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dear one as you reflect on your life’s journey remember the times of uncertainty and

challenge think back to moments that felt like wandering in a Wilderness unsure of the path

ahead in those times even when it seemed unclear to you there was a guiding presence leading

providing and protecting this journey with its twists

and turns was not with without purpose it was a process of refinement a test of

faith and trust in the face of adversity consider the reasons behind this winding path it was to reveal the

true contents of your heart to humble and to strengthen you this was a preparation for something greater a

promise of a land filled with abundance and peace the question was always whether

you would remain faithful whether in times of want or in times of Plenty now

now as you stand on the brink of a new chapter it’s time to lean into that Embrace once more hear the words of love

and affirmation spoken over you let them heal and refresh your soul the promises

made to you and your lineage are about to unfold bringing favor and success to your

endeavors this is a time to cast aside anxiety and fear to trust in the

steadfastness of divine faithfulness the revelations given to you the promise is spoken hold them

close they are your foundation of bold faith everything that has come into your

life the words the insights have been a preparation a saturation of your being

with spiritual truth Joy replaces mourning abundance

replaces lack you are surrounded by my divine presence a reminder that you are cared

for watched over and protected expect signs of this love to manifest in your

life affirming that provision and healing are part of your Divine inheritance perhaps doubts have crept in

suggesting that these blessings are too good to be true especially after seasons of

hardship but remember these plans for your good were established long before you began your journey do not listen to

the voice of discouragement every good and perfect gift comes from above from my source of

unwavering generosity and light it is your divine right to live surrounded by blessings to experience

the fullness of Life promised to you your existence in this world is not

meant to be one of struggle and pain though challenges have come they make way for a revelation of divine Glory

empowering you to overcome any adversity your strength and purpose are being renewed and you are called to live

in the richness of Divine provision this intimate relationship with me is your source of strength and

direction stay connected for where you go I shall follow offering protection

and guidance for you and your loved ones ensuring that even the smallest details of your life are orchestrated with care

might it seem unbelievable that you are loved and cherished so deeply yet it is the truth you’re invited to rise to

leave behind the Shadows of the past and to step into a future marked by Divine favor and abundance taste and see the

goodness that awaits partake in the feast prepared for you and claim the fullness of life that is your

inheritance and there is more to come the words spoken over you today are just the beginning continue to feed on this

spiritual sustenance allowing it to renew and nourish you daily in the

deepest communion with the divine you will find the source of true Abundant

Life your voice in prayer has the power to change your world it releases Divine

will into your surroundings unlocking the potential for miracles and blessings

your prayers even those whispered in despair have been heard and have moved

Heaven you are called to a life of prayerful authority to decree and

manifest Divine will on Earth this is your her her itage as a child of God

empowered to face any challenge with Divine backing as you Embrace this calling expect to encounter the Divine

in profound and life-changing ways these encounters will affirm your place and purpose filling your life with

meaning and Direction so receive freely the blessings poured out upon you

there’s no need for striving simply open your heart to the abundance that flows from Divine love you are stepping into a

realm of promises fulfilled a place of Joy purpose and divine

presence this is your moment to experience the depth of divine love and

the reality of promises made long ago let this assurance fill you with hope

and courage As you move forward Guided by A Love That Never Fails into all that

has been prepared for you embark on this journey Knowing You Are Not Alone every step you take is Guided by a

wisdom far greater than any human understanding this path you’re on though

it may have seemed Meandering and fraught with obstacles has been a deliberate course designed to bring you

to a place of maturity resilience and deep-seated Faith it’s a journey that

has prepared you for the abundance that is now beginning to unfold in your life in the wilderness in the silence and the

Solitude there was my voice that whispered truths into the very core of

your being these truths seeds planted in fertile soil are now ready to burgeon

into a vibrant display of life and vitality the Wilderness was never a

punishment it was a preparation a Sacred Space where you were taught to listen to trust and to

depend not on the seen but on the Unseen As you move forward remember the

lessons of depend dependence and Trust in a world that Champions self-reliance and Independence you are

called to a different standard one of surrender and Reliance on my guidance this doesn’t make you weak it

makes you indomitable for when you are anchored in something unshakable you can face the storms of

life with a peace that passes all understanding consider now the blessings

promised to you blessings of provision of health of protection and a favor

these are not just lofty ideals but tangible realities that will manifest in your life as you walk in alignment with

my will your work your relationships your endeavors each will be infused with

a Grace that makes the impossible possible you are stepping into a season of harvest where the fruits of your

faithfulness are ripe for the picking this season of abundance is not just for your benefit alone you are blessed to be

a blessing the abundance flowing into your life is designed to overflow to

touch the lives of those around you your story a testament to Divine faithfulness

will inspire hope in others in the midst of this abundance it’s crucial to maintain a posture of humility and

gratitude every good thing in your life is a gift not a right recognize the

source of your blessings and remain thankful this attitude keeps your heart soft and receptive able to receive more

more from my hand that generously gives as you navigate this new season you may

encounter challenges and opposition but remember the same power that led you through the Wilderness is

the same power that will bring you victory in battles you are equipped not with physical weapons but with spiritual

ones that have divine power to demolish strongholds stand firm in your faith

knowing that no force can stand against you when you are alive Ed with my purpose for your life furthermore this

journey of faith is not a solitary one you are part of a larger narrative a

member of a community of believers who walk this path with you lean on this community draw strength from it and

contribute to it your experiences your insights and your faith are invaluable

to those who are walking alongside you in moments of Doubt or discouragement

when the promises seem distant and the path ahead uncertain remember my

faithfulness Through the Ages just as the sun rises a new each day so too my

promises renew every morning your faith is not in vain the words spoken over

your life the dreams planted in your heart These Are Not Mere figments of imagination but glimpses of what is

being woven into the fabric of your destiny and so dear one as you stand on

the threshold of this new season embrace it with open arms let go of the past

with its pain but remember the lessons and step into the future with expectancy

and joy the best is indeed Yet to Come the fullness of Life the depth of joy and

the peace that surpasses understanding these are yours to claim remember that

there is always more to learn more to experience and more to become keep your heart open your spirit

receptive and your eyes fixed on me may you walk in the fullness of the

blessings promised to you experiencing every day the profound love the boundless Grace and the unending

faithfulness of my presence that guides you go forth in peace in power and in

purpose the journey ahead is bright with promise and every step you take is a step into the destiny prepared for you

my beloved children I have heard your cries I have seen the oppression and suffering

you face in this world caused by the enemy and the Brokenness of creation but

I am here to deliver you this is a season of exact Deliverance a time when

I will pull you out of every pit and set you securely on the solid foundation of my

love I know you are afraid I see the feelings of unworthiness rising up

within you as the junk and sin in your lives are are exposed in my light I

understand these feelings completely consider my servants Moses and Isaiah and all the prophets of old

when they encountered my glory they also felt unworthy and ashamed but here is the Glorious truth

my Mercy Grace and love far outweigh your weaknesses I have made a way for you

through the sacrifice of my son his blood washes you clean making

you righteous in my eyes the price has already been paid you

are free you are loved you are mine so breathe beloved ones you cannot figure

this out or make it happen through your striving but I am sending wisdom and

solutions to you even now my thoughts and ways are so much higher than yours

as high as the heavens are above the Earth yet in my compassion I come come

down to meet you where you are lifting you up to where I am you do not need to worry or

fear yes you are included in my great salvation I Delight in you though you

are unworthy in yourself there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ

Jesus in my word I declare you are more than a conqueror this is true of you

plan your days with unspeakable joy peace and Hope I know fully your human Frailty and

weakness yet I crafted you carefully with my own hands will I abandon my creation and the

one I love never yet many have misunderstood my heart and character believing lies about

me that bring fear rather than Joy the enemy has distorted the truth and

destroyed trust in me from the earliest days in the garden generation after

generation has not known me accurately but just as a message changes when going

through many people today I am restoring the pure truth of who I really am in the minds and hearts of my people this

accurate revelation of me will flow out through your lives for all to see for my

spirit lives in you and empowers you to walk this out did I not promise to pour

out my spirit on All Flesh in the last days your sons and daughters will

prophesy your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see

Visions I am coming back for a spotless one so prepare the way by allowing me to

cleanse your hearts and Minds fully by the power of my spirit today the clarity

power and boldness you need are being released to you even now for this is a

new era when my will shall be established through my people in all the

Earth the old wine skins could not contain what I am doing but you have a new wine skin in within a fresh wind of

my spirit is filling you declare these released blessings over your life that

medical report must bow to my name the legal battles raging against you will

end in Victory and Vindication for my righteousness the lies tormenting your

mind are being replaced with my truth that sets you free your children will

return to me for did I not promise that when you raise them in my way ways they will not depart even when

older indeed because I brought you up in me even in your later years you shall

not depart from me either come rest in my perfect peace not as the world gives

but as I give to you eternally Open the Eyes of your heart to see all I have for you the Clutter and

confusion blinding your spiritual vision is now being cleared out to make room for my light and

Clarity yes all hell has been breaking loose against you precious child but now

I have come with Heavenly reinforcements that far outweigh the enemies attacks

the Battle Is Mine the victory is yours in me check those anxious raging

thoughts accusing you they are not from me but from the father of Lies I will

silence those condemning voices for you as you turn to me cry Abba Father and

let me quiet your soul like a baby in my arms you are safe mark this day for the unlimited

power of mine is being released in and through you I am filling you to overflowing with power from on high

signs wonders and miracles will follow you such joy and Authority will be produced in you for my glory for I love

you with an everlasting love my heart burns with fiery passion for you my eyes

dance with delight over you you are unspeakably precious to me a sacred

treasure the apple of my eye receive this powerful personal truth deep into

your spirit you are my beloved chosen wanted delighted in never believe the

evil one’s lies that you are rejected or abandoned my spirit within you shall

guide you into all truth you will continually know more of my goodness and intimacy all the days of your life and

in the age to come such light freedom and visitations of Glory await you

rejoice for I am with you always cry out to me and I will answer you seek my face

continuously and you will never lack any good thing I love you with an everlasting love I see your Brokenness I

know your failures yet I love you perfectly in spite of it

all this world will wound you again and again but in me you shall find Healing I will

turn every scar into a testimony of my Redemption what enemy meant for evil I

will transform into Glory beloved you still do not understand the depths of my

affection do you even knowing the worst parts of you I pursue you relentlessly I

sing Love Songs over your life I Delight to show you my heart come closer and

keep listening as I whisper IM image transforming truths about who you are and how I see you the accusations

bombarding your mind are not from me the guilt and shame crushing your spirit do not come from my heart these destroyers

originate from the one who opposed me from ancient days your adversary who deceives steals kills and destroys he

has filled your thoughts with lies since childhood yet today I come to evaporate

those toxic assaults with my healing life my truth will penetrate the deepest

recesses of your inner World exposing the work of Darkness so you can reject

those false identities of insignificance unworthiness rejection I will show you who you truly

are as I gently uncover the insecurity unbelief and twisted perceptions of me

that have tormented you for so long yes this shining of my light feels

uncomfortable at first but stay with me trusting the process my love will

overwhelm every lie and reverse Every curse for I hold the keys of death and

hell I alone have the power to save and deliver and transform

completely invite me deeper into memory rooms long locked away allow me access

to places of profound pain you’ve kept hidden from the world nothing is beyond

the reach of my Redemption no one is too broken or soiled for my restoring touch

cry out to me from the depths of your inner anguish and I swear to you I will answer where you have known only icy

rejection you will now Embrace fiery acceptance as I fold you into my heart forever more every ache for love and

belonging will fade away in my presence the stinging wounds of betrayal

will heal as I wash your feet with my tears I understand the craving for

approval and affirmation that has driven you now may my delight launch you into

Horizons of confidence purpose and eternal reward I have numbered every hair on

your head this is how intimately I cherish you never doubt that I not only know you

but I understand you completely every complex emotion each layered need all the desires of your

inner World unveiled before for me there are no surprises to me about

you I gaze upon your weakness with tenderness not disappointment I see your created

purpose identity and giftings though they remain unseen to you for now but

stay with me beloved child the veil will lift you have been told many Hal truths

and distortions about who I am which have blocked you from believing my heart is truly good toward you but now let

every false human concept of me fade from your mind behold who I declare

myself to be the great I am the one enthroned above all rule Authority power

and Dominion Unlimited in might and Majesty yet gentle in Mercy toward my people perfect in all my ways pure light

consumate Beauty matchless Splendor radiates from my face I am love himself

every good and perfect gift FL flows from my open hand I am Joy I am truth

righteousness and Justice illuminate all I do I alone reign supreme glorious in

Holiness yet I stepped into this Dark Realm of sin evil and death for Love of

You solely to rescue and redeem Mankind from Satan’s vicious grip all to

reconcile you and restore what was lost oh wayward child now is the time to open

your spirit fully to these transforming Revelations of who I am and who you are in me receive my outpouring of identity

purpose and Destiny over your life believe my heart see yourself as I see

you clothed in my righteousness and Glory chosen to walk by my power in Victory and freedom all your days yes

you the one consumed by self-doubt and crushed by inadequacy for so long I have

come with healing today to reverse the devastation in your Soul except what I say is supreme truth so much higher than

the lies that have tormented you agree with me beloved not the Demons of

insecurity continually assaulting your mind worship me in abandonment and keep

gazing at my face let me wipe away your tears with the Comfort only I can give a new day is

Dawning my beloved one you have walked a Winding Road filled with heart and

disappointment at times the way has seemed dark with no end in sight when the heat of the Refiner’s

Fire distills your identity down to Pure Spirit only then can my image Shone

through clearly unobstructed it is my joy to take Brokenness and create wholeness to

redeem the places of deepest wounding scars that once evoked shame now reflect

the light of my healing testifying to my mighty delivering power you see I craft

masterpieces out of messy pallets working diligently to restore the broken and free the captive I derive no

pleasure from Affliction yet I do not waste pain either my way of restoration

May differ from your expectations often I heal gradually gently challenging mindsets and

revealing truth step by step for increased Revelation requires increased

responsibility accountability trust in the timing of my ways though

the journey may seem slow and uncertain in uncertainty cling to what you know to be fundamentally true of who I am not

what you perceive in the moment feelings will fluctuate perceptions May skew

reality but my nature is constant and reliable I am perfect love embodied

unwavering in affection and fierce Devotion to you I am kindness and patience personified never responding

harshly despite repeated mistakes Grace streams eternally from my

Throne available in endless supply to transform even the most scarred

Soul these pillars of my nature uphold my every action toward you use them as

guard rails when lies threaten to push you off the path

recall my faithfulness displayed Through the Ages and be reassured that present

chaos is no surprise to me I will bring order and purpose in due

time though seasons of drought will come know that Living Water still flows if

you remain connected to me your Source my rivers of delight revive the

parched soul my word Moses parted at Divine command when Thorns of bitterness and

unbelief threaten to choke your faith speak my name over your soul soul and

unhindered Waters will surge forth once more clarity will return spiritual

vision will sharpen in focus for am I not a God who Parts sees

and brings floods on thirsty ground never doubt my ability to sustain and

provide the deceptions of this age pressure intense soul searching am I walking in truth have I departed from

the way but anxious striving only breeds confusion not peace peace your journey

is meant to be one of Joyful surrender to my plan not nail-biting uncertainty

be anxious for nothing my child but pray and petition with Thanksgiving my perfect will shall

unfold one step at a time as you yield daily to my hand guiding your

path the great lies and distortions rampant in this hour are no match for my

spirit’s illumination and discernment abiding in you you have everything

needed to walk the the path of righteousness truth justice and love the

deceiver Whispers did God really intend for you to operate so powerfully in my

name Beloved if you remain in me allow my word to permeate your inner being

then nothing shall be impossible for you why then have you not yet seen the

fullness of what is possible through our Union in some matters Revelation unfolds

gradually ually so Pride finds no fertile soil to take root but also

consider are you fully submitted to my refining fire allowing it to purify

motives desires and beliefs down to undiluted Kingdom Purpose examine the

altar of your heart have clutter Idols agendas been removed so that I alone

occupy the temple beloved I long to fill you to overflowing with every spiritual

blessing but you must continually yield unhindered access to me as I open your

eyes to unseen forces battling for your destiny you may be tempted to withdraw

when bold action is required this is not an hour for timidity or cowardice but courage and

conviction the kingdom awaits those willing to abandon comfort and confront societal strongholds with defiant faith

my truth subversively attacks ideologies exalted above me my love offends

oppressive systems and founds human control those who walk as I walked will

face persecution inevitable as Darkness hates the light exposing its schemes but

fear no earthly Authority I reverse the curses of accusers by vindicating my righteous ones beloved child you were

created with Divine Purpose to manifest my kingdom in the Earth with boldness and power signs and wonders shall follow

you your uniqueness is a gift to the world just as much as to you

cherish this do not hide your light messages of cheap Grace breed

complacency but I call you higher to the summit of maturity where abundant life

awaits the path requires endurance and sacrifice yet infinite reward shall be

reaped by those who finish the race oh Wayward hearts return home come

out of hiding you broken and abandoned into the Safe Harbor of my perfect life love fear no rejection from me much

rather will I run to embrace you I know your deepest pain and

heartache yet I speak messages of Life identity belonging over your

circumstances accept this Priceless truth as ointment to soothe your battered Soul you are wanted celebrated

and chosen in Christ crystalline streams Cascade from my Healing Hands wash pushing away heart

stains and purifying motives for selfless Kingdom Purpose painful seasons of loss and lack

dissolve as vistas of abundance and Liberty emerge under summer Skies the song of renewal and

restoration Echoes over Barren wastelands Awakening life dormant under Winter’s

Frost rejoice and lift your voice in hope-filled harmony the long night has passed into

Dawn’s first light heralding the promised day of Glory revealed on Earth

the darkest moments of night require deepest trust in the coming Dawn beloved child anchor unshakably to

my heart as chaos and uncertainty swirl about you my peace Remains undisturbed

by the storms that rage on this Earthly plane it is your Birthright through our Union come to me weary one overwhelmed

by the rubble of Broken Dreams and failed expectations ations lay all disappointing outcomes at my feet and in

exchange receive new vision purpose and spiritual strategy for the battles

ahead yes my precious one sorrow and tears are no strangers to

me healing from wounds of betrayal and Injustice spans lifetimes for some

dripping slowly as morning do let accusations against you fade from

memory taking no root in Hearts guarded by my spirit the Vindication you long

for will manifest partially now but find fullness Only When Heaven welcomes my

sons and daughters home for eternity until then take refuge in the

Strong Tower that is our connection I fortify minds and renew

strength when worldly supports crumble I nourish spiritual Vitality amid Soul

crushing adversity Through Rivers of anointing and sustenance that flow unceasing from my Throne come taste

Divine provision prepared for nourishment in famine and laughter in drought a welcoming table The Bread and

Wine of my broken body which releases resurrection power banishing death sting into Oblivion forever more so come

explore the vast Riches of our life together there is always more to discover deeper connection to be enjoyed

lay aside weights of discontent The Superficial Pursuits that cannot satisfy

receive instead garments of Praise lifting Soul eyes from the mundane into Realms of Limitless possibility with me

for this is only your beginning not the culmination I intend for you

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