I am always with


you my child do not let the enemy’s

traps scare you believe in me because I

never let down those who stay in my love

don’t forget that your faith in me can

move mountains and make impossible

things possible through faith my child

you will get what you deserve for

sticking with it blessings and plenty so

my beloved child don’t doubt my power

believe in me and do what I say I will

do it’s like how the wind caresses the

fields I will come to you like a soft

Breeze full of love and hope don’t look

away from me and walk with confidence a

new day will always come after the

darkest night dear child keep going

forward don’t give up when things get

hard don’t give into your problems don’t

forget that I am with you and that every

step you take carries the promise of my

love forever getting rid of the bad

thoughts that tell you you can’t or

won’t succeed is important the hard

times you go through don’t make up your

story how you get through them with my

grace and power does know this if you

trust me you will win because I am here

to help you do well in every part of

your life if you trust me my child you

will find the peace you need the

strength you need and the light that

will lead you to a future full of Hope

and prosperity put these words deep

inside your heart and let them guide you

through this tough time for those of you

who feel like the days and nights never

end I want you to remember that these

times will pass the light of dawn will

rise over the horizon and clear your

mind and heart of the darkness that

surrounds them please trust me my child

that this time of testing is only the

start of many opportunities and

blessings to come the hard times you’re

going through this season will only make

you stronger and more resilient share

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