not compare yourself to others or covet their gifts I have carefully chosen unique blessings for

you discover your own talents do not try to copy others you are beautifully made

my one-of aind creation appreciate your own worth move forward with enthusiasm

and purpose seize each day I have granted you waste no time in idleness

for for there is much good to be done with commitment and courage you can accomplish great things for the

betterment of all I will be by your side providing guidance love and support

remember always to walk in Grace kindness and forgiveness do not become hardened by bitterness let go of anger

toward those who caused you pain forgiveness heals wounds over time

I understand it is difficult but trust that I will help you cultivate

compassion I wish your heart to be filled only with my unconditional love your family is one

of your biggest blessings shower your loved ones with affection Comfort them in difficult times and share in their

joyful moments celebrate your bonds through laughter and tears supporting

each other with compassion a family rooted in love is stronger than any trial I have placed

special friends in your life as well enjoy the gift of their companionship appreciate those who

accept you as you are friends can nourish the soul and lift the spirit cultivate only those friendships

that are positive avoiding relationships that breed negativity Choose Wisely those you let

into your sacred Inner Circle keep your body as a temple rest your mind through

prayer reflection and peaceful sleep health is among the greatest gifts so

Safeguard it diligently yet accept your limits patiently trusting that I will

sustain you pause frequently to appreciate the beauty of nature for the natural world

restores the spirit Marvel at the complexity of creation no human can

fully comprehended feel my presence in the intricacy of a flower the Majesty of

mountains the power of the Seas protect this planet for nature is a sacred gift

meant for all life you are never alone or beyond the reach of my love when loneliness Creeps in

call upon me and I will Comfort your heart if you feel lost amid the noise and Chaos withdraw into Stillness with

me if you are weary from striving come and find rest in my presence my spirit

lives within you always ready to renew your soul walk bravely toward the bright

future I have prepared uniquely for you Keep Me Near and I will reveal the special purpose I have for your life you

are valued protected and loved beyond measure have faith in my promises for

they are true and unchanging trust in my eternal love and

joy will illuminate each step of your journey The Light Within you can never

be extinguished though storms may rage and adversaries gather your inner fire

continues to shine shine bright this light comes not from Mortal means but from the Divine spark I have

placed inside you Let My Words Kindle the Flames of hope faith and love fan

these Flames through prayer scripture and fellowship with others who nurture your

spirit together we will weather life’s tempests fear seeks to smother your

light it Whispers lies saying you are too weak too flawed too far

gone but I say to you my child these are

falsehoods no force in heaven or Earth can diminish your worth or sever our

bond take heart and Stand Tall though you walk through the valley

of Shadows you need not fear evil the rod and staff of my spirit comfort you I

prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies my peace and joy Joy are your strength hardships will

come but you were made to overcome cling to me when adversity strikes I will lift

you up though you stumble you will not fall my Everlasting Arms support and

protect you I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and give you

hope my living water flows freely to refresh your soul come to the well and

drink deeply whenever burdens weigh heavy I will renew your spirit day by day you need only ask and I will fill

you to overflowing within your heart resides my perfect love which casts out all

fear let it flow freely to those around you share my hope and light especially

with those shrouded in darkness your words and actions can ignite Divine Sparks in other Souls

though invisible forces conspire to cause you harm take comfort that my angels encamp around

you no weapon formed against you shall prosper sorcery Spells and Witchcraft

hold no power over a child of God declare this truth with boldness I

have conferred my authority upon you whatever you bind on Earth is bound in heaven the adversaries that come to kill

steal and destroy flee at the sound of my name wield my name as a sword and

shield Victory is assured word today your chains are breaking the despair

that once weighed you down is being lifted dark memories that haunted you are Fading Into Oblivion the past can no

longer hold you captive behold I make all things new wipe your tears away the sun is rising

on your life its Warm Rays will nourish dreams once Frozen by doubt and fear

what was dormant will now blossom in startling Beauty step out of the Shadows

do not not linger in darkness confined to Hidden Corners You Were Made for

More unchain your mind and throw open your heart your destiny

awaits I have called you by name you are my beloved child in whom I am pleased

nothing can separate us not height nor depth angels nor demons past regrets nor

future uncertainty my love for you is unshakable my promises

unbreakable come to me with Open Hands Together We will celebrate the impending

Victory I have prepared for you it will surpass your wildest dreams the windows of Heaven are open your faith has

Unleashed Showers of Blessings what I have spoken will come to pass my words

are spirit and life place your trust in me fully even when your natural senses

scream hopeless choose to believe in my Supernatural power God guard your heart

from Pride when I bless you abundantly remember always the source of your

Prosperity use it humbly to lift others up freely you have received now freely

give I am pouring out spiritual gifts that you might be a light in the darkness wield these gifts not for

personal gain but for the glory of my kingdom to share my love to build my

church to point others to Salvation study my word hidden in your heart

Marvel at the Miracles accomplished by Ordinary People Who exercised extraordinary Faith the same power that

parted Seas dwells inside you nothing is impossible for those who believe you are

my vessel through which Divine work is accomplished stay near to me always

through prayer and gratitude I will Infuse you with Supernatural strength wisdom and

discernment together we will silence the lies of the enemy we will tear down strongholds of fear

and hopelessness we will be a Beacon of Hope to the lost the weary and heavy

burdened you will rise from every fall trials are but preparation for the

triumphs to come stay Anchored In My Love listen for my voice Whispering you

are never alone I will not leave you as orphans bereft of comfort the time for your

breakthrough is now get ready to testify of Miracles there is light and life

ahead but first we walk through this valley together I go before you clearing

the path I am the way the truth and the life fullness of joy is found in my

presence Come Just As You Are there is no need to wait until you are

perfect my perfection will fill the gaps in you my grace is sufficient for all

your weaknesses unload your heavy burdens into my capable hands take my yoke which is easy

and light in me you will find rest for your soul sit at my feet and be filled

the world will continue to trouble you but have courage I have overcome the world in me you can walk forward in

confident hope the best is yet to come my child I know life has been

difficult lately the burdens on your shoulders feel so heavy that your legs tremble under their weight you feel the

gnawing ache of loneliness in your heart your mind races with worries and struggles to quiet itself even in sleep

I see you my beloved I know your pain for too long you have relied solely on

your own strength you have fiercely believed that Independence means handling everything

alone my Brave one even the strongest need rest even the most capable need

help sometimes you need not carry these burdens alone any longer I am here I

have always been here waiting patiently for you to accept my embrace my arms

remain open wide you need only step into them to feel the warmth and safety of my

love I understand your hesitation your spirit has been wounded before people

you trusted broke their promises and left feeling betrayed you learned the hard way that vulnerability leads to

deeper hurt so you fortified your heart with impenetrable walls and resolved to

need no one but my dear child you need not fear vulnerability with me my loyalty will

never waver my commitment to you remains steadfast you can trust me with your

tender heart you can rely on my strength when yours Runs Out Come rest your weary

soul with me a while lay down the weight of self-reliance and let me carry your

burdens cease your striving and busy activity for just a moment be still and

know I am here feel the Tranquility of my presence surround you let it soak

into your skin seep into your muscles flow through your veins let my peace

become part of you listen can you hear the gentle Whisper of my voice it caresses your ears like a soft

Bree bre stirring the leaves of your innermost thoughts the sound wraps around you like

a soothing Melody it quiets your racing mind and calms your trembling heart just breathe

and listen let my voice be the melody that eases your soul my words hold

healing power my child if you allow them to flow freely through your mind and

take root in your heart they will grow into an unshakable sense of hope and Faith they will cleanse away the hurt

and bitterness that have infected your spirit for too long they will transform struggle into promise and heartache into

Joy but it begins with you opening yourself to receive the fullness of my

presence it starts by inviting me into the deepest chambers of your heart where both tremendous Beauty and

immeasurable pain reside will you give me access to every broken fragment so I may begin the

healing work for I tell you you deserve the very best my beloved not because you

have earned it or proven your worth no simply because you are mine I crafted you in my image and knit you together in

your mother’s womb I planted dreams and desires deep in your soul I endowed you

with gifts and talents to share with the world all that is good within you comes

from me therefore walk in Freedom from the need to prove your value

do not buy into the lies that your worth depends on productivity and achievement

cease striving to win the admiration and Applause of others those are empty Pursuits that will only leave you Hollow

the only praise and approval you need comes from me you have already won my heart my delight in you will never fade

for my love holds no conditions or limits believe this with your whole being and it will revolutionize how you

see yourself and interact with others now come take my hand together we will

Begin Again the missteps and failures of your past will be swallowed up in the

greatness of the future I have prepared for you the times Your Love ran dry and

your light dimmed will fade into distant memory as my spirit renews your heart

each morning with fresh hope step forward in faith my child the

way ahead may look un un certain but I will light your path with me leading

what is there to fear I know the plans I have for you plans to flourish in my joy prosper in

my purpose and walk in my power what a grand Adventure awaits so lift your chin

straighten your shoulders take a deep breath the heaviness of yesterday Falls away with each exhale you are passing

into a new day a new chapter a new you only goodness and mercy await in these

Unwritten Pages the world needs your light are you ready come now let’s go

one step at a time you and I together always together my beloved child our

journey together has only just begun each step we take is one step closer to the bright future I have

prepared for you for now the way may Wind Through dark valleys and up steep

mountainsides at times The Climb will exhaust your limbs and try your spirit but remember I know the

way I will help you scale the Summits my hand will steady you as we descend into

shadowy valleys my living water will refresh and strengthen you when weariness sets

in I will be your constant companion each step of the journey when doubts arise bringing fear

and hesitation do not let them take root in your heart cast them immediately into

my light where all darkness is dissolved my perfect love drives out

fear if you abide in me walking in trust and obedience you have nothing to dread

I will uphold you with my rightous right hand holy angles encamp around those who rever my name as we walk share with me

your deepest desires and dreams hold nothing back for I wish to shape your

heart’s longings into Realties that bring us both Joy the passions I sparked

to life within you are glimpses of your purpose fan these Sparks into flames let

them guide you ever closer to your Divine Destiny if detours or delays

frustrate you cling tighter to my hand remain patient and faithful when the

journey seems endless all things will unfold according to my perfect timing and

plan what seems aimless wandering is car carefully constructed for your benefit

every step contains meaning refuse to compare your journey to others for I have appointed each Soul

a unique path carefully matched to their gifts and tailored to draw them close to

me comparing leads only to discontentment in your own calling keep your eyes fixed Straight

Ahead asking me each day for strength and guidance to press onward when weariness drops your shoulders and slows

your pace stop and rest a while in my presence share your feelings openly with

me unloading the burdens you carry I understand heartache discouragement and

exhaustion I will not condemn you for human Frailty make your requests known to me

and my peace will refresh your spirit though the road is long take

comfort that your destination is assured I have prepared a place for you

in eternity where you will reign with me until then keep following me Faithfully

one day at a time even slow progress brings you closer to the finish on Earth

I am always with you in heaven we will be together forever enveloped in my

glory This Promise sustains you true confidence Springs from a well watered

Soul rooted in my love attempts to manufacture self assurance inevitably wilt Under Pressure but an identity

grounded in me Stands Tall against every storm when confidence wavers reflect on

how I see you I created your innermost being and called you my beloved you are not defined by your

successes and failures you are accepted and cherished simply because you belong

to me my delight in you will never fade meditate on these truths until my

thoughts become yours self-doubt always lurks nearby

seeking cracks to seep into your soul when those Insidious thoughts arise

take them captive and make them obedient to truth speak my words aloud until doubt is banished for my spirit

testifies reassurance deep within you dark whispers are drowned under Living

Waters that flow from my Throne if Pride Creeps in when success comes nip it

quickly redirect praise to the giver for every good gift comes from my hand when

humility governs your attitude confidence stands on Solid ground but Pride goes Before Destruction guard your

heart closely do not stake your value on what you do or own avoid seeking your worth

in others eyes for Earthly measures of importance rise and fall like shifting

sand only my opinion of you remains forever unchanged when inferior feelings strike

remember you have Royal Blood you are are my precious child beautiful and

beloved I clothed you in dignity and honor nothing can reduce your intrinsic

value hold your head high not in arrogance but in Humble recognition of who I made you to

be if wounds from the past continue plaguing you bring them into the light of my healing love I know they run deep

but I’m able to restore what has been broken whisper my name over the damaged

places feel my spirit bringing refreshment and renewal be made whole

when failures or setbacks threaten your selfworth come to me for I determine

your value and it is infinite in my eyes no mistake or deficiency can alter how I

see you rest in the security of my unconditional

acceptance though some seek to understand you only I fully comprehend the complexity of your soul I perceive

intricacies even you cannot grasp so when you feel misunderstood

bring your aching heart close to mind I accept you just as you are you need not

pretend with me when rejection stings pour out your hurt to me as a caring

friend I will listen without judgment my comfort and companionship ease the pain

of feeling unwanted for I assure you that you are deeply wanted and needed by

me you have a place of vital purpose in My Kingdom never believe the Great

Deceiver who calls you worthless his lies contradict how I designed you with infinite care dismiss those false

allegations you are treasured by me beyond measure my cross Bears eloquent

testimony to your immense value my beloved our journey has seen

many seasons so far together we have climbed Sun lit mountaintops and

traversed dark valleys your faith has been tested through trials and your courage fortified through overcoming

each day presents new choices will you walk in trust or give way to fear will

you embrace my will or cling to your own your decisions shape the landscape

around you seow wisely and you will reap abundantly when provoked choose peaceful

responses return curses with blessing as I taught you for anger feeds only more

destruction whereas Grace gently invites me into the conflict to bring Redemption this is no easy task in your

own strength anger often overpowers but my spirit enables you to

overcome evil with good yes at times you will stumble do

not let failure discourage you from trying again the depth of my Mercy is greater than the height of your

sin I forgive absolutely those who repent sincerely let not shame keep you mired

in the past when I have prepared new mercies for today if Financial lack Kindles worry within you recall the

birds who neither seow nor reap yet are fed by their creator how much more will I provide for

you my child seek my kingdom first when you abide in me Mana is found along the

way expect provision from my hand but do not demand it in patiently on your terms

or hoard it greedily once received freely you have received now freely give

my generosity overflows in you when loneliness Creeps in call upon me and I will Comfort your

heart if you feel lost amid the noise and Chaos withdraw into Stillness with

me if you are weary from striving come and find rest in my

presence though dark Forces conspire to cause you harm take comfort that my

angels encamp around you no weapon formed against you shall prosper at

times UNH wholesome desires will tempt you but you need not follow where they lead take each contrary thought captive

redirect your focus to things Noble and praiseworthy ask my spirit to strengthen

your self-discipline against harmful appetites change Springs from the inside

out let me renew your mind now is the time for for bold Faith this day marks A

New Beginning yesterday’s failures no longer Define you what I have declared

over your life will come to pass keep in step with my spirit say farewell to

doubt and fear embrace my callings your breakthrough awaits I have

prepared a path meet just for you it will require courage and stamina for easy Trails rarely produce growth but my

presence will be your constant companion Al Ong the way soon you will look back with awe at obstacles that once loomed

large but proved gates to growth for now you see dimly merely the

next step ahead but one day you will view with Clarity the Exquisite

unfolding of my wise plans for your life on that day you will recognize my

handiwork in every past season appreciating how I transform trials into

triumphs until then walk forward in faith trusting my vision surpasses

yours my beloved our journey together stretches long behind you yet endless

Horizons lie ahead do not dwell on Seasons past each New Dawn offers a

vital opportunity to walk in the purpose I have prepared for you say farewell to

Old sorrows and regrets the future calls heed its invitation with faith I see

within you untapped depths of Courage compassion and creativity my spirit stirs these gifts

to life even when your eyes cannot yet perceive them do not judge yourself for

what you are not rather nurture gratitude for what you are and step boldly toward what you will become for I

am transforming you in ways beyond your sight yes you will misstep often as we

walk together but repentance opens the door for restoration my forgiveness

knows no limits for the sincerely penitent let not shame linger when I

offer mercy so freely my grace awaits to lift you higher than before the fall

accept it now tests of faith will surely come but fear not for I equip those I

call you need only cling to me through the storms and take each step trusting my presence goes before you my righteous

courage arises within you when you call upon my name you will

overcome every season walking with me holds Treasures meant just for you but

understand this some gifts ripen only through patient waiting trusting my

timing though the road seems long other fruits Sprout through storms that shake and soak the earth now both

Water and Light are needed Embrace each season I ordain my design Bears

Exquisite fruit your mind races ahead compulsively plotting strategies and

seeking control anxious thoughts jostle like unruly sheep refusing the shepherd’s

voice this agitation squanders peace therefore discipline your thoughts

to the present deal with each challenge as it comes without imagining those yet

unborn my grace is given one day at a time receive it gratefully now tomorrow

will carry for itself you fear the unknown future and dwell the unfamiliar

past but I call you to the present where your destiny unfolds one step at a time

yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s worries inhibit awareness of the gift called today you think life will begin at some

distant Point missing the abundance right under your nose awaken to the

now here you will find me already at work inviting you to

join yes seasons will change along our journey winter always melts into spring

but my faithfulness persists through every fluctuation I never slumber nor sleep my

presence never Fades life’s uncertainty cannot undo my purposes or revoke my

promises build on these unshakable pillars and you will withstand all

storms cherish simpli for a cluttered Soul wearies under its own weight Parry

away the inessential so that what truly matters gains

prominence the world constantly pedal more but you thirst for meaning and

meaning dwells not in things but in presence my presence permeating you and

your presence blessing others therefore reject restlessness embrace the calm of

contentment knowing you lack nothing my beloved I have not withdrawn

my promises though their fulfillment lingers long what I have spoken shall come to

pass in due season until then live out of the abundance already given you this

day rise each morning gratefully accepting my new mercies do not fixate

on the unknown future or bemoan your present State purpose and meaning are found now therefore receive this moment

as my gift to save tomorrow’s provision awaits in my Storehouse today’s blessings satisfy

your needs

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