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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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God said my dear son in this sacred and

profound moment I address you with an

abundance of immeasurable love and

tender care comparable to the ceaseless

waves of the celestial ocean that

perpetually caress the the shores of

existence every rhythmic beat of your

heart is not only known but deeply

understood by me as are the most

profound longings that resonate within

the very core of your soul akin to

Divine Melodies harmonizing throughout

the vast expanse of the universe today

it is my desire to share a message of

Divine Essence one that overflows not

only with love but also with purpose and

hope transcending the confines of time

much like the Timeless rays of light

that Traverse the epics open wide the

doors of your heart my cherished child

allowing these sacred utterances to flow

gently from the celestial Throne

reaching the very essence of your

existence akin to a gentle breeze that

delicately caresses the countenance of

humanity for I the Lord declare that I

am cognizant of the intricate plans I

have meticulously woven for you plans

Des designed for your welfare and not

harm to furnish you with a future and a

hope as articulated in Jeremiah verse

beloved be aware that you are not

traversing aimlessly within the vast

expanse of life’s ocean for I am the

Luminous Lighthouse that bathes your

path in radiant light during the Dark

Nights of uncertainty I your creator am

intimately acquainted with every plan

intricately laid out much like a skill

Artisan sculpting a masterpiece of

singular Brilliance these plans are

intricately interwoven with your

Prosperity with the hope that Kindles

the flame within your heart and with a

future rich in purpose echoing a

Celestial Symphony that reverberates

across the tapestry of time even in

moments when clouds of uncertainty Loom

overhead trust that each step you take

is an integral part of an intricate plan

meticulously drawn with Divine love and

wisdom much like the threads of a

Celestial tapestry interweaving the

Destinies of All Souls fear not for I am

with you be not dismayed for I am your

God I will strengthen you I will help

you I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand Isaiah

in moments shadowed by challenges

and storms my beloved Cast Away fear for

I Stand By Your Side as a protective

shield guarding the sanctuary of your

heart I am your God imparting strength

in moments of weakness extending

assistance in the face of challenges and

upholding you with my unwavering and

faithful right hand akin to a loving

father clasping the hand of his child

amidst The Tempest even when the journey

appears Steep and arduous rest assured

that you do not Traverse it alone for I

am the steadfast Rock upon which you can

conf confidently rely I can do all

things through him who strengthens me


remember my cherished child that in

me you discover the fortitude to

overcome any adversity similar to a

valant warrior dawned in Divine armor I

can do all things through him who

strengthens me this isn’t merely a

declaration but an indomitable truth

that should Echo resoundingly within the

deepest recesses of your being

Your Capacity exceeds imagination when

you place your trust in my

transformative power analogous to an

eagle soaring majestically in the expans

of Skies be fortified with courage for

on your journey you bear the weight of

my omnipotent presence empowering you to

confront challenges with unyielding

confidence and determination much like a

Resolute ship navigating fearlessly

through tumultuous Waters my ch is child

these words transcend the confines of

biblical Pages they are Eternal pledges

echoing through the coridor of centuries

know this you are never alone at every

juncture I guide you much Like a

Shepherd leading his flock Through The

Verdant fields of life in moments of

Despair I unfold You In My Embrace much

like a father enveloping his child in

the warm and loving Embrace of

protective arms in times of tears I wipe

them away similar to a consoler tending

to the wounds of the Soul regardless of

the season in which you find yourself

recognize that my love for you is

ineffable transcending human

comprehension akin to the sun

Illuminating the darkest Realms of the

night you transcend the role of a mere

spectator in the grand Narrative of

creation you are a protagonist a

masterfully crafted Masterpiece molded

by the hands of the Creator reminiscent

of a singular sculpture fashioned with

meticulous love your purpose is uniquely

distinct your worth is beyond measure

akin to a rare and precious Jewel within

the vast expanse of the cosmos as you

confront challenges and revel in

triumphs understand that I am

intricately weaving an extraordinary

Narrative of your life much like an

author composing an epic Saga in moments

of Tranquility allow my voice to Echo

softly in your ears Whispering love and

guidance resembling a gentle Melody that

tenderly caresses and soothes your soul

during periods of adversity grasp firmly

onto my hand that never relinquishes its

hold much like a steadfast anchor

ensuring the safety and stability of

Your Vessel amidst the storms with the

arrival of each Sunrise discover the

continual renewal of hope that I I

generously bestow mirroring the Majesty

of the sun emerging a new with each

passing day Embrace these words as an

eternal love letter inscribed on every

page of the book chronicling Your

Existence an everlasting Testament to my

unwavering and unconditional affection

for you allow these words to reverberate

gently within your heart guiding you

along the path of Faith trust and

fulfillment much like a luminous be and

casting its Radiance amidst the

prevailing Darkness may this time of

introspection and Revelation profoundly

alter the course of your journey for you

undeniably remain my cherished child and

my love for you endures eternally much

like the shimmering Stars adorning the

expansive night sky May the serenity

that transcends all understanding

permeate the very core of your soul akin

to a tranquil river whose harmonious

Waters flow effortlessly and may the

resplendant of my presence illuminate

each and every step of your path

resembling a radiant Sun guiding those

who wholeheartedly Place their trust in

me with love God I hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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